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VDR Plugin 'xineliboutput' Revision History ------------------------------------------- 2011-07-10: Version 1.0.7 (branch-1_0_x) Backported bugfixes from CVS trunk: - Accept short X11 display names (:0) - Improved vdr server discovery when server is listening on all interfaces Features: - Updated Italian translations (Thanks to Diego Pierotto) - Default to UDP transport. RTP is enabled only if requested on command line. - Improved automatic BluRay subtitle selection - React to X11 display size changes - Do not show hidden files in media player file browser - Added config entry to show hidden files in media player file browser - Added --geometry and --window options to vdr plugin. - Allow setting window position when starting in fullscreen mode. 2011-02-28: Version 1.0.6 (branch-1_0_x) Backported bugfixes from CVS trunk: - Fixed VDR OSD when playing DVDs - Fixed compilation with libextractor 0.6.0 (Thanks to Martin Knoll) - Fixed blanking - Fixed grab with jpeg7 and later - Fixed segfault when grabbing - Fixed unaligned access in swscale post plugin - Fixed remote access thru NAT firewall - Fixed OSD sending problems in remote mode - Fixed handling of kBack in DVD player (Reported by Marco Skambracks) - Fixed generating LIRC key release events (bug #2919256) (Thanks to Claudius Peschke) - Fixed mixer volume being reset at vdr-sxfe start when using software volume control (Thanks to Juergen Lock) - Fixed lot of compiler warnings (Thanks to Winfried Koehler) - Reject clients when not primary device - Do not lose the key pressed while displaying "Queued to playlist" message (Thanks to Marco Skambraks) - Escape only raw file names, not complete mrls (bug #2670927) - Add mrl prefix ("file:") to escaped subtitle file name - Query CDDA track count before starting playback - Create frontend config directory if it does not exist (bug #2796595) - Honor LDFLAGS (gentoo vdr-xineliboutput-1.0.5-ldflags.patch) Features: - Added Chinese translations (Thanks to NanFeng) - Added Estonian translations (Thanks to Arthur Konovalov) - Added Ukrainian translations (Thanks to Yarema aka Knedlyk) - Added FreeBSD compatibility (Thanks to Juergen Lock and Joerg Pulz) - Added support for libextractor 0.6.0 API (Thanks to Martin Knoll) - Updated logo (Thanks to Stefan Wagner) - Configurable media player menu - Improved automatic letterbox cropping (Thanks to Andreas Auras) - Replaced build-time options INTERPRET_LIRC_KEYS and FE_TOGGLE_FULLSCREEN with run-time option --hotkeys - Added system shutdown functionality to frontends - Added support for video in X11 root window - Added support for entering text using letter keys - Added "Rewind" key to media files menu - Added DVD menu navigation keys option - Added support for BluRay and m2ts files - Added --terminal, --buffers and --geometry options to vdr-??fe - Added Gnome screensaver support to vdr-sxfe (Thanks to Alex Stansfield) - Added sharpness and noise reduction setup options for VDPAU - Added image grabbing in PNM format - Added image grabbing support for VDPAU (Thanks to Andreas Auras) - Added VDPAU support to letterbox cropping (Thanks to Andreas Auras) - Added '-C'/'--config' command-line option to specify xine's configuration file. - Added an option to limit number of remote clients - Added an option to adjust the stepping value that is used for metronom live mode sync (Thanks to Andreas Auras) - Added an option to use smoother SCR tuning (Thanks to Thomas Hilber and Paul Menzel) (smooth tuning can be enabled with xine-lib config key media.xvdr.smooth_scr_tuning) - Added an option to use xine-lib DVB subtitles decoder 2010-02-07: Version 1.0.5 (branch-1_0_5) Backported bugfixes from CVS trunk: - Fixed compilation with gcc-4.4.0 and recent glibc - Fixed memory leaks - Fixed setting focus in vdr-sxfe fullscreen mode - Fixed sending complex OSDs - Fixed image player when playing non-local mrls (Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg) - Changed the default grab quality to match VDR's documentation (Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg) Features: - Added preliminary SVDRP interface (Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg) - Added StartFrontend-1.0 service (Thanks to durchflieger) 2009-02-12: Version 1.0.4 (branch-1_0_x) Backported bugfixes from CVS trunk: - Updated Italian translations (Thanks to Diego Pierotto) - Fixed default grab quality (Thanks to Jochen Dolze, patch #2454827) - Added math library (-lm) to vdr-sxfe when building with Xrender / HUD OSD support (Thanks to Anssi Hannula) - Reduced H.264 logging - Fixed CD track count query - Fixed mrl backwards compability 2008-10-24: Version 1.0.3 (branch-1_0_x) Backported bugfixes from CVS trunk: - Added missing sxfe display locks (Thanks to Antti Seppälä) - Modified HUD OSD scaling parameters (Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg) - Fixes to HUD OSD drawing (Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg) - Fixed --aspect=auto:path_to_script option (Thanks to Armin Diedering) - Fixed playing first track of audio CD (requires xine-lib 1.1.5) - OS X build fixes (Thanks to Tero Siironen) - Updated finnish translations (Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg) - Updated Italian translations (Thanks to Diego Pierotto) 2008-10-04: Version 1.0.2 (branch-1_0_x) Backported bugfixes from CVS trunk: - Fixed segfault when committing uninitialized OSD (Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg) - Fixed buffer errors when switching from HD channel to SD channel - Fixed selecting DVD subtitles language from DVD menus - Fixed setting DVD subtitles preferred language - Fixed missing VDR OSD while playing DVDs - Fixed DVD menu navigation when menu is not in title 0 - Fixed infinite loop when trying to replay unaccessible DVD - Fixed infinite loop when trying to play only one unacessible or very short music file - Fixed replaying images from network sources (http://, ...) (Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg) - Fixed segfault when media file meta info contains thumbnails (Thanks to Petri Helin) - Fixed smooth trickspeed setup menu entry with VDR-1.5.10+ (Thanks to Timo Eskola) - Fixed vdr-sxfe icon in 64-bit systems - Fixed updating window title when protocol is part of mrl - Fixed German translation for "Play DVD disc >>" (Thanks to Helmar Gerloni) - Increased timeout when opening media files from network sources (Thanks to Tobias Grimm) - OS X build fixes (Thanks to Tero Siironen) - xine-lib 1.2 updates - Added WM class hint ("VDR") to vdr-sxfe windows (Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg) 2008-05-07: Version 1.0.1 - Fixed freezes while zapping and/or seeking - Added metainfo menu to media player (Petri Helin) 2008-04-14: Version 1.0.0 - Added Italian translations (Thanks to Diego Pierotto) - Added Czech translations (Thanks to Maya) - Added HUD OSD (Blend OSD using graphics hardware) and --hud command-line option. (Thanks to Antti Seppälä and Rolf Ahrenberg) - Added support for libextractor metadata parsing library (Petri Helin) - Added service interface for launching media player (Suggested by Tobias Grimm) - Added configuration options for unsharp and denoise3d post plugins (Petri Helin) - Fixed the case when watching image files and the first one just flashes and gets replaced by black image (Petri Helin) - Added support for VDR 1.5.x and 1.6.0 - Dropped legacy code for vdr-1.3.x - Added support for xine-lib up to - Added support for xine-lib 1.2 hg branch - Changed mrl syntax from xvdr[:proto]:// to xvdr[+proto]:// - Added video softwarwe scaling support - Added non-linear 4:3 -> 16:9 "smart" scaling - Added configure option for video aspect ratio (Petri Helin) - Added media player options for enabling or disabling metainfo types, metainfo scanner and metainfo caching (Petri Helin) - Added support for smooth fast forward (Thanks to Timo Eskola) - Added setup option to limit trick speed - Removed support for arts audio output - Added setup option to change external subtitle (.sub/.srt) font size - Added command-line option for binding to specific local interface address - Initial support for H.264 video - Support for HD-resolution OSD (Petri Helin). Requires patched vdr. - Increased local frontend initialization timeout (Thanks to Mikko Vartiainen) - Removed configuration option to disable OSD downscaling - Improved media player playlist handling and menu (Petri Helin) - Fixed DVD menu domain detection (Petri Helin) - Fixed DVD title and chapter information shown on the OSD (Petri Helin) - Improved key mappings for audio player (Petri Helin) - Allow users to add single files to playlist as well as whole directories (Petri Helin) - Fixed "TCP fifo full" problem - Added hotkeys for audio delay (Thanks to Timo Eskola) - Enabled streaming of external subtitle files for remote frontends - Added support for multithreaded video decoding. Auto-detect number of CPUs. - Show address of current VDR server in X title bar - Added support to control HW aspect ratio with external script - Added support to output video and OSD to existing X11 window - Allow fine-tuning of SCR (should reduce frame drops/duplications and make video smoother) - Support using ffmpeg mpeg2 video decoder instead of libmpeg2 decoder - Improved PTS warp detection - Restore DPMS state at exit - Fixed sxfe window position when returning from fullscreen mode (Thanks to Timo Eskola) 2007-05-17: Version 1.0.0rc2 - Workaround for