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  • For a file manager whose development rests on one person, as a project which isn't strongly affiliated with any window manager or any desktop environment, this file manager is a gold standard. The computing world is becoming very mature, and simpler file managers might not cut it for the tasks you might wish to accomplish. Did you want to search for a certain file name by looking through all the files on a removable drive? You know the scenario: "I know I put it on this flash drive!", but you have tens of thousand of files on that flash device? XFE can do that (Thunar as of v1.6.3 cannot). Do you want side by side directory trees so that you can click or multi click then drag and drop files where you want them? XFE does that! Take a step up, give this humble file manager a shot!

  • Where I can take initial a code?

  • Xfe rocks running on "Unbuntu on Windows" + XMing.

  • If Microsoft's developers did something right with Windows, it's the GUI (pre Win8). Neither is it a bad thing nor a shame to adopt some of these aspects / features - Microsoft obviously has very skilled developers. As much as I like Linux, most available file managers seem to try to be unique, different, or the opposite to Windows Explorer. Let go the hate and do the right thing. Xfe is so far the most comfortable file manager I have seen / used on Linux.

  • all features I need, unlike tux commander where I cannot configure shortcuts, select multiuple files... rich featured though the design=UI seems a but "back in the times" like 15-20 yrs ago, but the UX is quite good but I'm missing a panel for file options like in krusader a bit - but that's maybe only my personal taste cause I'm accustomed to that a bit

  • If this has editable context menus with "appearance conditions" a la Thunar, instead of a scripts folder a la Nautilus, it would be perfect. I wish the site had a formal feature request page. So far, unlike Thunar, it hasn't hung on me once. The feature of being able to color alternate lines in the details view differently makes this a lot easier to use without the oops-wrong-file syndrome. How hard would it be to add Thunar-style custom actions, and what language would I need to learn to attempt it?

  • This is great, thank you! Yes, I admit it, I like Windows Explorer, esp. the relatively intuitive keyboard traversal. Nemo, at least, doesn't really give me that. I do see that Xfe hasn't been updated in over a year now. Is this still being maintained? I would like to see an option, like in Windows Explorer, to remember the last view settings for an individual folder, while maintaining the default setting. Am I missing this? Update: I just found the option to enable Shift-Delete for permanent file/dir deletion. All good there, thanks.

  • Excellent file manager.

  • Works really well.

  • At the sourceforge you can find the only distro with XFE as default file manager. The name of the distro is Debox. I make some tweaks at xfe and maybe the most important is the dificulty to create themes (the names of the icon files are diferent from gnome and kde). I hope that this will be fixed at the future. Gio

  • I've been using xfe since 2006 when I switched my desktops to Linux. Never found anything better (actually, I didn't search, there's no need to do so). Merci, Roland.

  • Xfe is excellent! Thanks.

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  • One of the best file managers I have ever used. Head and shoulders above Nautilus. It's blazingly fast and versatile.

  • XFE is perfect for the light *nix user. It's has all of the functionality necessary without any extra baggage. Cleanly installed and locates it's /home/$USER files nicely. It even comes with a really fast, and lightweight text editor and image viewer for quick tasks on the fly. Easy to configure. Perfect.

  • xfe is swift, very light (as I write it's using 2.4 MB RAM on Linux 3.2.0-33 amd64), has very few dependencies and has (to me) the most sensible defaults of any dual-pane file manager on *nix. For instance, xfe does quick search without you having to press any modifier keys and automatically displays file sizes in a human-readable format. The only downsides I can think of are that it can't automatically reuse elements of your KDE, GNOME or MATE theme like colors, icon or widgets, though you can change them manually (it's a natural consequence of it using the tiny "FOX" GUI toolkit), and the lack of tabs. Overall, highly recommended, esp. if you don't have a large DE and its libraries and don't want them.

  • Never used another file manager after the first time I used XFE. Awesome

  • Quick and awesome! Ukrainian translation coming soon (from me) :-)

  • Very professional!

  • Best file manager ever.

  • Fast, light, and intuitive. What more does one need?

  • First and foremost: it’s fast! But the integration with popular distros could be better.

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  • Definitely the way to go. Does what it needs to do.

  • This is a very powerful and fast file manager. Thanks for your work! All the features are working very well. There is no need to search for other file manager since xfe is available. Randolf Balasus

  • Best file manager on Linux: unbloated and easy to use.