xmp is a module player for Unix-like systems that plays over 90 mainstream and obscure module formats from Amiga, Atari, Acorn, Apple IIgs and PC, including Protracker (MOD), Scream Tracker 3 (S3M), Fast Tracker II (XM) and Impulse Tracker (IT) files.

Stable versions

4.4.1 (20161012):
	Fix issues reported by Saga Musix:
	- fix MDL c5spd to preserve base periods
	- fix MDL sample decoder loop with corrupted data
	- fix MASI loader OPLH and PPAN subchunks parsing
	Other changes:
	- fix MacOS Tiger build issues (reported by Misty De Meo)
	- fix sample loop corner case (reported by knight-ryu12)
	- fix set pan effect in multichannel MODs (reported by Leilei)
	- fix global volume on module loop (reported by Travis Evans)
	- fix IT pan right value (by NoSuck)
	- fix MASI effects based on OpenMPT PSM loader
	- fix memory leak in XMs with 256 patterns
	- fix anticlick when rendering only one sample
	- fix anticlick in His Master's Noise instruments
	- fix anticlick in MED synth instruments

4.4.0 (20160719):
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- fix XM arpeggio in FastTracker 2 compatible mode
	- fix IT bidirectional loop sample length
	- fix MOD vibrato and tremolo in Protracker compatible mode
	Fix multichannel MOD issues reported by Leilei:
	- fix XM replayer note delay and retrig quirk
	- fix XM replayer channel pan
	- fix MOD loader period to note conversion
	Fix issues reported by Lionel Debroux:
	- fix virtual channel deallocation error handling
	- fix S3M global volume effect
	- fix IT envelope reset on tone portamento
	- fix IT voice leak caused by disabled envelope
	- fix IT volume column tone portamento
	- fix XM envelope position setting
	- fix FT2 arpeggio+portamento quirk with finetunes
	- fix mixer anticlick routines
	- accept S3M modules with invalid effects
	Fix issues reported by Saga Musix:
	- fix 669 effects when no instrument number is specified
	- fix 669 effects to be frequency-based
	- fix 669 initial tempo
	Other changes:
	- fix S3M channel reset on sample end (reported by Alexander Null)
	- fix Noisetracker MOD speed setting (reported by Tero Auvinen)
	- fix IT loader DCA sanity check (reported by Paul Gomez Givera)
	- fix IT envelope reset after offset with portamento
	- fix bidirectional sample interpolation
	- fix mixer resampling and tuning issues
	- add Antti Lankila's Amiga 500 modeling mixer
	- add support to filter effect E0 in Amiga mods
	- add flags to configure player mode
	- add option to set the maximum number of virtual channels
	- add frequency-based "period" mode
	- add support to IT sample sustain loop
	- limit Oktalyzer modules to MOD note range
	- remove broken synth chip and Adlib emulation suport
	- code refactoring and cleanup

4.3.13 (20160417):
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- fix IT volume column fine volume slide with row delay
	Other changes:
	- fix MOD vs XM set finetune effect
	- fix IT old instrument volume
	- fix IT panbrello speed
	- fix IT random pan variation left bias
	- fix IT default pan in sample mode (reported by Hai Shalom)
	- fix S3M set pan effect (reported by Hai Shalom and Johannes Schultz)
	- code refactoring and cleanup

4.3.12 (20160305):
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- fix IT note off with instrument
	- fix IT note recover after cut
	- fix IT instrument without note after note cut event
	- fix IT pan reset on new note instead of new instrument
	- fix IT volume swing problems
	- fix XM glissando effect
	- fix Scream Tracker 3 period limits
	- fix Scream Tracker 3 tremolo memory
	Other changes:
	- fix IT pattern break in hexadecimal (reported by StarFox008)
	- fix S3M subsong detection (reported by knight-ryu12)
	- fix S3M/IT special marker handling (reported by knight-ryu12)
	- fix Galaxy Music System 4.0 song length (reported by AntonZab)
	- fix tone portamento memory without note (reported by NoSuck)
	- fix IT pan swing limits
	- Add TrackerPacker v1 format converter
	- Add TrackerPacker v2 format converter
	- Add ProPacker 1.0 format converter

4.3.11 (20160212):
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- fix FT2 XM arpeggio clamp
	- fix FT2 XM arpeggio + pitch slide
	- fix XM tremor effect handling
	- fix XM tremor recover after volume setting
	- fix IT instrument after keyoff
	- fix S3M first frame test in pattern delay
	- fix Protracker tone portamento target setting
	- fix Protracker arpeggio wraparound
	- fix Protracker finetune setting
	Other changes:
	- fix range of MMD effect 9 (reported by Lamar McLouth)
	- fix Visual C++ build (reported by Jochen Goernitz)
	- fix invalid sample offset handling in Skale Tracker XM (reported by
	  Vladislav Suschikh)
	- fix Protracker sample loop to use full repeat only if start is 0
	- fix Scream Tracker 4-channel MOD fingerprinting
	- fix lite build with IT support disabled
	- fix build with gcc 2.95 in Haiku

4.3.10 (20151231):
	Fix bugs reported by Coverity Scan:
	- fix out of bounds access in IT/XM/MDL/IMF envelopes
	- fix out of bounds read in STX effect decoding
	- fix RTM maximum sample name length
	- fix AC1D converter number of patterns underflow
	- fix PRU2 usage of uninitialized data
	- fix Vorbis depacker usage of uninitialized data
	- fix negative array index read when setting position
	- fix resource leak in MFP loader
	- fix resource leak in Chiptracker loader
	- fix resource leak in Startrekker loader
	- fix resource leak in module load error handling
	- fix event decoding in LIQ loader
	- fix JVS command parameter in MED synth
	- fix 669 effect decoding
	- fix memory violation in LZX decompressor
	- fix sanity check in PTM orders loading
	- add sanity check to smix sample loading
	- add sanity check to PP21 format converter
	- add sanity check to P40 and P61A format converters
	- add sanity check to Zen Packer format converter
	- add sanity check to TP3 format converter
	- add error handling to many decompressors
	- add error handling to many I/O operations
	- remove dead code from NO loader
	- remove dead code from Soundtracker loader
	- remove dead code from GMC format converter
	- remove dead code from LZX decompressor
	- remove dead code in virtual channel manager reset
	- remove unnecessary seeks in format loaders
	- prevent division by zero in memory I/O
	- change IFF info ID from string to binary buffer
	- better IFF error handling
	Fix problems caused by fuzz files (reported by Jonathan Neuschäfer):
	- add sanity checks to LHA depacker
	- add sanity checks to MED3 loader
	- add sanity checks to ABK loader
	- add sanity checks to Fuchs converter
	- add sanity checks to GMC converter
	Other changes:
	- fix IT envelope release + fadeout (reported by NoSuck)
	- fix SFX effects 5, 6, 7, and 8 (reported by Lamar McLouth)
	- fix pattern loading in Galaxy 4 and 5 (reported by AntonZab)
	- fix memory leak in LZW decompressor (by Chris Spiegel)
	- fix tone portamento target setting (reported by Georgy Lomsadze)
	- fix IT autovibrato depth (reported by Travis Evans)
	- disable ST3 sample size limit (reported by Jochen Goernitz)
	- fix crash in Prowizard error handling
	- fix IMS sample loop start
	- fix LIQ pan setting and surround channel
	- add sanity check for IFF chunk size
	- refactor ProRunner2 event decoding

4.3.9 (20150623):
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- fix IT tone portamento on sample change and NNA
	- fix IT tone portamento with offset
	Fix problems caused by fuzz files (reported by Lionel Debroux):
	- add sanity check to RTM/MMD/MDL/DBM/SFX/MASI/DT loaders
	- add sanity check to Starpack/Fuzzac converter
	- add sanity check to Oxm/vorbis depacker
	- add sanity check to lha/MMCMP/s404 depacker
	- fix memory leak in vorbis decoder
	Fix problems caused by fuzz files (reported by Jonathan Neuschäfer):
	- add sanity check to IT instrument name loader
	- add sanity check to IT loader instrument mapping
	- add sanity check to AMF module parameters and event loading
	- initialize IT loader last event data
	Other changes:
	- detect Amiga frequency limits in MOD (reported by Mirko Buffoni)
	- fix problems in Amiga split channels (reported by Gabriele Orioli)
	- fix global volume on restart to invalid row (reported by Adam Purkrt)
	- fix Oktalyzer note slide effect (by Dennis Lindroos)
	- fix Oktalyzer volume setting in split channels (by Dennis Lindroos)
	- fix external sample mixer for IT files (reported by honguito98)
	- allow short sample reads (reported by Adam Purkrt)
	- address problems reported by clang sanitizer

