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  • I downloaded xVideoServiceThief because my old version needed updating. I installed it and tried and tried to run it but continued to get error: "The program can't start because MSCVP100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem". Okay. I Googled the dll, found somewhere to download it from. Extracted it to a folder and loaded it into the xVST bin folder and tried to run xVST... same error. I loaded it into one other folder on xVST that held dll files. Tried running it, same error. Last shot I loaded it into my C:Windows/System32 folder. Tried running it again... same error. I'm done trying to figure this out. When I first got xVST it ran like a champ for months and months until I quit using it. Now I can't get the newer version to work at all and all because of a freaking dll file??

  • It do not works on Windows 8 or 8.1. Please, make it Windows 8-friendly. When I can to run I will write a positive review. =))) Rodrigo César Banhara

  • If you have this error message "This application has failed to start because MSVCP100.dll" Please try to install CRT of Visual Studio 2010 on the target machine. Remember to choose vcredist_x86 or vcredist_x64 of the best suitable and latest version according to which platform the application targeting ,then download and install it . My opinion: For me, for a video on youtube i can't dowload it. It doesn't work with add-on on firefox and with this soft, it's the same problem. :(

  • Amazing stuff this! Finally a solution that works :)

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  • I found your earlier version some time back and it worked great until now, it said that I should upgrade to your new version and I did, now nothing will work, I keep getting this message. ( This application has failed to start because MSVCP100.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem. ) but it still gives the same error and will not work without this dill file. :-(

  • Awesome! I used the CLI youtube-dl application for a while... downloaded this... now I just go to YouTube, right-click the URL for the video I want, and then it goes off and gets it. Five stars? Ha! More like 10+! Thank you for this wonderful app. (Edit: I used to write a simple shell script that passed arguments from a text file to youtube-dl... don't need it anymore with this. Really saves time for me. Thanks again.)

  • It saves my time. highly recommended

  • Excellent program.Very easy and simple to use.

  • very good project, thanks!

  • For people like myself on relatively slow connections, streaming is not really an option. XVST makes life much easier with the ability to download the videos so you can watch them. Simple to use, but flexible, XVST is an invaluable tool.

  • xviservicethief is great!

  • Great app xviservicethief

  • Really cool

  • very convenient tool to download YouTube videos!

  • very good project

  • Never use another.

  • Been using it for ages. Very, very useful.

  • Outstanding utility.

  • Simple, no fuss. works for all types

  • Quick and easy to use. A must have for any computer

  • a great software,love it,very useful

  • very very effective application to use.

  • Visual style great!!

  • Free, very quick, easy to use and rock solid. A top quality application.

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