X Display Manager. Xhost Phonebook, X Login, X Desktop Chooser, and XDM X server (vnc server).

Easy install, Clean uninstall (and X up when done). Highly compatible, no libs. Like gdm but different in goals and features. Great as primary dm or as a backup dm.

pre-requirements: X Windows. xdm(1) binary (package) if it was removed (xdm is part of traditional X)


  • New 0.2.1.d on Sun Feb 12 2012 - ALL X / UNIX AUDIENCE - pkgs: .tar.gz, .sh, .deb
  • XDM-OPTIONS aims to simplify personal use of X binaries that by default all Unix X people have.
  • easy AUTO-LOGIN -> DESKTOP, and 3 other modes supported (ie, Xhost Phonebook, Xlogin, Desktop Chooser,all optional)
  • Feature: has menu-reconfig (options, check, remove, re-install, auto-install) works before or after light.
  • Feature: be stable, over come install, boot ordering, and other issues, fallsafe X gracefully
  • Feature: has repair utils to fix broken login problems (xdm [pause, clean, ], stopx, auto-install
  • Feature: ships with portable 2d graphics but can be tailored with any GUI apps your site wishes
  • Feature: xdm is for LOCAL and remote X. It's good practice to start X locally using X Login.
  • Distributors: self install relocatable and works on all arches (ie. kubuntu KDE / 64 or XFCE / 386)
  • Caveate: X's xdm xlogin isn't Accesibility enbled, but if it were XDM-OPTIONS would work the same
  • Content sharing? X is an fully transparent network display 30 years running under which pdf, html, java, mime were born.
  • Content sharing? X doesn't need "Virtual Networks" or Xnest (but can). X shares anything asked if you've allowed it is all :)
  • see xdm-option's Source Forge Web Site for deeper details

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