xine-lib demux_mpeg_block PTS wrap issue (this should fix daily picture freezes) - Support for denoise3d and unsharp post plugins (Thanks to Petri Helin) - Fixed media player random play kNext (next file) handling (Thanks to Petri Helin) - Fixed media player MsgReplaying status messages (Thanks to Petri Helin) - Fixed closing DVD player with Back key (Thanks to Petri Helin) - Improved media player resume file creation - Fixed UDP segfault - Mac OS X build fixes (Thanks to Tero Siironen) - Updated remote.conf example - Added support for xine-lib software volume control (useful with digital audio output) - Removed (unused) decoder priority setting - Fixed yuy2 frame grabbing - Adapted for xine-lib 1.1.5 - Added vdr-sxfe fullscreen and de-interlace toggling with lirc keys "Fullscreen" and "Deinterlace" 2007-03-17: Version 1.0.0rc1 - PLUGIN HOMEPAGE CHANGED - Fixed audio CD replay (cdda:/) - Adapted for xine-lib 1.1.4 - Adapted for vdr-1.5.1 (Thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg) - Mac OS X compability fixes (Thanks to Tero Siironen) - DXR3 added to list of output devices (experimental; Thanks to Ville Skyttä) - Subtitle selection menu updated to use VDR audio menu skin - New subtitle macro key handling (identical to VDR kAudio) - Added preferred subtitle language selection for media player - Updated trick speed modes and still image handling - Remote mode can now survive longer network delays - Fixed tvtime options (Thanks to Petri Helin) - Fixed using video driver "none" - Simple "slave mode" for remote frontends - Added automatic re-connection to remote frontends (--reconnect option) - Slow down DVD drive speed - Initialize video size from stream info when playing slave streams, (Thanks to Antti Seppälä) - Makefile shell scripts modified to run in dash (Ubuntu). (Thanks to realKano@directbox.com) - Increased frame-based buffering time after channel changes - Use iconv to translate id3 tags from utf8 to VDR charset - Use /dev/dsp as OSS default device (Thanks to Ville Skyttä) - Lot of small fixes and enhancements, complete log in CVS 2007-01-07: Version 1.0.0pre7 - Added possibility to add files to playlist - Added playlist menu to media player - Added "Play Audio CD" / "Play remote Audio CD" entry to plugin menu - Makefile modified to allow overriding default directory environment. Using "install" to install files. (Thanks to Timo Weingärtner) - Added metainfo caching to media player. Cached metainfo is stored to ".xineliboutput-playlist.m3u" files by default. - Added support for playlists inside playlists (ex. http://.../?.pls entries in playlists) - Added playlist HTTP download support to playlists (curl required) - lirc forwarding updated (synced with vdr-1.4.3-2): added re-connecting to lircd. - Lirc forwarding key repeat fixed (Thanks to Timo Ruottinen). - Display metainfo (ID3 etc) instead of file name in (audio)player - Fixed deadlock in audio post plugin loading and wiring (in some cases plugins were loaded multiple times) - Fixed buffer overflow problems in xineliboutput device polling - Fixed buffer overflow problems in UDP packet scheduler queue - Several new media file types added to media player - Subtitle type .ssa added - Parsing for .pls, .asx and .ram playlists added - Eliminated some warnings when compiling to 64bit (Thanks to Anssi Hannula) - Vidix(fb) added to supported video drivers (Thanks to Antti Seppälä) - Media player/audio file browser does not anymore show video files - When replaying music files, replay moves to next file automatically - Decoder setup menu moved to Local setup menu (decoder settings have effect on local frontend only) - Implemented simple RTSP streaming support (rtsp://vdr-host:xineliboutput-port/) - Implemented simple HTTP streaming support (http://vdr-host:xineliboutput-port/) - Fixed control channel disconnection detection in frontend_svr.c - Media player: Try to detect when navigating in DVD menus and change functions of Up/Down/Left/Right/Ok/Back keys when in menus - Added RFC2974 SAP (Session Announcement Protocol) implementation - Now using RFC3550 RTP headers when multicasting 2006-10-20: Version 1.0.0pre6 - Display Audio track languages when replaying DVDs - Display DVD SPU track language names instead track numbers - Improved shortcut key support - Fixed garbage in bottom of image when using autocrop - Fixed SCR tunning when only one TCP/PIPE client - Fixed unscaled OSD scaling to display size when low-resolution video or different aspect ratio - Allow overriding default startup image - German translations (Thanks to Udo Richter) - Setup menu re-arranged - Command-line given post plugin parameters are never changed at runtime - Added string length checks to several places - Added missing frame buffer