Project to manage xenserver/xcp (xen cloud platform) virtual machines with web (similar to xencenter)

Sorry guys, but this project is dead. You are free to clone and use the same name. Contact to me if you want in alberto at pesadilla dot org


  • xenserver xcp xapi
  • web webpy python
  • xen web manager

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BSD License

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User Reviews

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Great software, thank you.

  • Works very well. I prefer this manager over OpenXenManager and XVP (I now use both as backups). Never got the script to work for me, but once all the dependency are installed, you only need to manually make the folder at /var/log/xenwebmanager/ to get it up and running. It can be a bit deceptive once it is running, cause all it shows at the command line is "Logging to access_log and error_log files..."; which I didn't interpret as the program running. But it is, just log into http://ipaddress:8080 and you should be good to go. Edit the ipaddress in "frontend.conf" to automatically have your server(s) ipaddresses show up or change misc preferences. Overall, excellent job by the people who put their time into making this software package.

  • Very cool...just like the XenCenter of Citrix.

  • Awesome idea. Executed well too. Rides on OpenXenManager, so this project benefits from OXM's development.

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Advanced End Users, System Administrators

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