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  • Counter to some reviews, xmind works excellently with every version of OS X since 2010 that I have used. I love this software and have no problems with it!

  • I love this tool on Windows, but it does not work on OSX. It installs fine but gets locked up when I run it. I get a nice box with the logo and that is where is stops. I then have to Force Quit XMind. Would love to have it work.

  • A really great mindmap software - has all features needed and is not overloaded. I use it very often, not only for mindmapping, as well for creating minutes of meetings. Strong recommended.

  • the best mapping software with me, thank you

  • This is the most professional looking mind mapping tool. The styles are designed very well. I use this as a presentation tool instead of PowerPoint now.

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  • There are some rough edges yet, but in general it's ok. Usability is also good, especially that you can navigate your graphs using the keyboard only.

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  • I have never used XMind and I really want to like it. But you make it very difficult. First of all, it is so difficult to change the language. This is usually something people do first before even using the software. So it should be easy. You describe how to change the language in "xmind.ini" on "". Instead of helpfully giving the directory, you say it is in some directory. OK, I can accept that. So I use the "find" command for "xmind.ini". It does not work. Why? Because the file is called "XMind.ini". So either you don't know that operating systems other than Windows might be case sensitive, or you are not as diligent as you should be. Either way it is quite unintuitive and unhelpful. Please fix "xmind.ini" -> "XMind.ini" on the faq and add a language change option to the gui. Also, a search function in your Help Desk would be quite useful. Anyways, the reason I wanted to change the language from German to English was, that the templates for new files are strangely described in some mix between German and another Scandinavian language like Swedish (I have Ubuntu 12.04 32bit and downloaded xmind-linux- After I switched to English that problem disappeared. So please check your German translation as well. I will give XMind another chance but please improve your usability.

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  • Totally Awesome!

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  • great product

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  • Simply a great tool

  • thanks for the app

  • good job

  • Found it even more convenient than the commercial MindManager

  • Like it.

  • Fast and easy to use.

  • It is a great software.

  • Been using it for ages. Very, very useful.

  • I liked it, I recommend

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • The best program!

  • Good tool. Thanks.

  • Good program. I love XMind mind mapping. Thanks

  • Really powerful and practical software.

  • It's the MOST intuitive of the 10 or so 'mind-mapping' tools that I've tried. Thanks guys for providing this...I'm recommend this to everyone!!!!

  • All around wonderful. Thanks guys, this tool is a "must have"

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