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Current version: Rodent This adds "pacman" functionality to the pkg plugin, effectively creating a graphic front end to ArchLinux package manager. Also, bug fixes and enhancements here and there. Do a "git --log" for full details. This version is code checked with coverity and deprecation free with gtk+-3.16.0 (but still compiles and works with gtk+-2.24). See coverity analysis at: https://scan.coverity.com/projects/4267 (rodent) https://scan.coverity.com/projects/4295 (librfm) https://scan.coverity.com/projects/4296 (libtubo) https://scan.coverity.com/projects/4297 (libdbh) Thanks to Liviu Andronic for the setup and tests. This release adds i3 window manager compatibility, including auto shifting of toolbar from vertical to horizontal and vice versa. Toolbar orientation can now be set in preferences dialog. This release fixes the "posible" memory leak which I was hunting down. It was due to an out of place g_object_ref() call on some pixbufs. Memory consumption should now remain low. Compilation tested and running on gtk+-3.14.5. This release fixes several important memory leaks. Now all definite memory leaks are due to upstream libraries (mainly Pango). Compilation tested and running on gtk+-3.14.4 This release enables the pathbar for gtk+-2.0 builds. Furthermore, since gtk+-3.10 is *broken* in several distros, complie will fall back to gtk+2 if 3.10 is detected. Otherwise, gtk+-3 (>=3.4.0) will be used. This release is currently run on gtk+-3.14.2, although any gtk3 (except maybe 3.10.x) will work just fine. "I must say it is the best individual software of this decade." (https://sourceforge.net/p/xffm/discussion/241332/thread/63e8a001/?limit=25#9928) You will need both rodent- and librfm- Two other dependencies have not changed, libtubo and libdbh. If you do not have these installed, you can download them here as well ---for convenience. New stuff in * Several bugfixes * Pathbar enabled in gtk2 builds * Gtk+-3.10.x is avoided New stuff in * Rodent-pkg plugin now supports apt-get, providing a consistent cross platform interface for package management (FreeBSD, RedHat, SUSE, Gentoo and Debian, so far). and Debian apt-get/dpkg * Binary packages for Debian-7.0, Fedora-21, OpenSUSE-13.1 and CentOS-7.0 * Real cool terminal output smooth scrolling (only with gtk+-3.14.1) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xffm (once known as XFce File Manager) has now entered a new step in its evolution. Gtk+-3.12 is now rid of the popup and tooltip mapping bug which affected certain fvwm configurations and is now considered the gtk version of choice for Rodent Applications. This release is the fastest and most stable to date. Rodent is now configured to use gtk3 by default with version gtk+-3.4.0, the minimum acceptable, but 3.14.1 is recommended. It is still possible to compile with gtk >= 2.12, but you must specify the option at the configure step and will miss out on some cool new features, like the pathbar. You will find that the package manager plugin is defined by means of Xschema validated XML files, which not only allow easy action and option definitions, but also provides full help information on package actions and options via Rodent tooltips. The versioning nomenclature for Rodent and librfm changed since release 5.3.12. The digits after the 5 reflect the Gtk+ version the programs, plugins and libraries have been compiled and tested correctly (without use of any deprecated symbols). * Download from https://sourceforge.net/projects/xffm/files/ ** CentOS users: CentOS sudo configuration by default will only work with a terminal. To use Rodent sudo options (like mount), you should change this setting with visudo. I hope Rodent may be as useful to you as it is to me. Enjoy!
Source: README, updated 2015-06-03