4.3.8 (20150404):
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- fix pre-increment of envelope indexes
	- fix IT note release at end of envelope sustain loop
	- reset channel flags in case of delay effect
	Other changes:
	- fix MMD3 16-bit samples (reported by jbb666)
	- refactor XM envelopes
	- refactor IT envelopes

4.3.7 (20150329):
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- fix IT sample mode note cut on invalid sample
	- fix IT sample mode note end detection
	- fix IT envelope handling with carry and fadeout
	- fix IT tone portamento with sample changes
	- fix IT initial global volume setting
	- fix IT keyoff with instrument in old effects mode
	- fix IT filter maximum values with resonance
	Other changes:
	- fix IT random volume variation
	- fix pattern initialization sanity check
	- fix ++ pattern handling in IT loader (reported by honguito98)
	- fix Soundtracker short rip loading (reported by Shlomi Fish)
	- add IT high offset command (SAx)
	- add IT surround command (S9x)
	- add IT surround channel support
	- add IT sample pan setting support

4.3.6 (20150322):
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- fix IT volume column volume slide effect memory
	- fix IT default filter cutoff on new note
	- fix IT filter envelope memory
	Fix crashes with fuzzed files (reported by Lionel Debroux):
	- add sanity check to MED2/3/4 loader
	- add sanity check to STIM/GDM/DBM/LIQ/ICE/PSM/PTM/MGT loader
	- add sanity check to MDL/RAD/MGT/IMF/RTM/DT/LIQ/DTM pattern loader
	- add sanity check to OKT/IMF/MMD/MDL sample loader
	- add sanity check to Archimedes Tracker format test
	- add sanity check to Digital Symphony track loader
	- add sanity checks to SQSH, bzip2, arc, lha, lzx and S404 depackers
	- add sanity check for AMD/STX number of patterns
	- add sanity check for DSYM/MMD1/MMD3 number of channels
	- add sanity check for MMD1/MMD3 instrument type
	- add sanity check for IT old instrument loading
	- add sanity checks and fix memory leaks in the Vorbis decoder
	Other changes:
	- fix instrument number in channel initialization
	- fix sample size limit (reported by Jochen Goernitz)
	- fix loading of OpenMPT 1.17 IT modules (reported by Dane Bush)
	- fix sample number limit (reported by Lionel Debroux)
	- fix Oktalyzer split channel replay (reported by Dennis Lindroos)
	- fix Oktalyzer sample loop (by Dennis Lindroos)
	- fix Oktalyzer note slide up/down effect
	- fix ThePlayer pattern decoding
	- fix XM loading for MED2XM modules (reported by Lorence Lombardo)
	- add support to Amiga split channel loop and volume setting
	- add IT random volume variation
	- add IT random pan variation

4.3.5 (20150207):
	Fix crashes with fuzzed files (reported by Lionel Debroux):
	- add sanity check for ST3 S3M maximum sample size
	- add sanity check for sample loop start
	- add sanity check for speed 0
	- add sanity check for invalid XM effects
	- add sanity check for maximum number of channels
	- add sanity check for number of points in IT envelope
	- add sanity check for S3M file format information
	- add sanity check for maximum sample size
	- add sanity check for invalid envelope points
	- add sanity check for basic module parameters
	- add sanity check for instrument release after load error
	- add sanity check for XM header size
	- add sanity check for XM/IT/S3M/MTM/RTM parameters and sample size
	- add sanity checks to inflate and lha decompressors
	- add more tests to 669 and NO file detection
	- fix mixer index overflow with large samples
	- fix prowizard data request response
	- fix EU/NP1/NP2/NP3 prowizard depackers
	- fix crash on attempt to play invalid sample
	- fix infinite loop in break+delay quirk
	- reset module data before loading module
	Other changes:
	- fix loop processing error in scan (reported by Lionel Debroux)
	- fix minimum BPM value for MED (reported by cspiegel)
	- fix sample loop adjustment (by Emmanuel Julien)

4.3.4 (20150111):
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- fix XM keyoff+delay combinations
	- fix XM fine pitch slide with pattern delay
	- fix XM vibrato rampdown waveform
	- fix XM volume column pan with keyoff and delay
	- fix XM pan envelope position setting
	- fix channel volume and instrument initialization
	- fix end of module detection inside a loop
	Fix bugs reported by Francisco Pareja-Lecaros:
	- fix MASI (PSM) volume command
	- fix MASI (PSM) note number parsing
	- fix Noisetracker note limit detection
	Other changes:
	- fix overflow in linear interpolator (reported by Jochen Goernitz)
	- fix MTM invalid track load (reported by Douglas Carmichael)
	- add ProPacker 3.0 loader

4.3.3 (20141231):
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- fix XM note delay volume with no note or instrument set
	- fix XM out-of-range note delays with pattern delays
	Other changes:
	- fix XM envelope loop length (reported by Per Törner)
	- fix big-endian detection in configuration (by Andreas Schwab)

4.3.2 (20141130):
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- fix IT invalid instrument number recovery
	- fix IT note retrig on portamento with same sample
	- fix XM portamento target reset on new instrument
	- fix XM portamento with offset
	- fix XM pan slide memory
	- fix XM tremolo and vibrato waveforms
	- fix MOD pattern break with pattern delay
	- fix MOD Protracker offset bug emulation
	- fix tremolo rate
	Other changes:
	- fix IT portamento after keyoff and note end
	- fix IT fadeout reset on new note
	- fix IT pattern row delay scan
	- fix MOD/XM volume up+down priority (reported by Jason Gibson)
	- fix MOD fine volume slide memory (reported by Dennis Lindroos)
	- fix set sample offset effect (by Dennis Lindroos)
	- fix Windows temp file (reported by Andreas Argirakis & Eric Lévesque)
	- add emulation of the FT2 pattern loop bug (by Eugene Toder)
	- allow loading of packed formats from memory
	- allow loading of OpenMPT MOD files with large samples
	- enable offset bug emulation by default for Protracker MODs
	- code cleanup

4.3.1 (20141111):
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- fix IT filter envelope range
	- fix IT envelope carry after envelope end
	- fix XM note off with volume command
	- fix XM K00 effect handling
	- fix XM portamento with volume column portamento
	- fix XM keyoff with instrument
	- fix XM note limits
	Fix bugs reported by Andreas Argirakis:
	- fix MOD false positive for UNIC Tracker modules
	- fix EMOD instrument finetune 
	- fix UNIC Tracker instrument finetune test
	- fix NoisePacker1 loader
	Other changes:
	- fix IT tone portamento in first note (reported by Jan Engelhardt)
	- fix XM invalid memory access in event reader
	- fix STM empty note event read
	- fix ABK loader test in Win32
	- fix MOD period range enforcing (reported by Jason Gibson)
	- fix ST2.6 speed effect (reported by Saga Musix)
	- fix corner case memory leak in S3M loader
	- fix retrig of single-shot samples after the end of the sample
	- fix crash in envelope reset with invalid instrument
	- fix module titles and instrument names in Mac OS X
	- fix row delay initialization on new module
	- refactor depacking code
	- code cleanup

4.3.0 (20140926):
	Fix bugs reported by Sami Jumppanen:
	- fix MED4 instrument numbering
	- fix MED effect FFF (turn note off)
	- fix MED synth finetune effect
	Fix bugs reported by Alexander Null:
	- fix fine volume slide memory
	- fix IT portamento after note end in sample mode
	- fix S3M portamento after note end
	Fix bugs caught in the OpenMPT test cases:
	- add XM and IT envelope loop and sustain point quirk
	- fix Amiga limits for notes with finetune
	- fix XM invalid offset handling
	- fix XM note release reset on new volume
	- fix XM pattern loader to honor header size
	- fix XM fine volume slide effect memory
	- fix XM fine pitch slide effect memory
	- fix XM finetune effect
	- fix IT portamento if offset effect is used
	- fix IT NNA on invalid sample mapping
	- fix IT filter envelope index reset
	- fix IT envelope carry on note cut events
	- fix IT envelope reset on new instrument
	- fix IT instrument change on portamento in compatible GXX mode
	- fix IT unmapped sample parsing
	- fix IT filter cutoff reset
	Other changes:
	- add API call to load a module from a file handle
	- add API call to set default pan separation value
	- add OpenMPT test cases to regression test suite
	- add AMOS Music Bank loader (by Stephen Leary)
	- refactor memory I/O calls
	- read OctaMED annotation and song info text
	- fix segfault in mixer caused by sample position overflow
	- fix MED synth pitch slide reset on new note
	- fix MED synth volume change during wait command
	- fix MED synth envelope loop handling (reported by Stefan Martens) 
	- fix OctaMED SS default pitch transpose (reported by Karl Churchill)
	- fix OctaMED instrument name loading
	- fix XM, S3M, IT and MED offset effect handling
	- fix IT fadeout and envelope reset on new virtual channel
	- fix S3M shared effect parameter memory
	- fix S3M default pan positions
	- fix S3M set BPM effect with values < 32 (reported by Kyu S.)
	- fix incorrect Noisetracker effect filtering (reported by Kyu S.)
	- fix period limits for (possibly non-Amiga) Protracker clones
	- fix loop counter reset on play buffer reset
	- fix finetune effect
4.2.8 (20140714):
	Fix bugs reported by Sami Jumppanen:
	- fix OctaMED decimal volume decoding
	- fix MED4 sampled instrument octave range
	- fix mishandling of MED4 effect FFD
	- fix MED synth waveform command CHD
	Other changes:
	- fix sequence number reset on player start
	- fix stray notes in XM (reported by Andreas Argirakis)
	- limit note number to avoid crash (reported by Bastian Pflieger)
	- disable recursive file decompression

