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  • Worse than useless in Ubuntu. I now have lost everything as a re-install of the old xtrkcad after an abortive attempt at installing the new one produces a fatal error: xtrkcad: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. XtrkCad now gone.

  • First, my undying gratitude to whomever fixed the screen redraw issue on builds previous to 4.2.1. It was so annoying having to click on the 'Map' to get it to redraw the screen. I've been using this program since version 4.0.0. I've tried other programs and have always come back to it. I must also say that I've used it for designing other things as well. I've even been using it to design a set of live performance speakers and it works great! There are other issues that need fixing, but at least progress is being made.

  • Great program! I'm slapping together a layout in record time! Just do the tutorial to learn the easy, simple ways to do things.

  • Looks good but the way things are done makes no sense sometimes so it can take some time to learn. Very nice it is free and I should not complain as I know how much it takes to develop something like this.

  • Why does the frame reduce in size when the scale is increased? Not useful if I want to zoom in to a specific area, I will need a full "screen" displayed to be able to work properly. I will stick to Anyrail for now.

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  • Thank you for your work.

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  • Love fantastic FREE programs like this. It has sort of become a defacto-standard for model trains. I applaud the designers and programers. I love most the fact it has layers to allow u to design from the group up, including the beams for its structure, but can turn any level off as to not interfere with your final layout. Also love that it has built-in tutorials on every feature or mode. It has almost every thing else, wish it also had a superelevation mode to automatically calculate the height at any point in the curve. I really feel that anyone who would give it negative reviews would be by either idiots who cant properly download a program or competitors. .

  • terrific program

  • So good. then you really get into it and have to upgrade it to great!

  • great software

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • I designed my 26' x 34' layout the hard way in 1990; well before this project was started. It has proven very useful in recreating the existing plan for the e-world. I hope the development team can get back on it soon. Be a pity to let such a good project wither away. The main problem I have encountered is exporting such a large layout to bitmap. Takes forever on a 10+ year old computer, and then the result is grainy. Would appreciate a tweak on that, and some additional export options (SVG, GIFF, and/or JPEG perhaps).

  • Great program .. using it for some years on openSUSE but missing a x86_64 package or build ... anyone tried it? - old 4.0.x has now problems on opensuse ... no libgtkhtml2 anymore - new 4.2-beta1 get build problems ... chance for release? - chance for precompiled version on opensuse 12.1

  • I had XTrkCad for about a year before I learned how to use it. I would try it every so often, but I just couldn’t understand it. Finally someone told me to try the Demos, which really helped. It was still cumbersome because I was used to another free track program that I knew very well and I thought it was easer. Then someone told me about the “sticky options” and I was off and running. I spent a 3-day weekend learning about all the fantastic stuff I could do with this and I am hooked. I never went back and I have drawn some very interesting layouts. This is the greatest program and don't believe the negative one about size. my layout is 10'x12'. That person does not know about the option menu and how to change the area.

  • Needs some effort to get used to the quirky interface, but it's worth it in the end.

  • Installer did not work correctly, I get a "Not Writable" error that points to the appdata folder.

  • One of the best track layout programs available, and yes it does scale larger than 8x4, I currently have a plan that is 12x17.