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  • By far the best note taking app on the Linux environment! Now with v0.4.7 out it's even greater with features like lasso tool, image tool, more... Look forward to future development and support! Lenovo Thinkpad X220 Tablet -- openSUSE 12.1, kernel 3.4, GNOME 3.4.1, Tumbleweed

  • 接近完美,尤其是可以用着PDF标注等。 美中不足的是不能记住上次打开的文件位置 Close to perfect, especially with PDF annotation. The only drawback is the position of being unable to remember the last open file

  • I love xournal for annotating pdf files that my students submit. Slick, well-designed, intuitive, works fine with my Bamboo running under Ubuntu linux. The only problem (and sometimes a big one) is that occasionally it hangs and I cannot use the mouse to open any menus. I have to log into a virtual terminal and kill xournal. But even then the mouse interface is broken: I can move the cursor but cannot open any menus, and have to reboot from the virtual terminal. Happens once every 20 uses or so.

  • works well on my tablet!

  • I use xournal a lot in my Real Estate business.. It is very helpful. However, what I have discovered is that the annotations in the generated PDF's are not always visible on other systems.. No problem seeing them on my linux box, but a windows box can't. It becomes necessary to open the generated PDF and "re-print" it using Cups-pdf or Print to File - PDF before annotations become visible on windows.

  • I just figured out how to include the image patch. Having images in xournal makes it soo much more valuable! I also took a look at the alpha version of xournal++. It looks really great. Features like inserting images and "lasso"- and object selection are awesome! I hope a useable version will come out soon. As far as I can see, xournal++ will become one of the top linux desktop applications. Thanks!

  • I use Xournal on a regular basis while studying. It is the perfect open source alternative to commercial PDF Annotator when using Linux (which I do, mostly). Sadly the windows port seems to lag a little bit when writing with the stylus. It gets hard to make letters look smooth - but that may as well be caused by GTK... (Win7 professional 64-bit) Thanks for this great software!

  • This is the best PDF annotating program I've ever seen! It's great for learning from ebook. Xournal is also a great alternative to Microsoft Journal. I hope this project will be continued. Great work!

  • I work with xournal! its great! Its free! Waitting for new releases!

  • Almost everything I have been looking for in a journal application. This application hasn't ceased surprising me (in a good way). One thing I would like to see is the ability to insert graphics into existing documents without having to patch, though. Absolutely fantastic work, though. Impressive!

  • Fantastic, all you need in a smart and tiny application except one thing: the ability to insert pictures, for example for a signature on form. Does anyone know if it is coming? It already exists as a patch but is difficult to install for non-advanced users. Sincerely hope that there will be a new version including the patch. Great work!

  • Good Work! Waiting for next release ;) 1) angle display (with ruler) 2) angle-correction of lines after maked them with ruler 3) text in textboxes with auto-text wrapping when scaling 4) like Kristoffer Rose said: auto-adjusting menus would be cool, especially if they could be moved to the side in full screen mode

  • Very useful application!! Very neat look! Only one issue: at a first glance it seems not maintained from 2009 (checking on the posts there's a new development version instead...).

  • Very useful to annotate pdf!

  • Very useful! Keep up the good work! Best journaling program for linux so far!

  • very good project

  • pretty much a must have for a linux tablet notebook. Looking forward to seeing the next release!

  • Great soft, light and efficient ! Too ad one cannot use it to copy-paste sketches to other applications like Oo...

  • thx for PDF annotation support!

  • Great program. Pressure sensitivity, reasonably lightweight and efficient.

  • fast and convenient

  • Kudos for 'xournal', a truly fantastic tool, that I had been wishing for for long time. I use it a lot to correct and annotate material such as scientific papers and books (in PDF format); in particular when I do peer-reviewing.

  • Fantastic application - use it on both the N900 (maemo5) and Ubuntu. So many things would be cool to tweak: 1. More options on N900... 2. F5 should be presentation mode = "full screen without menus" so it can be used for presentations. 3. Auto-adjusting menus would be cool, especially if they could be moved to the side in full screen mode... Gotta look at the source, I suppose.

  • awesome application for tablet PC users, even in lectures.

  • I am anxious to see if this is also going to ported to Android OS.

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