4.2.7 (20140412):
	- add support for XM with ADPCM samples (reported by mk.bikash)
	- add OctaMED effect 2E (reported by Andreas Argirakis)
	- fix MMD2/3 note event mapping (reported by Andreas Argirakis)
	- fix XM set pan effect
	- fix IT disabled instrument pan

4.2.6 (20140407):
	Fix bugs reported by Andreas Argirakis:
	- add OctaMED 2 to 7 octave IFFOCT sample loader
	- fix volume in MED synth instruments
	- fix OctaMED V5 MMD2 sample transpose
	Other changes:
	- fix double free in module loaded from memory (by Arnaud Troël)
	- fix old Soundtracker sample loops (reported by Dennis Lindroos)
	- fix Win64 portability issues (reported by Ozkan Sezer)
	- fix OctaMED 3 octave limit for sampled instruments
	- fix OctaMED hold/decay event support
	- fix OctaMED vibrato effect depth
	- fix IT tempo slide effect
	- fix Visual C++ nmake build issues
	- refactor OctaMED event reader
	- generate Android NDK static libraries

4.2.5 (20140302):
	- fix Oktalyzer sample numbering (reported by Andreas Argirakis)
	- fix XM delay effect with invalid instrument
	- disable incomplete Graoumf Tracker loader
	- disable incomplete TCB Tracker loader
	- code refactor for core mod player library subset
4.2.4 (20140222):
	Fix bugs reported by Justin Crawford:
	- fix XM note and envelope retrig on delay effect
	- fix XM keyoff reset on new note event
	- fix retrig effect frame counter
	- fix envelope update after manually set point
	Other changes:
	- fix Chiptracker pattern decoding (reported by Andreas Argirakis)
	- fix AMF sample loop end
	- fix false positives in Slamtilt format test
	- refactor S3M arpeggio effect memory
	- disable incomplete DMF loader
	- disable incomplete DTT loader
	- address clang-analyzer warnings

4.2.3 (20140118):
	- remove limit of samples in RTM loader
	- fix S3M length bug introduced in 4.2.1 (reported by Misty De Meo)
	- fix MDL effect decoding
	- fix MDL envelope decoding
	- fix MDL fadeout setting when envelopes are disabled
	- fix MDL instrument vibrato depth
	- fix MDL sample loop size
	- fix MDL fine volume slide effect
	- fix MacOS X dylib versioning

4.2.2 (20140111):
	- re-enable Falcon MegaTracker loader
	- fix DIGI Booster finetune (reported by Andreas Argirakis)
	- fix tempo in BPM mode MMD modules (reported by Andreas Argirakis)
	- fix crash in zip depacker
	- fix MED4 large (>64KB) sample loading
	- fix MED4 sample loop flag setting
	- fix MMD Protracker-compatible volume slide effect
	- fix number of channels in GDM loader
	- fix number of channels in MED4 loader
	- fix instrument name setting in MDL loader
	- replace LZX decompressor code with LGPL version from XAD

4.2.1 (20131229):
	Many fixes by Vitamin/CAIG:
	- fixes in memory I/O layer
	- improve loading of many module formats including XM and S3M
	- fix resource leak in case of invalid module structure
	- portability fixes
	Other changes:
	- disable YM2149 emulator
	- disable poorly implemented and rarely used module formats
	- fix mod loop setting in very small loops (reported by Misty De Meo)
	- fix linear period mode vibrato handling
	- refactor vibrato effect processing
	- code cleanup

4.2.0 (20131109):
	- ignore invalid Noisetracker effects
	- add API call to load a module from a buffer in memory
	- add API call to read the player state (loaded, playing, etc)
	- add API call to set the player master volume
	- add API calls to reserve channels and play instruments on them
	- add loader for His Master's Noise modules
	- fix loop parameter in xmp_play_buffer()
	- fix MED synth volume slide reset on new note
	- fix instrument mapping in IT old instrument format
	- fix number of tracks in IT loader
	- fix LHA depacker header parsing
	- fix thread-unsafe Archimedes Tracker loader
	- fix thread-unsafe Digital Tracker loader
	- fix handling of loader errors
	- fix S3M 16-bit sample replay
	- refactor handling of format-specific instrument and channel data
	- refactor MED synth command interpreter
	- rewrite SQSH depacker code
	- disable rarely used ZOO depacker
	- disable rarely used ALM loader
	- code cleanup

4.1.5 (20130527):
	Fix bugs reported by Andreas Falkenhahn:
	- fix OctaMED decay event and effect decoding
	- fix The Player 6.0A pattern depacking
	- fix Oktalyzer instrument to sample mapping

4.1.4 (20130519):
	- fix array initialization in IT loader (reported by Jacques Philippe)
	- remove regression tests from the distribution package
	- address license issues in  md5 digest code
	- address Visual C++ portability issues
	- code cleanup

4.1.3 (20130511):
	- fix envelope reset on new instrument (reported by ArtRemix)
	- fix JMP END sequences in MED synth wave table
	- fix IT portamento after note cut
	- fix IT and XM envelope resets
	- refactor virtual channel code
	- code cleanup

4.1.2 (20130504):
	- fix Graoumf Tracker arpeggio, set linear volume and set number
	  of frames effects (reported by Misty De Meo)
	- fix MTM sample fine tuning
	- fix unsigned conversion sample range when downmixing
	- fix memory leaks when attempting to load corrupted modules
	- refactor note slide effect code

4.1.1 (20130428):
	- add XM set envelope position effect
	- fix XM note with no instrument after keyoff
	- fix detection of compiler flags
	- fix library symbol versioning in OS X (by Douglas Carmichael)
	- fix loss of precision in portamento (reported by Misty De Meo)
	- fix OS X, Solaris and BeOS/Haiku build issues

4.1.0 (20130420):
	- add API call to fill equally-sized data chunks with PCM data
	- add configurable player parameter to disable sample loading
	- add configurable player parameter to set/get current module flags
	- changed maximum sampling rate to 49170 Hz
	- fix floating point values in lowpass filter
	- fix buffer overflow in MASI loader (reported by Douglas Carmichael)
	- fix simultaneous volume slide up and down
	- fix IT vs XM vibrato rate using quirk
	- fix IT portamento after note cut (reported by Benjamin Shadwick)
	- fix segfault in AMD module loader (reported by Jacques Philippe)
	- fix memory leak in AMD module loader
	- fix sequence scanner to prevent listing empty sequences
	- fix build issues in Cygwin (reported by Benjamin Shadwick)
	- fix pkg-config library definition
	- fix loop count reset when restarting module
	- fix MMD0-3 pitch slides (reported by Simon Spiers)
	- fix MED4 pattern reading (reported by Simon Spiers)
	- fix MED2/3/4 portamento effect
	- fix Stonecracker depacker
	- fix IT envelopes with no envelope points
	- fix XM invalid instrument event (reported by Banjamin Shadwick)

4.0.4 (20130406):
	- fix IT volume column slide to note
	- fix IT pan setting effect
	- fix IT vibrato effect depth
	- fix IT portamento after fadeout
	- fix IT panbrello waveform setting
	- fix tremolo effect depth
	- fix random waveform generator

4.0.3 (20130331):
	- add module quirks for well-known cases
	- add built-in zoo depacker
	- add IT pan slide effect 
	- add IT panbrello effect
	- fix IT pan setting effect (reported by Jan Engelhardt)
	- fix IT fine vibrato effect
	- fix MED BPM mode tempo setting
	- fix global volume slides
	- fix bidirectional sample loops
	- fix sequence entry points
	- rescan sequences if timing flag is changed

