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  • I read the reviews, and decided to put my own in. I'm rating this program with 5 stars. It may not be 100% fool proof, but for a free program, it goes beyond my expectations. I had tried a similar program that took 12 hours to complete that stated it was free, to get a pop up message I can buy it for 29 as it goes over the 10gb limit, yet clicking on the link sent me to purchase page where 29 was crossed off with a 49 price tag for one year use. I then uninstalled it to get a message I can buy a 30 day license for 15. That's when I looked elsewhere and found this one which does the same exact thing, and then some. If you have a lot of files, it's going to run slow. That's any program, as it's the machine's cpu that's handling the load, not the program. The program does what it states, it finds duplicates, and gives you options on what you want to do with those. The only thing this program lacks, is better instructions. I was able to find more features just because I know special key presses that many a times bring them up. My pc that I format quite often due to a lot of beta testing had restored a directory quite a few times before I found out and unfortunately, each time it got restored and put on another partition, each one retained new files which made it a pain to go through them all. With this program, which took 12 hours to do, an again this is my machines fault, not the program itself, is working fine. As for crashing, expect to see a lot of non responsive messages if you have a lot of files. The more files, the more ram needed to index them. I'm using an I7 windows server and you can only imagine how many files I had to delete that it took over 12 hours to do. If you have a slow machine, I highly recommend selecting a few sections at a time, not all at once. This should prevent overloading your machine to the point of rebooting.

  • Try Duplicate Files Deleter as it can remove any problems that you might have.

  • Not a good software if you choose to use on large list of files. This will not helpful for me where I deal with lot of duplicate files.

  • I tried with Windows 8.1 Pro and works fine with a lot of duplicated files, easy and friendly.

  • This would be an excellent program if it weren't because you need to select files manually, if you need to compare large set of files forget this program.

  • I suppose the program is OK. I couldn't get it to find the files I wanted to process. It seems to miss some levels in the directories/folders.

  • program started and froze. turned computer on and off. Same thing. not good

  • # sylvester4, I think you had downloaded wrong version. The current version is V 1.0.0, which was released on 2013-04-24 (year ago). And you could downloaded a beta version modified on 2010-03-21, that's 4 years ago.

  • Warning to those that stumble upon this program! Unfortunately, this program missed 2 important files from 93 test files of duplicates. This was in the importing processes of files from a directory into its own window. I tried every configuration and menu selection and gave the program a thorough test. To miss files is a major flaw. I have un-installed it. All those people who gave this good reviews have never tested it properly. It's never been updated from the first Beta over 4 years ago and should be removed from this site.

  • Just used this one.But DuplicateFilesDeleter is the one that I like most.It is a simple to use, but very effective tool to locate duplicate files in one or more selected search paths.It scans the files and compares them based on Byte for Byte Comparison, which ensures 100% accuracy. You can then choose to delete the selected duplicate or original files. The program is multi-threaded which enhances the performance immensely & performs scans very quickly.

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  • I've only just begun using this but so far I like it better than any of the others that I have tried. I'm more comfortable deleting files with it because it shows me the hashes. Many of the others failed to do this and some of them claimed that files were duplicates even if the hashes didn't match. It is much more simple to use than others as well. And open source is definitely a plus because I have more confidence that I am getting exactly what is advertised. Keep up the good work.

  • Imho this tool is not comparing sizes before making hashes. For example I found 2000 duplicates (by TotalCmd) in folder of 8000+ files, different names, but same size and content. But tool has been making hashes for every file which is painfull with slow computer. Duplicate selector shall have just first/second/... option, but I'm happy for this, because tons of deduplicators are lacking selectors (most important feature). Anyway, happy to using it, thanks.

  • A very elegant tool for duplicate find and removal. Computes the Hash values to compare files. Plenty dup removal options (you just need to be very careful there). Built-in support for image and video file types. And pretty fast. As compared to other sourceforge rivals: Duplicate Files Finder appears to compare files by size only (maybe I am wrong). And it's still a pain to remove dups. DUFF is just counter-intuitive and I gave up a try after installing at all.

  • I have once experienced a misery loss when I used a duplicate remover which cannot export a detail report. My company annual report and business budget, which took me several days to complete, were just deleted directly. To avoid such kind of loss, you need to use a duplicate remover that exports detailed report. Thirdly, supporting all kinds of removable devices is a consideration you have to think about. You could have a lot of unwanted files in your portable storage devices. With using a good duplicates finder that can finds and deletes duplicates in removable devices, you will easily clean up any worthless files in your iPod, iPhone, Zune, Zip, PSP, MP4 and so on.Get More Info At :

  • Fast, stable, user friendly. Nice work!

  • Shame this has not been updated since 2010 as it shows a lot of promise. Since then though people have much larger files and more of them and it seems to struggle. It keeps getting stuck when it is generating a file list, I have split it my files into smaller groups and deduped them but I still need to dedupe the files when I put the folders all back together and again it gets stuck for hours with no progress. The program is slow to load, I think this is because it does a scan of all the drives, It would be better to have it simple capture drive names and only scan them when a user chooses to access that drive. This would have the benefit of a fresh list of files (currently you have to exit and reload to get a fresh list - so a refresh button might be good). I have hundreds of thousands of files, I put snapshots on my removable drive and want to be able to reconcile if they become out of sync.Currently after it has taken a while to collate the list and do the haching, I tell it to highlight the files with the earliest creation date and I delete those files, I then merge the directories. However, what I would like to see it do is replace the file it deletes with a windows shortcut to the duplicate file. I would also like to see a report of files and folder structure along with a separate list with the actions take on each file in each the report.

  • Really ultra FAST. Thanks!

  • Very useful. I had 8 years of badly organised photos on an old XP machine on the other side of my network, and this helped me get rid of 6 Gig of duplicates. It took some time to analyse it all mind (2.5 hours!!!) but then across wifi onto an ageing XP machine, what do you expect. Deleting took a long time too. But this is a great tool. Does exactly what it says on the tin. (Couldn't install onto the XP box - .net too old and not worth hassle.)

  • Finally, a tool that has the option to autoselect files to delete.

  • excellent program of its kind, one of the fastest, with whom I have encountered!

  • I like this file finder.

  • Nice job.

  • Works fast and it's easy to mass mark and delete the duplicates.

  • A great little tool - I found it very handy. I also check a couple of reported duplicates with my other (bought) tool "Beyond Compare", and this sample confirmed working well. (Beyond Compare is a great tool but doesn't search/find duplicate files anywhere, just in two specific folders (and subfolders, like for like). Thanks violent_ken! (Although flower power is nicer than violence, duuuuuude! ;->)