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Xymon release 4.3.11 - released on Apr 21 2013 ============================================== This is a bugfix release. A couple of serious bugs were found, which could cause crashes of the xymond daemon. It is recommended that you upgrade your Xymon server to this release. * Fix wrong file permissions when installing * Linux client: Fix handling of root filesystem when mounted on "/dev/root" * trends webpage: Fix case where hostname disappears after zoom. * FreeBSD client: Memory patch for FreeBSD 8.0+ * xymond_alert: Fix problem with UNMATCHED rules triggering when there are actual recipients, but their alerts are suppressed due to a REPEAT setting not having expired. * xymond_rrd: Dont crash if called with an empty status/data message * xymond_channel: Report cause when channel-child exits/crashes * xymongen: Geneate an overview page with only reds (like non-green) * xymongen: Optionally define env. variable BOARDFILTER to select hosts/tests included in the generated pages * links: Add pdf, docx and odt as known document formats * Fix potential crashes after an alert cookie expired * Fix potential crash after deleting/renaming a host * Speedup loading of the hosts.cfg file, noticeable with very large hosts.cfg files (100.000+ hosts)
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