4.0.2 (20130223):
	- add IT volume column vibrato
	- add IT pattern row delay effect
	- add fine global volume slide effect
	- fix IT instrument vibrato depth and sweep
	- fix IT past note effects
	- fix IT fadeout values
	- fix IT fadeout event loading
	- fix period range for values lower than 8
	- fix global volume slides
	- fix channel volume setting
	- fix multi-retrig effect counter
	- fix invalid sample number access
	- fix memory access violation in MMCMP depacker
	- fix global volume setting in module scan
	- reset virtual channel flags on creation
	- change maximum number of mixer voices to 128

4.0.1 (20130216):
	- fix license issues reported by Jan Engelhardt
	- minor documentation updates

4.0.0 (20130213):
	- split library and application in different packages
	- remove OSS sequencer support
	- remove platform-specific device drivers
	- remove all global data, make library code fully thread-safe
	- remove configuration files (moved to front-end)
	- remove support to uLaw-encoded output
	- remove bogus lzma file detection (by Bodo Thiesen)
	- extend note range to full 10-octave range
	- extensive code refactoring
	- rewrite MMCMP decompressor to be endian-safe
	- replaced IT sample decompressor with public domain version
	- add cubic spline sample interpolation
	- add built-in zip file decompressor
	- add built-in gzip file decompressor
	- add built-in compress file decompressor
	- add built-in bzip2 file decompressor
	- add built-in xz file decompressor
	- add built-in lha file decompressor
	- add built-in vorbis sample decoder
	- add support to IT envelope carry
	- add support to IT sample vibrato
	- add ASYLUM Music Format V1.0 loader
	- add regression tests
	- fix interpolation and sample loop processing
	- fix S404 depacker integration
	- fix note delay effect
	- fix FT2 old instrument volume quirk
	- fix XM tone portamento with finetune (reported by Rakesh Sewgolam)
	- fix instrument envelope loops (Storlek test #24)
	- fix IT tremor effect (Storlek tests #12 and #13)
	- fix IT global volume (Storlek test #16)
	- fix IT stray tone portamento handling (Storlek test #23)
	- fix IT unified pitch slide memory (Storlek test #25)
	- fix IT retrigger effect (Storlek test #15)
	- fix IT filters
	- fix IT fadeout event handling
	- fix persistent slide down effect

3.5.0 (20120127):
	- fix AMF 1.0 module loading (reported by Andre Timmermans), probe
	  for sample loop size
	- fix AMF 1.1+ sample loops when loop start is zero
	- fix AMF track index including track 0 as empty track (reported by
	  Andre Timmermans)
	- fix AMF tremolo effect (reported by Andre Timmermans)
	- fix AMF pitchbend effects (reported by Andre Timmermans)
	- fix AMF volume slide effect
	- fix AMF track allocation
	- fix OpenBSD driver configuration
	- fix patern delay + pattern break command (reported by The Welder)
	- fix memory leaks found by cppcheck (reported by Paul Wise)
	- fix XM note cut on invalid instrument (reported by Benjamin Shadwick)
	- fix invalid memory access in case of mismatched track/pattern lengths
	- fix uninitialized values when loading BoobieSqueezer XM modules
	- fix subinstrument mapping for certain parameters
	- fix invalid memory access in The Player loader
	- fix plugin for Audacious 2.5.4
	- add support to DSMS mod files
	- add YM2149 emulator and improved chip sound support
	- add support to ZX Spectrum AY-3-8192 chiptunes
	- add ZX Spectrum Soundtracker module loader

3.4.1 (20110813):
	- test for unused but set variable warning in gcc (needed to
	  build on MacOS X, reported by Misty De Meo)
	- fix format specifiers in CoreAudio driver messages (reported
	  by Misty De Meo)
	- build audacious3 driver if system has Audacious 2.5
	- change dependency generation flags for clang (reported by Misty
	  De Meo)
	- fix OXM module loading

3.4.0 (20110808):
	- fix reported elapsed time with looped modules
	- fix portamento of mapped instruments (reported by Null Vista)
	- add MED2 (MED 1.12) module support
	- add Noiserunner module support
	- add support for MED4 synth instruments (reported by Tim Newsham)
	- fix MED4 Soundtracker-compatible tempo setting (Song2.med)
	- fix Audacious plugin crash if module is invalid (reported by
	  Dominik Mierzejewski)
	- fix Audacious plugin seek widget position setting
	- remove nonexistent Modplug Tracker IT quirk (reported by Johannes
	  Schultz, voice samples shouldn't play in Deep in Her Eyes remake)
	- fix Startrekker Packer loader
	- fix IT215 compressed sample loader (reported by Ben "GreaseMonkey"
	- use start/stoptimer also for pause in OSS driver (by Test Rat)
	- identify modules created with munch.py in IT loader
	- OctaMED MMD0/1/2/3 tempo fixes (by Francis Russell)
	- MMD0/1 note limit fix (by Francis Russell)
	- improve latency in ALSA driver output
	- Audacious 2.4 API 17 plugin fixes
	- add Audacious 3.0 plugin (by Michael Schwendt)

3.3.0 (20101202):
	- change MED BPM mode tempo setting (reported by Lorence Lombardo)
	- fix OSS driver fragment setting
	- add interactive loop toggle (requested by Emanuel Haupt)
	- add filter to prevent loading NoiseRunner modules as Protracker
	- add NoiseRunner loader (requested by Johan Samuelsson)
	- add improved Impulse Tracker fingerprinting (from Schism Tracker)
	- add Archimedes Tracker StasisMod effects support (Tom Hargreaves)
	- add tarball decompressor (Tom Hargreaves)
	- limit uncompression recursion (Tom Hargreaves)
	- fix Tracker Packer 3 loader (Tom Hargreaves)
	- fix load issue with BoobieSqueezer XMs (reported by Null Vista)
	- fix modinfo tempo/bpm setting
	- fix Zip file detection (Tom Hargreaves)
	- fix Archimedes Tracker effects (Tom Hargreaves)
	- update Audacious plugin to API 16
	- code cleanup

3.2.0 (20100530):
	- Digital Symphony fixes by Tom Hargreaves
	- Archimedes Tracker fixes by Tom Hargreaves
	- add shared logarithmic volume table for Archimedes formats
	- fix default Archimedes formats pan (RLLR instead of LRRL)
	- add Coconizer file loader
	- portability fixes for BeOS and Haiku
	- code cleanup and optimizations
	- Android port using NDK
	- fix time echoback event for MED
	- fix module time count not reseting at new module
	- make zipfile detection stricter (by Solomon Peachy)
	- fix DSMI loader volume event (by Solomon Peachy)
	- initialize formats only once
	- fix build with Audacious plugin API 13
	- fix seek in Audacious plugin

3.1.0 (20100107):
	- implement MED4 instrument transposition
	- fix build with MSVC++ 2008
	- fix bogus information in winamp plugin file info display
	- fix Audacious plugin dialog stacking order (by Michael Schwendt)
	- add Titanics Player prowizard loader
	- add SKYT Packer prowizard loader
	- add Novotrade Packer prowizard loader
	- add Hornet Packer prowizard loader
	- fix empty instruments in Digital Illusions loader
	- fix silent Liquid Tracker module bug
	- add Magnetic Fields Packer loader
	- add The Player 6.1a prowizard loader
	- add StoneCracker S404 decompressor (from amigadepacker)
	- add extra Funktracker file tests to prevent false positives
	- add Polly Tracker module loader
	- code cleanup and optimizations

3.0.1 (20091221):
	- better handling of corrupted modules
	- load Real Tracker RTMM 1.12 modules (tested with odyssey.rtm)
	- fix tuning of Real Tracker modules
	- fix Real Tracker patern decoding
	- fix segfault in modules with 0 orders or 0 channels
	- fix loading of MED4 module patterns with less than 32 lines
	- fix memory leak when loading corrupt MED4 files

