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  • OneNote for Linux

  • Awesome tool!

  • Fast, easy, effective app for pdf annotation. Well designed by having the edits saved in an XML gzipped file (the .xoj project) which can be easily updated also "by hand". A few rough corners (like cursor alignment with actual edit position) but this is why it's only version 0.x :) Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Best note-taking and pdf annotating app I have ever used! The app is super lightweight and it works wonders on my old little x61; I have used Xournal for a few years already and I wouldn't be able to find any flaws in it: it has a lot of powerful features and doesn't waste resources with needless eyecandies. I have primarily been using it for taking notes during lectures and to fill forms and sign pdf files but the Xinput function makes it a good tool for basic sketching too. Last but not least is its cross compatibility with linux and windows. Seriously, I couldn't ask for anything better, thank you Xournal team!

  • Great tool for .pdf notes!

  • I work with Xournal very often, mostly annotating existing PDFs. It is doing a great job. Nevertheless, I miss a search option so much. Bit it is stable, consumes less memory and less space for the annotations also. I would like to see more progress up to version 1.0. Thank you for sharing this toll. Kind regards Detlef

  • Great for taking notes in class! I used it my entire senior year of highschool with no fuss! Whenever I had to turn in homework, I just converted it to PDF (so I could interface with their Microsoft network). Though not as feature-packed as Microsoft's Onenote, it is a more than adequate replacement.

  • Seemed to work great on the surface, but there's a major horrible flaw. I spent many hours modifying a PDF file, but Xournal has it's own internal format which is of course unreadable by anything else. I forgot to save it as a PDF, and when I reopened the Xournal file, the entire PDF background was gone (it only saved my typing, the original PDF graphic form was gone). End result, I have to redo all of my work - in some other application I have not decided on yet. After it was too late, I noticed there were patches that have never been applied - sitting there since 2012. I do not think any of them applied to this bug. The worst thing about it, there does not seem to be anywhere to get support. I dare say this is a dead project.

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  • I have been using xournal for several years now, marking up student papers, using it in class to present and write on PDF's, and even as a quick drawing program to generate diagrams for an OpenOffice presentation. Helped me save many trees, the best notetaking program I ever used.

  • Xournal works perfectly.

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  • This software has got a lot of potential, but sadly, it is prone to lag issue in its win32 form. I would be ready to participate in a Kickstarter campaign to help the developper get the necessary funding to bring it up to speed, since i lack programming skills of any kind. This is quite a pity since tablet are getting performant software, but rather unprecise capacitive hardware capability, and PC is plague by the opposite, with affordable, basic wacom tablet and lacking software ( Windows Journal won't let you easily export/annote your handmade PDF). Xournal is the solution on PC, and i hope it will someday gets more interest. With a cloud option like Dropbox, you could work on either your tablet (when excellent touch/ stylus will arrive), or on your PC, without always have to manage files.

  • Perfect to editing PDF

  • I work with xournal! its great! Its free! Waitting for new releases!

  • Love this software!!

  • Well done !! Very useful.

  • I will recommend xournal to my friends

  • excellent application!

  • Great software.

  • Great project. I use it with python-whiteboard to project problems in my math class and xournal to show work. Export to pdf lets me save class notes to send to absent students.

  • Thanks for the "image tool"

  • Excellent work! Xournal works perfectly! Thanks!

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  • fast download and works, recommended.

  • Lean and effective. Could benefit from \LaTeX functionality.

  • Nice application for linux, thanks!

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