device selection - Support for ffmpeg post processing - Easier configuration for tvtime post plugin in menu - Autoplay list support for xine (patch from sf feature request #1561688) - Removed busy loop from vdr-fbfe/vdr-sxfe when console was unavailable 2006-09-17: Version 1.0.0pre5 - Allow overriding default no signal image - Several fixes to post plugin handling - Fixed --audio=driver:port parsing in vdr plugin - Fixed overscan when image does not fill whole output window (bug #1556912) - Implemented simple MMX/SSE and YUY2 detection routines to autocrop - Main menu re-arranged (Thanks to Petri Helin) - Fixed display blanking aspect ratio (bug #1554070) - Lirc receiver accepts shorter LIRC commands (bug #1540896) - Fixed immediate re-configuration when setup entries are changed with repeated keys (Thanks to Petri Helin) - Implemented audio channel selection as xine post plugin (to select only left or right channel from stereo) - Several minor fixes / enhancements to autocrop plugin 2006-09-06: Version 1.0.0pre4 - WARNING: updated command-line options ! - Support for HD (larger buffers with HD content) - Simple playlist support to media player - Fixed starting replay of new file while old file is still playing - Fixed segfault in OSD downscaling - Added SPU track selection for DVDs without menu - Forcing order and location of video filter post plugins autocrop and tvtime in post plugin chain - Fixed replaying some older VDR recordings (video PID != 0xE0) (Reported by Petri Helin) - Fixed deadlock when closing xine input plugin and threads in TCP mode (reported by Tobias Grimm) - Fixed wrong XKeySym remote learning trigger when using fbfe (reported by Voitto Tuomainen) - Minor updates to playlists and file replay OSD handling - Added trick speed modes (forward only) to DVD player - Improved X11 fullscreen <-> window mode switching - Improved display blanking: blank image is now generated using last seen video frame size and aspect ratio. This should reduce OSD resizings and re-positioning when switching channels. 2006-08-25: Version 1.0.0pre3 - Fixed segfault when grabbing with remote-only frontends - Configurable speaker configuration and spdif passthru - Support for playlists (.m3u or whole directory) in media player - Separate menu item for playing music - Configuration options for letterbox cropping - Added audio visualization support for media files (originally supported only with DVB radio) - Implemented image grabbing for remote frontends - Fixed restoring primary device when using tcp transport - Executing primary device switching in main thread context - Added configurable overscan option (%) to crop frame borders when using displays without overscan 2006-08-16: Version 1.0.0pre2 - Xine plugins and frontends are not installed automatically. (Suggested by Udo Richter). - Added support for AC3 passthrough (thanks to Petri Helin) - Automatic 4:3 letterbox to 16:9 cropping pre-version - Added daemon mode to stand-alone frontends - Removed possible busy loop from lirc receiver thread - New localized texts - Fixed local media player when remote server is active and there are no clients - Option for audio-only playback (discards video) - Fixed DVD navigation in local mode (Thanks to Petri Helin) - Completed simple playlist support (play all media files in folder ; play .m3u playlist) 2006-07-23: Verson 1.0.0pre1 - Added DVD playback and navigation support to media player - Added support for DVD subtitles in VDR recordings - Fixed audio surround mode (Thanks to Petri Helin) - Added option to disable keyboard input in vdr-fbfe and vdr-sxfe (required when running as daemon) - Fixed OSD updating, closing and re-scaling under high system load 2006-07-05: Version 0.99 - Finished implementing audio stream switching - Improved VDR server detection and refused connection handling - Added option to close VDR when local frontend window is closed - Added always-on-top mode, window title and icon to vdr-sxfe 2006-06-12: Version 0.99rc5 - OSD endian problems fixed - More x64 fixes (Thanks to Anssi Hannula) - Better TCP and PIPE disconnection detection - Fixed possible race conditions in xine input plugin - Fixed image player (reported by Petri Helin) - Improved (?) X11 fullscreen mode - X11 fullscreen mode can be toggled by double-clicking window 2006-06-03: Version 0.99rc4 - Fixed missing audio after trick speed modes (thanks to Tero Saarni) - Fixed fullscreen size detection with frame buffer / DirectFB - Added unscaled OSD capability check for framebuffer / DirectFB 2006-06-02: Version 0.99rc3 - OSD is scaled to display resolution instead of video resolution when using unscaled OSD - OSD is re-centered when resolution is slighty different from 720x576 - Added configuration options