3.0.0 (20091210): 13 years after the 0.09b release
	- allow parallel build (R.I.P. 1996 buildsystem)
	- implement the long postponed open player loop 
	- generate win32 project files when packaging distfile
	- remove callback driver
	- split unified flags/quirks into separate variables
	- add elapsed time echoback event
	- add option to display elapsed and remaining time
	- implement IT volume column fine effects quirk (Storlek test #6)
	- fix bmp plugin build
	- fix FreeBSD build (by swell k)
	- fix terminal handling in Cygwin (by daniel åkerud)
	- add OpenMPT id to S3M loader
	- add Epic MegaGames MUSE data decompression
	- add Galaxy Music System (Jazz Jackrabbit 2 J2B) module loader
	- fix parsing of driver-specific parameters
	- fix GDM length, number of patterns and number of samples
	- fix memory access error in MDL sample depacker
	- fix ProRunner1 samples size
	- OSS driver resets the DSP device on exit (by Andrew Church)
	- fix handling of PT portamento+vslide effect (by Andrew Church)
	- move driver init from player core to main application or plugin
	- Epic MegaGames MASI loader fixes
	- add Amiga TuneNet plugin (by Chris Young)
	- fix Module Protector loader
	- fix lha depacking in Amiga (reported by Chris Young)
	- fix clang build (by swell k)
	- add support for xz decompressor (by swell k)
	- add built-in LZX decompressor
	- remove pause-related functions from player core
	- fix build in Solaris 10 and Sun Studio 12 Update 1 C++ compiler
	  (reported by Douglas Carmichael)
	- fix plugin to work with Audacious 2.2 (reported by Götz Waschk)
	- fix invalid and uninitialized data accesses reported by Valgrind
	- fix memory leaks reported by Valgrind

2.7.1 (20090718):
	- fix -l option in manpage (debian bug #442147)
	- fix endianism in MDL sample depacking (reported by Gürkan Sengün)
	- fix loading of MOD2XM 1.0 modules (reported by Gürkan Sengün)
	- add some sanity checks in XM module loading
	- fix IT note cut and delay (Storlek test #22)
	- increase period resolution for better tuning (reported by Mirko
	  Buffoni and Gürkan Sengün)
	- allow lower BPM settings (fixes Lemmings 2 circus music)

2.7.0 (20090711):
	- add StarTrekker packer loader (untested, need samples)
	- extended key range to IT octave 9 (fixes beek-my_eleventh_year.it,
	  reported by Mirko Buffoni)
	- ignore tempo/bpm settings to 0 in module scan (fixes albacore.it,
	  reported by Storlek)
	- implement IT T0x and T1x tempo slides
	- process effects in IT muted channels (Storlek test #10)
	- generalized delayed event support (Storlek test #8)
	- emulate "always store instrument" IT bug (Storlek test #8)
	- add extra click removal step in mixer routines
	- fix loop size in GMC loader (reported by Mirko Buffoni)
	- GMC loader code cleanup
	- store in-file comments
	- apply amplification in the final downmix
	- set sample format to unsigned on 8-bit wav file output
	- attempt to handle BPM-based MED tempos a bit better
	- add option to use the IT LPF as a click/noise filter
	- deprecate $HOME/.xmprc, use $HOME/.xmp/xmp.conf instead
	- reintroduce modules.conf, move SYSCONFDIR back to /etc/xmp
	- display checksum for platforms where cksum(1) not readily available
	- add filter quirk for rn-alone.it
	- reintroduce manual setting for vblank timing in Amiga modules
	- add vblank quirk for mod.siedler ii (by Daniel Åkerud)
	- don't crash if SoundSmith instruments not found

2.6.2 (20090630):
	- Promizer 1.8a loader code cleanup
	- fix portamento to skip first frame of each row
	- fix periods in instruments with finetune

2.6.1 (20090627):
	- fix XMMS plugin build (reported by Götz Waschk)
	- add Chibi Tracker fingerprint to IT loader (info by Storlek)
	- add Schism Tracker fingerprint to S3M loader (info by Storlek)
	- fix Modplug Tracker/OpenMPT identification in IT loader
	- IT instrument and sample modes use same quirks (Storlek test #9)
	- transposed period scale base down one semitone (Storlek test #1)
	- remove previous portamento in SpaceDebris.mod fix
	- add unified pitch slide/portamento memory (Storlek test #3)
	- no Amiga limits for multichannel mods (fixes Bending CD61)

2.6.0 (20090625):
	- cleanup: remove rarely used Unix IPC code that difficults porting
	- cleanup: remove per-module configuration that nobody uses
	- cleanup: moved Prowizard depacking to loader section
	- don't abort loading if IT sample magic not found (fixes loading
	  of use-brdg.it and use-funk.it, reported by Mirko Buffoni)
	- multichannel mods written with Scream Tracker don't use Amiga note
	  limits (fixes Earth Mountains, reported by Samuli Sorvakko)
	- fix start option in DeusEx's .umx files (by erlk ozlr)
	- add OpenBSD sndio driver (by Thomas Pfaff)
	- fix memory leak: free extra pattern allocated by the XM loader
	- fix memory leak: free temporary pointer arrays in the IT loader
	- fix memory leak: free temporary pointer arrays in the S3M loader
	- fix memory leak: free header and filename when file is invalid
	- fix memory leak: free temporary buffer in MDL loader
	- fix memory leak: move UNIC check to test section of mod loader
	- fix memory leak: free Digital Symphony extra empty track
	- fix memory leak: free Music Module Compressor buffers
	- fix memory access violation freeing list nodes using list_for_each
	- fix memory access violation in MDL track allocation
	- fix memory access violation in MDL sample decompression
	- fix memory access violation in LIQ pattern loading
	- fix memory access violation in P18A format test
	- fix free of unallocated block in IT sample-only mode
	- fix buffer overflow in OXM/DTT loaders (reported by Luigi Auriemma)
	- rename oss_mix driver to oss and alsa_mix to alsa
	- restrict MMD0/MMD1 non-synth instrument note range to 3 octaves
	  (reported by Daniel Åkerud and Mirko Buffoni)
	- assume wav driver if output filename ends in .wav
	- fix volume slides with 00 parameter (by Mirko Buffoni)
	- fix crash when S3M C2spd is zero (by Mirko Buffoni)
	- merged Mirko Buffoni's Windows Visual C++ port
	- don't process tone portamento in first frame of each row, fixes
	  Space Debris.mod (by Mirko Buffoni)
	- add amplification factor option (by Mirko Buffoni)
	- improved Winamp plugin (by Mirko Buffoni)
	- don't unlink open files (for Windows port, by Mirko Buffoni)
	- add experimental DxF/DFx handling with volume slides in all frames
	- add better Archimedes .arc compressed file test
	- reverted to older YM3812 emulator for license compliance
	- fix byte swap error in HSC to SBI Adlib OPL2 instrument conversion
	- fix Reality Adlib tracker loader
	- implement Adlib OPL2 synth volume setting
	- improve tempo, tuning and envelope of HSC modules
	- fix scanning of patterns containing short tracks
	- don't play notes outside the valid 8 octave note range
	- enable The Player 5.0A loader (tested with Full Moon mods)
	- enable ProPacker 2.1 loader (tested with Cool World mods)
	- fix endianism issues in The Player 5.0 and 6.0 loaders
	- fix AMF track remapping error
	- enable instrument retriggering quirk in IT loader
	- configuration file moved back to /etc
	- fix estimated tempo for S3M/IT modules with BPM changes

2.5.1 (20071207): 11 years after xmp 0.09a, the first public release!
	- fix Winamp plugin default sampling rate (reported by Mirko Buffoni)
	- Winamp plugin number of channels fixed by Mirko Buffoni
	- recognize TakeTracker TDZ4 modules (reported by Lorence Lombardo)
	- fix crash in anticlick when pan amplitude is set to 100% (reported
	  by Mirko Buffoni)
	- extend playable octave range (fixes replay of octave 9 notes in
	  beek-my_eleventh_year.it, reported by Mirko Buffoni)
	- Protracker-style sample loops only valid with loop start 0 (fixes
	  M.K. Amegas conversion and others, reported by Mirko Buffoni)
	- reset fadeout on new instrument fetch (fixes echo in "pain of lace"
	  pat 0 ch 2-3, reported by Mirko Buffoni)
	- add quirk for simultaneous volume slide up and down (M.K. allows it
	  but S3M doesn't, fixes Red Dream.mod reported by Ralf Hoffmann)
	- Impulse Tracker in sample mode has instrument priority quirk
	- fix IT far right (64) stereo channel panning
	- merge Amiga port improvements by Johan Samuelsson
	- merge Amiga xfdmaster.library support by Chris Young 
	- Amiga port also buildable for AROS (AHI driver not tested)
	- fix global track parsing in DMF loader (fixes mok-trea.dmf, reported
	  by Lorence Lombardo)
	- fix Winamp plugin to use the equalizer (reported by Mirko Buffoni)
	- skip 0xfe and 0xff S3M/IT control patterns at load time
	- fix scan of pattern break in the last pattern of the module
	- add BPM quirk for XMs converted with MED2XM (fixes Fascinated.xm,
	  reported by Lorence Lombardo)
	- merge Windows patch for decompression by Mirko Buffoni

