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password safe / manager for linux and windows (and mac ?) via qt

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Password safe for Windows and Linux.

If you want to manage your passwords (or other information) in one file and access that file with Windows and with Linux, this could be your choice.

You create trees where each knot and leaf contains as many key/value pairs as you like. Then the whole thing is written encrypted to one file.

Windows binaries and Debian32/64 binaries are downloadable. If you want to build it yourself - I suggest Linux users do that - get Qt4, call qmake and make in the directory where the .pro file is and you should be done. When building with Windows I suggest MinGw.

The encryption is taken from a c-sample from Bruce Schneiers site. If someone could check it, that would be nice.

OS/2: http://www.os2world.com/past-news/80-software/20576-yagodu-v2-3

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  • More than just username/password, use as many labels as you want
  • Save passwords or any other information
  • The same safe is usable from Windows and Linux
  • Hide Values (passwords, phone numbers) while browsing the safe, for example at work
  • Unhide the one value you want to look at (with hotkey since v1.1)
  • Default mode is readonly, you have to enable the write mode to change something. No more changes you don't want.
  • Free to use for everbody, at home at work or wherever
  • Source Code available. You don't like the encryption ? Write your own and build the project.
  • Search all knots and leafs (not the keys and values)
  • Password generator (since v1.1)
  • Drag and drop of knots and leafs (not keys and values)


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