for multicast parameters (address, port, TTL) - Added option to set multicast transmission always on for third-party clients (vlc, ...) - Some new x64 fixes - Several configuration menu fixes - Fixed compilation problem with xine-lib < 1.1.2 - Fixed missing audio after trick speed modes (thanks to Tero Saarni) 2006-05-18: Version 0.99rc2 - Fixed control input deadlock when using xine-ui - Experimental automatic primary device mode included - Fixed remote frontend keyboard handling for escape sequences - Added several new command-line options to stand-alone frontends - Adapted for vdr 1.4.0 - Fixed automatic server discovery - Fixed fullscreen mode when screen resolution != 720x576 - Fixed --local=none option (reported by Ulf Betlehem) - Faster channel switching - Fixed --post option - Fixed several endian problems and byte ordering in network modes (reported by Carsten Rietzschel) - Fixed segmentation fault when frontend was executed from path (reported by Carsten Rietzschel) - Fixed amd64 compilation problems (reported by Voitto Tuomainen) - Many finnish menu texts updated (patch provided by Rolf Ahrenberg) - Socket option SO_REUSEADDR added to several places to speed up VDR restart 2006-04-08: Version 0.99rc - Fixed compilation problems with gcc 3.4.5 (timer.h, osd.c). (reported by Gavin Hamill and Voitto Tuomainen) - Suspend mode removed (it is now implemented only as separate plugin) - Fixed X11 keyboard input handling - Faster seeks and channel switches in udp and rtp streaming modes - Fixed disconnection when playing to end of avi file - Fixed multi-speed modes (reported by Vladimir Monchenko) - Updated russian translations (thanks to Vladimir Monchenko) - Pipe transport fixed 2006-03-28: Version 0.99pre - Russian translations (thanks to Vladimir Monchenko) - New de-interlacing methods and options - Updated for vdr 1.3.43 - Support for xine post-processing plugins - Stand-alone frontends can now automatically find vdr (xineliboutput) server from network. - Makefile modified to auto-detect vdr. If vdr is not installed, only stand-alone frontends and xine plugin are compiled. (use "make frontends" in plugin source directory) - Xine plugin is automatically copied to xine's plugin directory instead of statically linking it to frontends. -> any xine frontend can be used. - All logging goes to syslog and honors vdr's logging level 2005-11-22: Version 0.4 - Updated for xine-lib 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 - Framebuffer and DirectFB frontend is now tested and working. - Remote frontends tested and working (TCP/UDP/RTP). - README updated. - Frontend is now loaded dynamically if needed. VDR part of plugin is not anymore linked against xine-lib and X11. -> plugin itself can be compiled and used without installing xine and/or X11 to VDR machine. Frontends still need X11 and/or xine-lib. - Makefile modified to auto-detect xine-lib and X11. If X11 is not installed, only framebuffer frontend is compiled. If xine-lib is not installed, frontends are not compiled (-> only remote frontends can be used). - Updated for vdr 1.3.34 - Stand-alone frontends (sxfe and fbfe) can now forward lirc keys to VDR. - New command-line parameters: frontend type, video driver and audio driver. - Command-line parameters now override saved configuration parameters. - Updated for xine-lib 1.0.1 2005-02-17: Version 0.3 - Updated for vdr 1.3.19 and xine-lib 1.0 - Direct playback of all xine-supported media types (+ automatic loading of external .srt/.sub subtitles) - Support for http/rtsp network streams - Image viewer - New configuration options - Improved OSD support for low-resolution video - OSD performance optimizations - Improved X server detection - Support for xxmc output driver - Support for DVB radio streams - Support for audio visualization plugins 2004-08-19: Version 0.2 - Tested with VDR versions 1.2.6, 1.3.7 and 1.3.12 - Modified to compile with xine-lib 1.0.0 (rc4) - New configuration options - Decoder can be stopped manually or using inactivity timer - Support for image grabbing - Support for localization (i18n) 2003-12-20: Version 0.1 - Modified to compile with xine-lib 1.0.0 (rc2) - Support for Xshm, Xv and XvMC. - Audio driver and port can be selected (alsa,oss,...) - X11 display location configurable (in setup.conf, OSD menu or usind DISPLAY environment variable) - Support for unscaled OSD (requires XShape X server extension) - Support for deinterlacing - Multiple bug fixes - Many new configuration options - Support for DVD plugin (GetSTC) - Support for VDR Make.config 2003-09-10 - C Compilation problems fixed - OSD scaling fixed 2003-05-23: Version 0.0.0 - Initial revision.
Source: README, updated 2011-07-10

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