2.5.0 (20071127):
	- remove DMP-specific effect from MOD loader
	- extend Protracker sample loops to Noisetracker and Startrekker
	- FLT loader recognizes Startrekker FLTM modules (only PCM channels)
	- implement support for Startrekker/ADSC AM synth instruments
	- fixed cast to signed type in finetune display
	- fixed Protracker 3 IFFMODL loader (process VERS chunk manually)
	- added support to Protracker sample loops in the Protracker 3 loader
	- added PulseAudio driver (using the simple API)
	- remove restrictive tests for Soundtracker modules (fixes
	  99redballoons.mod and atmosfer4.mod, reported by Adric Riedel)
	- fixed infinite loop control (allows full replay time of 11:04 for
	  Gryzor's extended Global Trash 3.mod, reported by Adric Riedel)
	- use floating point period generation for the software mixer
	- fix S3M tempo/bpm setting effect (fixes seaside_hotel.s3m)
	- MinGW32 build fixes and new Windows driver (based on MikMod)
	- merged Amiga AHI driver written by Lorence Lombardo
	- don't read commands from terminal in Windows and Amiga
	- reset parameter in case of MDL "no effect" (saa.mdl pos 13 ch 9
	  plays correctly, reported by Gürkan Sengün)
	- fixed wav and file drivers binary file creation for win32
	- add support for Octamed V6 16bit samples (fixes instruments in
	  LaEsperanza.mmd3, reported by Lorence Lombardo)
	- enforce minimum allowed BPM to prevent large frames (fix crash with
	  MED2XM modules such as Fascinated.xm, reported by Lorence Lombardo)
	- fixed conversion of big-endian 16-bit samples in big-endian machines
	- fixed decompression of 16-bit IT samples in big-endian machines
	- added experimental Winamp plugin
	- added handler for Ultra Tracker sample type 20 (fixes seasons.ult,
	  reported by Lorence Lombardo)
	- fixed instrument parameter handling in MED4 loader
	- added Generic Digital Music (GDM) loader
	- plugin code cleanup, remove mode button and hold buffer
	- merged AmigaOS4 patches by Chris Young

2.4.1 (20071029):
	- fixed portamento after keyoff problem in metamorph_part_ii.xm
	  where new note is not recognized (reported by Adric Riedel)
	- implement Protracker-style sample loops: first play entire sample,
	  then play the loop (needed to play MeNoWantMiseria.mod correctly,
	  reported by Adric Riedel)
	- fixed finetune test in UNIC Tracker detection to prevent false
	  positive with all that she wants.mod (reported by Adric Riedel)
	- fixed test for ?CHN and ??CH TakeTracker/FastTracker2 modules
	- fixed data type in the XM loader to work in 64-bit systems
	- don't ignore effect on event with invalid instrument (fixes tempo
	  in 39.mod pos 11, reported by Adric Riedel)
	- removed restrictive tests for Ultimate Soundtracker (false negative
	  in Karsten Obarski's sleepwalk and others, reported by Adric Riedel)
	- minimum sample size changed from 5 to 4 bytes, childhood.it actually
	  has 4 byte samples (reported by Adric Riedel)
	- cut effect doesn't retrigger sample (fixes Comic Bakery Remix pos 1
	  ch 3, reported by Adric Riedel)
	- allow period 162 in ST mods (for blueberry.mod UST, reported by AR)
	- fixed period interpolation using real log function instead of table
2.4.0 (20071025):
	- added Oktalyzer note slide and fine note slide effects
	- added Oktalyzer arpeggio 3, arpeggio 4 and arpeggio 5 effects
	- added MED synth programmable arpeggio commands ARP and ARE
	- added MED synth vibrato commands VBS, VBD and VWF
	- added module probe method without loading (Audacious plugin can
	  test for files while a module is playing)
	- added persistent effects for 669, FNK and FAR
	- fixed MED synth volume slide commands CHD and CHU
	- fixed detuning in short samples with bidirectional loop by adjusting
	  the loop size to match forward loop size
	- fixed sound cut bug when changing samples in the MED synth (don't
	  reset channel on attempt to set invalid sample position)
	- fixed identification of IIgs MegaTracker modules
	- fixed 669 persistent vibrato and portamento effects
	- fixed FAR persistent vibrato/portamento and pattern break effects
	- fixed sample loading in FAR modules
	- fixed multi-retrig effect processing (see cyberculosis.xm ch 7)
	- fixed segfault when output file is specified but driver isn't
	- fixed XM sample loop size in XMs made with Digitrakker
	- revert CoreAudio driver pause patch (fix memory management problem)
	- reset MED synth program at each new note event
	- removed filesize-based module format detection
	- replaced XANN loader with Prowizard XANN depacker
	- reorganized internal data to remove lots of global variables
	- changed all loaders to load module from relative offset
	- changed UMX depacker to be a real loader (using relative offsets)
	- ported Audacious plugin to the Audacious 1.4.0 API
	- fixed sample offset on portamento after keyoff (Decibeter - Cosmic
	  'Wegian Mamas.xm plays correctly now)
	- fixed length of XM loops (jt_xmas.xm no longer out of tune)
	- fixed Audacious plugin to display duration when adding to playlist
	- fixed memory access violations reported by Valgrind
	- split XMMS/BMP/Audacious plugin source
	- invalid patterns in sequence ignored instead of aborting replay
	- fixed load of DBM 16-bit samples (reported by Ralf Hoffmann)
	- fixed DBM envelope offset error (reported by Ralf Hoffmann)
	- disabled AMF volslide effect (problems with CannonFodder2-Done.AMF)
	- fixed MMD1/MMD3 loaders to skip invalid synth instruments (reported
	  by Ralf Hoffmann, Misanthropy.MED loads correctly)
	- fixed number of patterns in Funktracker modules
	- added Funktracker persistent portamento and volume slide effects
	- fixed offset effect with parameter 00 (reported by Adric Riedel)
	- changed volume dynamic range to fix steps in volume ramps (tested
	  with departure soundtrack.xm, reported by Adric Riedel)
	- set priority to slide down when volume slide up and down is used,
	  fixes Skaven's 2nd Reality blast (reported by Douglas Carmichael)

2.3.2 (20071009):
	- added ModPlug Tracker IT quirk: ignore sample global volume (fixes
	  speech in "Deep In Her Eyes Remake", reported by Douglas Carmichael)
	- added PTM/IMF note slide effects and PTM note slide + retrig effect
	- added partial support to MED synth sounds (ported from xmp 2.1.0)
	- added experimental BeOS driver based on the CoreAudio driver
	- fixed copy of overlapping memory areas in IT loader
	- fixed initialization of channel flags before loading module
	- fixed PTM sample loop size (tested with abnormality.ptm)
	- fixed PTM effects translation (PTM-specific effects were ignored)
	- fixed effects settings in AIX and OSX CoreAudio drivers (reported
	  by Douglas Carmichael and Chris Cox)
	- fixed pause in OSX CoreAudio driver
	- fixed Fuchs Tracker prowizard loader format detection
	- fixed --time option time counter for MED files
	- decoupled PT3 PTDT and MOD loader

2.3.1 (20071005):
	- added PTM global volume effect
	- fixed output filename setting in wav output
	- fixed size field setting in wav driver
	- fixed configure option --sysconfdir (reported by Douglas Carmichael)
	- fixed major bug in anticlick routine generating clicks in the
	  right audio channel (reported by Douglas Carmichael)
	- changed rampdown time in Hipolito's anticlick algorithm (removes
	  clicks from PM's 2nd Reality, reported by Douglas Carmichael)
	- changed default file name when writing to WAV to <modname>.wav

2.3.0 (20071002):
	- added runtime endianism detection
	- added extractor for Epic Games' Unreal UMX files
	- added workaround for S3M "Return of Litmus" 0x87 quirk (reported
	  by Ralf Hoffmann)
	- added DigiBooster Pro module loader
	- added Fmod OXM depacker (depends on oggdec)
	- enabled Tracker Packer 3 prowizard loader
	- enabled The Player 4.x prowizard loader
	- removed reverse-endian sample reading options and XMP_CTL_BIGEND
	- fixed semantics of big/little endian options, moved to file driver
	- fixed memory corruption in Quadra Composer module loader
	- fixed Quadra Composer vibrato, offset and jump effects
	- fixed endianism problem in KSM and Zen Packer loaders
	- fixed transposition of Digital Tracker module notes
	- fixed build for QNX Neutrino 6.3.2
	- fixed OSS sequencer driver timing (reported by Reynir Stefansson)
	- fixed BMP/Audacious plugin to build also as XMMS plugin
	- fixed Impulse Tracker identification in S3M loader
	- fixed Module Protector test to recognize mods from "Made In Croatia"
	- fixed crash when scanning modules with length zero (bug #1800766)
	- fixed driver detection in NetBSD (don't try to build OSS driver)
	- fixed crash when restart value is invalid (reported by Ralf Hoffmann)
	- fixed handling of S3M pattern 0xfe (reported by Ralf Hoffmann)
	- fixed data size in MMD3 pattern sequence loading
	- fixed MMD1/MMD3 invalid/unhandled effect translation
	- fixed MMD1/MMD3 mixing buffer size setting (for PrivInv.med)
	- fixed Soundtracker 15-instrument module tracker fingerprinting
	- format management code cleanup
	- prowizard code cleanup

