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  • Rock solid, light weight monitoring solution. Good out-of-the-box setup that will quickly get you a valuable insight into your systems status. Highly configurable and many extension points available.

  • Best monitoring solution !

  • Flexible, fast, multi-purpose alerting and monitoring;

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  • Xymon (and formerly Hobbit) is the de-facto industry standard solution for open-source, extensible multi-system monitoring. Designed from the ground up to handle thousands of systems. Helpful mailing list, active community, keeps improving with every release.

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  • Started with Big Brother, but have been using Xymon for the past few years. It works extremely well, and is very easy to configure. A great product.

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  • Thanks for Xymon, it's perfect!

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  • Thanks for software and updates.

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  • Great tool

  • I've tried a lot of monitoring solutions to monitor my Windows environment, and it's very hard to come close to how easy Hobbit/Xymon is to configure. I've been using it since the old BB days back in 2003. 99% of commercial and other open-source solutions don't match up to Xymon, in my opinion. Together with the BBWin client, it's very simple to monitor Windows servers. All the important info like disk usage, processes, services, etc are all there out of the box. Monitoring event logs is easy, but you can easily get flooded with emails if you're not filtering out useless events in your BBWin config. It takes a bit of learning for admins who aren't familiar with linux, but that's easily solved with some good documentation. If you're after a simple (once it's set up) Windows server monitoring solution that will just run without any maintenance for years, Xymon's what you need.

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  • I Like :-)

  • good job

  • very very good application and help me many in my job

  • an excellent monitoring system. does something useful right away, builds easily, and can easily be extended. originally a bigbrother clone/extension. far easier to get up and running than nagios. use in conjunction with the windows bb client and you have a multi-platform monitoring system that easily reports disk, cpu, etc as well as basic connectivity.

  • For me the best monitoring tool . I use it since 2006. Very simple to configure and use, Very easy to customize and add test & checks. Xymon Monitors servers, network device via agent, external tests, SNMP, graphs metrics, displays SLA, sends alerts/SMS. Clients available for unix, windows, even VMS ! GUI is a bit Ugly but excellent & blazing fast : you see at a glance where the outage is even with hundreds of nodes & checks.

  • you can monitor everything you want, Windows, any Unix/Linux platform and network devices, very flexible because of very easy customization

  • Absolutely fantastic monitoring tool. Works with everything via snmp, xymon client, custom scripts run from client or xymon box, .... Very very great tool! Gets everything you need and possibly want.

  • I have been using Xymon for a number of years now and it is light weight easy to maintain and extremely extensible. Unlike other popular monitoring systems Xymon give you the needed information in a simple clean fashion. There is nothing confusing about what is happening to a system monitored by Xymon.

  • It just rocks !