XOOPS is a Web application platform written in PHP for the MySQL database. Its object orientation makes it an ideal tool for developing small or large community websites, intra-company and corporate portals, weblogs, and much more. XOOPS is an acronym of eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System. Initially a portal system, XOOPS is now a leading content management system (CMS) that serves as a versatile Web framework.

XOOPS can also be used as a weblog or journal via a standard install using the News module alone. Another approach is to use modules like News, Forum, Download, Web Links, etc. to form a community that interacts with members and visitors. Or think big, like an enterprise, and develop modules to use with eShop that integrate into XOOP's uniform user management system.

XOOPS is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), which means it’s free to redistribute as long as you abide by the GPL terms.


  • Database-driven
  • Fully modularized
  • Personalizable
  • User management
  • Supported worldwide
  • Multi-byte Language Support
  • Versatile Group Permissions System
  • Theme-based Interface Skins

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Editor's Review

"XOOPS, powered by you" is the slogan of this Web application system. This literally means that, through the power of modular architecture, you customize your site by installing and activating administrative modules when and if a particular element of your site requires them. For example, when installing XOOPS as a blog it can be expanded on and customized via modules to store content in news, forums, downloads, etc. Although, XOOPS stands for "eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System” and is written in PHP for the MySQL database, it serves more as a dynamic web framework.

XOOPS at a Glance

The heavy lifting in XOOPS happens in the admin interface, where you add blocks or pieces of code to areas on the page. For instance, you could add a news block and place it on the top of your page. There are presently about 600 modules to play with, allowing you to add everything from file management to gaming statistics to your site. And XOOPS works with thousands of templates and themes so you can go crazy changing the look and feel of your pages. XOOPS was also nice and easy to install and modify, making it an extremely responsive Web application system!

Product Details

XOOPS has several features that make it one of the best content management systems (CMS) around. For example:

  • Database-driven—XOOPS store data using a relational database (MySQL).
  • Fully modularized—Install, uninstall, activate, and deactivate modules with just a click of a button using the XOOPS administration system.
  • Personalization—Edit your profiles, select site themes, upload custom avatars, and much more!
  • User management—Search by various criteria, send email and private messages through a template-based messaging system.
  • Supported worldwide—Enjoy multi-byte language support, including Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, etc.
  • Multi-byte Language Support—Enjoy multi-byte language support, including Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, etc.
  • Versatile Group Permissions System—Set group permissions via a user-friendly administration system.
  • Theme-based Interface Skins—Change the entire Web site look in a click of a mouse with over 1000 available themes for download!



XOOPS is easy-to-use, secure, and provides excellent support for content modules along with a decent forum module of its own, plus it has a very vibrant community.. Some admin modules are confusing and you may need support from the XOOPS community to administer them properly.

Quick Specs

  • Version: 2.5.7
  • File size: 1.1 MB
  • Date added: June 16, 2014
  • Operating systems: Windows, OS X, and Linux
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  • Good system

  • One of the best CMS solutions on the market! Its modular architecture makes adding new features or applications extremely easy!

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  • XOOPS is a powerful CMS!

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