2.2.1 (20070917):
	- added IT tracker fingerprinting
	- enabled track volumes (fixes znm-believe.it, reported by Jon Rafkind)
	- fixed DESTDIR and config file location (by Adam Sampson)
	- fixed volume overdrive in the Megatracker loader
	- fixed probing order of PW-packed and Arc
	- raised sample number limit from 255 to 1024 (fixes megaman.xm
	  tempo and missing instruments reported by Jon Rafkind)
	- build plugin files as PIC

2.2.0 (20070915):
	- added more module format specs
	- added CD61 Octalyser module support
	- added Flextrax FLX module detection
	- added TCB Tracker module loader
	- added Digital Tracker DTM module loader
	- added Digital Tracker FA04/6/8 module support
	- added Real Tracker module loader
	- added X-Tracker module loader
	- added portable, 64bit-safe MMD0/1/2/3 MED loader
	- added Graoumf Tracker GTK module loader
	- added old Liquid Tracker "NO" module loader
	- added OSX CoreAudio driver
	- added S3M/PTM/IMF/LIQ/IT fine vibrato effect
	- added Archimedes Tracker loader
	- added Arc/!Spark depacker
	- added ArcFS depacker
	- added Archimedes VIDC sample converter
	- added Digital Symphony module loader
	- added Megatracker module loader
	- added Desktop Tracker module loader
	- added Zoo depacker
	- added MED3 module loader
	- added MED4 module loader
	- added IIgs ASIF sample converter
	- added IIgs SoundSmith/MegaTracker loader
	- added Audacious plugin
	- enabled WAV writer
	- enabled IMF filter effects
	- enabled Game Music Creator prowizard converter
	- removed broken shared lib generation
	- removed packed structures
	- replaced non-free PowerPack depacker with Kyzer's PD version
	- replaced list management in IFF loader with kernel list helpers
	- replaced XMMS plugin with Beep Media Player plugin
	- fixed long-standing bug in S3M BPM handling, "Panic" plays correctly
	- fixed MDL effects translation
	- fixed MDL pattern order loading missing first pattern
	- fixed MDL memory corruption in envelope initialization
	- fixed MDL 16-bit sample depacking (reported by Paul Wise)
	- fixed MDL multisampled instrument mapping
	- fixed MDL note event keyoff (gothlord.mdl plays better)
	- fixed XM and MDL sample loop size
	- fixed XM BPM setting (speedup.xm plays correctly)
	- fixed LIQ effects and 16-bit sample loading
	- fixed S3M pan settings
	- fixed IT old instrument volume mode setting
	- fixed IT 16-bit sample loading (reported by Henrik Pauli)
	- fixed IT effect S00 and delta sample loading (fixes O4UFRDMX.IT)
	- fixed multi-retrig effect (reported by Henrik Pauli)
	- fixed infinite loop scan (reported by Zbigniew Luszpinski)
	- fixed Sinaria sample size and finetune
	- fixed issues with OpenBSD
	- fixed issues with 64-bit machines
	- fixed loading of big-endian 16-bit samples
	- using Asle's Prowizard to handle packed MODs

2.1.1 (unreleased):
	- added more module format specs
	- added MO3 unpacking support
	- added file detection to the XMMS plugin
	- added Beep Media Player support to the XMMS plugin
	- added Epic Megagames PSM module support
	- added Epic Megagames old PSM (Silverball) module support
	- added DSMI/DMP Advanced Module Format support
	- added support to Ultimate Soundtracker modules
	- added ALSA 0.9/1.0 sound output support
	- fixed recursive decrunching of module files
	- fixed QNX6 portability issues (by Mike Gorchak)
	- fixed heavy memory leak in the XMMS plugin
	- fixed --time command-line parameter
	- fixed portamento-after-keyoff bug (Jeronen Tel's "Nine One One"
	  now plays correctly)
	- fixed IFF file loading to avoid data alignment errors
	- fixed endianism issues in MDL loader
	- updated OPL emulation (by Mike Gorchak)
	- default verbosity level changed to 1
	- default sound mode set to stereo
	- disabled MED loader (nonportable, didn't work well)

2.1.0 (unreleased):
	- Added Takuya Ooura's FFT code
	- Added scope/spectrum analyser modes to xxmp
	- Fixed dynamic driver loading to honour the configuration prefix
	- Added --with-esd option to the configuration script for esd in
	  FreeBSD (reported by Nate Dannenberg <natedac@kscable.com>)
	- Added xxmp panel and module info to XMMS info box
	- Fixed YM3812 emulator output in mono and stereo modes
	- Reordered extra libraries in Makefile.rules to build correctly in
	  IRIX 6.5.10/gcc 2.95.2 (reported by Johan Hattne <hattne@ibg.uu.se>)
	- Added aRts driver
	- Added NAS driver (based on Martin Denn's mpg123 NAS driver)
	- Added experimental QNX4 driver based on Mike Gorchak's nspmod port
	- Added experimental win32 driver based on Tony Million's mpg123 driver
	- Added NEO Software/Electronic Rats HSC module loader
	- Added Liquid Tracker module 0.0 and 1.0 support
	- Added callback driver for plugins
	- XMMS plugin changed to use the callback driver
	- Added Images Music System support

2.0.4 (20010119):
	- Added driver for synthesized sounds
	- Added Tatsuyuki Satoh's YM3812 emulator
	- Added support to The Player 6.0a modules (using Sylvain "Asle"
	  Chipaux's P60A loader)
	- Added seek capability to XMMS plugin
	- Added (very) experimental AIX driver
	- Added envelope point sanity checks (fixed "Beautiful Ones" IT
	  envelope bug reported by Chris Cox)
	- Added support to dynamic linked drivers (for better packaging)
	- Added option to package only DFSG-compliant code
	- Fixed audioio.h detection in OpenBSD 2.8 (by Chris Cox
	- Max. filter cutoff value changed from 254 to 253 to avoid problems
	  in "Beautiful Ones")
	- Fixed external drivers problem with the XMMS plugin (reported by
	  greg <gjones@computelnet.com>)
	- Fixed xmp_ord_set() bug (was calling XMP_ORD_PREV)
	- Fixed period calculation algorithm (that was an OLD bug!)
	- Started adding support to MED 1.11, 1.12, 2.00 and 3.22
	- Replaced RPM spec with Dominik Mierzejewski's version

2.0.3 (20001229):
	- Fixes for enabling/disabling features in configure.in
	- gcc 2.96/glibc 2.2 related fixes by Dominik Mierzejewski
	- Support for RAR packed files by Michael Doering <mldoering@gmx.net>
	- Improved powerpacker decrunching by Michael Doering
	- IT lowpass filters for the software mixer
	- Fixed "yes/no" switch in xmp-modules.conf
	- XMMS plugin in big-endian machines fixed by Griff Miller II
	- Updated RPM specfile

2.0.2 (20000506):
	- Fixes in the NetBSD driver (by Michael <skumle@grin.dk>)
	- Fixed sample size for MED synth instruments
	- Fixed the set offset effect for (offset > sample length) bug
	  reported by Igor Krpanic <krpa@renata.irb.hr>
	- Fixed configuration file loading in OS/2 (by Kevin Langman
	- Fixed S3M tone portamento bug introduced in 2.0.1
	- Fixed option --fix-sample-loops
	- Improved Noisetracker and Octalyser module detection
	- Fixed UNIC tracker and Mod's Grave module detection
	- Fixed Protracker song detection
	- Event loading in S3M fixed by Rudolf Cejka
	- ALSA 0.5 driver fixed by Rob Adamson <R.Adamson@fitz.cam.ac.uk>
	- Added experimental XMMS plugin
	- Removed calls to tempnam(3)
	- Big-endian sound output finally fixed?

2.0.1 (20000223):
	- Endianism problems in Linux/PPC (Amiga) fixed by Rune Elvemo
	- Added enhanced NetBSD/OpenBSD drivers written by Michael
	- Fixed sample loop detection bug in the MOD loader
	- ALSA 0.5 support fixes by Tijs van Bakel <smoke@casema.net>
	- Moved the YM3128 emulator sources to the 2.1 branch (shouldn't
	  be in the 2.0.0 package)
	- Added extra sanity tests for 15 instrument MODs (based on sample
	  size/loop info), relaxed file size test, added check for NT mods
	- Fixed pathname for Protracker song sample loading
	- Fixed XM loader for nonstandard mods sent by Cyke O'Path
	- Added workaround for IT fine global volume slides
	- Added support for EXO4/EXO8 Startrekker/Audio Sculpture modules
	- Added support for Soundtracker 2.6/Ice Tracker modules
	- MED synth instruments MUCH better now (but still far from perfection)
	- Fixed S3M instrument retriggering on portamento bug reported by
	  Igor Krpanic <krpa@renata.irb.hr>

2.0.0 (20000202):
	- Allocations checked with Electric Fence
	- Fixed powerpack decruncher counter initialization
	- Number of tracks fixed in the XM loader
	- 0 byte allocation fixed in the XM loader
	- Vibrato depth fixed (>>1)
	- Independent effect memory for XM volume slide effect and volume
	  column effect
	- Disable sample loop when loop end < loop start
	- Continue S3M fine effects (e.g. x00 after xF5)
	- Loader for Startrekker FLT8 modules
	- Pattern loop fixed
	- Set offset effect bug fixed (reported by Martin Willers
	- Sample length in the software mixer
	- 669 effects fixed by Miod Vallat <miod@mikmod.darkorb.net>
	- Fixed S3M/IT continue arpeggio effect
	- Fixed S3M/IT set tempo effect
	- Fixed set finetune effect (<<4)
	- Fixed S3M and XM global volume settings
	- Fixed STX memory leaks
	- Added support for XM 1.03 modules in the XM loader
	- Speed 0x20 correctly recognized
	- STM loader accepts BMOD2STM stms (reported by Bernhard März)
	- Fixed wrong number of patterns in FAR loader (reported by Bernhard
	  März <maerz@rklnw1.ngate.uni-regensburg.de>)
	- Fixed IFF chunk buffer allocation for MDL samples
	- Fixed sample buffer size for MDL 16 bit samples
	- SMIX_C4NOTE changed to from 6947 to 6864 in mixer.h (reported by
	  Christoph Groth -- fixes Cannon Fodder replaying)
	- Ignore garbage in the order list (reported by Spirilis
	  <hannibal@bitsmart.com> -- fixes dragnet.mod)
	- Event fetch now emulates ST3, FT2 and Protracker
	- Added virtual channel system (for IT NNAs etc)
	- Added loaders for Protracker 3.59 IFFMODL, STMIK 0.2, Promizer 0.1/
	  2.0/4.0, SoundFX 1.3/2.0, Slamtilt, MED/OctaMED, DIGIBooster, Quadra
	  Composer, Digital Illusions, Module Protector, Zen Packer, Kefrens
	  Sound Machine, Heatseeker, Imago Orpheus and Impulse Tracker modules
	- Added support for MED synth sounds (incomplete)
	- Added support for MED BPM tempos (incomplete)
	- S3M loader recognizes Imago Orpheus
	- xmprc renamed to xmp.conf
	- Configuration for specific mods using xmp-modules.conf
	- User configuration stored in $HOME/.xmp
	- Protracker effect 9 bug emulation
	- Support for Protracker song files
	- AWE support for IT filter envelopes
	- Filename in the xxmp window title (added by Geoff Reedy
	- Sample crunching for soundcards with limited memory
	  (requested by janne <sniff@utanet.fi>)
	- Bidirectional loop expansion and 16-bit conversion for AWE
	- Added anti-click routines in the mixer (requested by Teemu Kiviniemi
	- Zirconia's MMCMP decrunching support
	- Old volume mode set for awedrv 0.4.3
	- Added option --loadonly
	- Changed finalvol formula
	- MOD loader split in M.K./xCHN, FLT and ST loaders
	- xmp_options changed to xmp_control
	- Removed redundant code from loaders
	- Dropped options -p (period mode), --disable-envelopes, --modrange
	  and --ntsc
	- UNIC and LAX collapsed in a single loader
	- Added test for AWE_MD_NEW_VOLUME_CALC definition in oss_seq.c
	- Fixed buffer write() after EINTR on SIGSTOP (reported by Ruda Moura
	- Title line in xxmp fixed by Geoff Reedy <vader21@imsa.edu>
	- Tweak configure.in to honour predefined CPPFLAGS in environment
	  since awe_voice.h moves around in FreeBSD. At the time it is in
	  /usr/src/sys/gnu/i386/isa/sound/ (by Bjoern Fisher
	- Added missing #include "config.h" in main.c (by Bjoern Fisher
	- Default mixing rate raised to 44.1 kHz
	- Fixed OSS sequencer timing in Linux/Alpha (by Nils Faerber
	  <nils@unix-ag.org>, reported by Andrew Hobgood <chaos@strange.net>
	  -- improved using Miodrag Vallat's HZ checking)
	- Added native ALSA PCM driver
	- Fixed xxmp title wrap
	- Fixed 4-bit ADPCM sample decompression
	- Solaris driver fixed by Keith Hargrove <Keith.Hargrove@Eng.Sun.COM>
	- IRIX driver fixed by Brian Downing <bdowning@wolfram.com>
	- Merged OS/2 DART port by Kevin Langman <langman@earthling.net>
	- Added BMOD2STM support in STX mods (reported by Miod Vallat)

1.2.0 (Unreleased):
	- Added support for 16-bit samples in S3M (reported by Geoff
	  Reedy <vader21@imsa.edu> and Chris Jantzen <chris@maybe.net>)
	- Status display in main.c changed from curr_row/num_rows
	  to curr_row/max_rows.
	- esd driver fixed by Terry Glass <tglass@bigfoot.com>
	- (Yet another scanner bugfix) scanner ignores tempo 0
	- (Yet another scanner bugfix) estimated time limit extended
	  from 15 min. to approx. 4 hours (should be sufficient)
	- (Yet another scanner bugfix) scanner sets global volume
	- (Yet another scanner bugfix) S3M_END test fixed
	- Skip to previous module fixed
	- Loop start set in bytes in 15 instrument MOD files
	- Added return status for failure in decompression
	- Temporary file unlink after failed decompression
	- Fixed S_ISDIR using wrong argument
	- Fixed clear chunk ID buffer in the IFF loader
	- Fixed chunk ID test fixed in the IFF loader
	- Release the IFF loader linked list after loading
	- Init default options in load.c
	- Volume echo event normalized to 0x40
	- Fixed sample loop in UNIC/LAX modules
	- Fixed FAR number of patterns
	- Fixed FAR tempo effect
	- Fixed FAR effect parameter setting
	- STM loader now rejects STX files
	- Fixed XM note fadeout value
	- Option --fix-sample-loop sets sample loop start in bytes
	- Added support for NoisePacker 1/2/3, Digitrakker 0.0/1.0/1.1
	  and Promizer 1.0/1.8 module formats
	- SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2 handlers for skipping to next/previous
	  module (requested by Geoff Reedy <vader21@imsa.edu>)
	- Recursive module unpacking
	- drv_solaris renamed to drv_bsd_sparc
	- Other cosmetic changes

1.1.6 (19981019):
	- xxmp compilation in FreeBSD fixed by Adam Hodson
	- Makefile fixed for bash 2 
	- S3M global volume setting removed (reported by John v/d Kamp
	- S3M tempo/BPM effect fixed (reported by Joel Jordan
	- XM loader checks module version
	- XM loader fixed for DEC UNIX by Andrew Leahy
	- finalvol shifted right one bit to prevent volume overflow with
	  dh-pofot.xm (Party On Funk-o-tron)
	- File uncompression based on magic instead of file suffix
	- Loop detection and time estimation improved; --noback
	  option removed (reported by Scott Scriven <toykeeper@cheerful.com>)
	- Invalid values for module restart are ignored (reported by
	  John v/d Kamp <blade_@dds.nl>)
	- Don't play invalid samples and instruments
	- Fine effect processing changed to the Protracker standard
	  instead of FT2 (i.e. effects EB1-EE5 play fine vol slide five times)
	- OSS audio driver fragment setting fixed
	- Added test for file type before loading
	- MOD/XM tempo/BPM setting fixed (reported by Gabor Lenart
	- XM loader limits number of samples (needed to play Jeronen Tel's
	  "Pools of Poison")
	- Invalid sample number in instrument map is set to 0xff and ignored
	  by the player (needed to play Jeronen Tel's "Pools of Poison")
	- Jump to previous

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