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xcast6-0.2.1-1-freebsd-sys-6.4.diff.gz 2008-11-28 21.3 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-1-freebsd-sys-7.0.diff.gz 2008-03-02 21.1 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-1-freebsd-sys-6.3.diff.gz 2008-01-19 21.2 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-1-freebsd-sys-6.2.diff.gz 2007-01-16 21.1 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-1-freebsd-sys-6.1.diff.gz 2006-06-22 21.1 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-freebsd-sys-5.5.diff.gz 2006-05-29 20.3 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-freebsd-sys-6.1.diff.gz 2006-05-13 20.4 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-netbsd-sys-3.0.diff.gz 2005-12-24 17.1 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-1-netbsd-sys-2.1.diff.gz 2005-12-03 17.3 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-freebsd-sys-6.0.diff.gz 2005-11-04 20.3 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-1-netbsd-sys-2.0.2.diff.gz 2005-05-20 17.2 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-1-netbsd-sys-1.6.2.diff.gz 2005-05-20 16.7 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-xcgroup.tar.gz 2005-05-15 243.3 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-vic-2.8ucl1.1.5.diff.gz 2005-05-15 36.0 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-traceroute6x.tar.gz 2005-05-15 14.0 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-rat-4.2.25.diff.gz 2005-05-15 24.3 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-tcpdump-3.8.3.diff.gz 2005-05-15 1.8 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-ping6x.tar.gz 2005-05-15 23.3 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-netbsd-sys-2.0.2.diff.gz 2005-05-15 17.2 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-netbsd-sys-1.6.2.diff.gz 2005-05-15 16.7 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-libxcast.tar.gz 2005-05-15 16.9 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-netbsd-sbin-1.6.2.diff.gz 2005-05-15 452 Bytes 0
xcast6-0.2.1-freebsd-sys-5.4.diff.gz 2005-05-15 20.2 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-freebsd-sys-4.11.diff.gz 2005-05-15 22.7 kB 0
xcast6-0.2.1-README.txt 2005-05-15 9.7 kB 0
Totals: 25 Items   681.7 kB
XCAST6-kit README (0.2.1, pre-alpha version) * Release note This document describes how you can set up XCAST6-kit for these platforms. NetBSD 1.6.2 NetBSD 2.0.2 FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE * Installation 1. Install OS into your machine. - for NetBSD See http://www.netbsd.org/Documentation/ for detailed setup instruction. - for FreeBSD See http://www.freebsd.org/ Don't forget to install the kernel sources, since it's required to build a XCAST6-enabled kernel. 2. Build XCAST6-enabled kernel. 2-1. Apply the XCAST6 kernel patch for the kernel sources. - patch file for NetBSD 1.6.2 xcast6-0.2.1-netbsd-sys-1.6.2.diff.gz - patch file for NetBSD 2.0.2 xcast6-0.2.1-netbsd-sys-2.0.2.diff.gz - patch file for FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE xcast6-0.2.1-freebsd-sys-4.11.diff.gz - patch file for FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE xcast6-0.2.1-freebsd-sys-5.4.diff.gz For example: cd /usr/src/sys gzip -dc /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-netbsd-sys-2.0.2.diff.gz | patch -p2 2-2. Configure the kernel. - sample configuration file for NetBSD is at /usr/src/sys/arch/i386/conf/GENERIC_XCAST6 - sample configuration file for FreeBSD is at /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC_XCAST6 Don't forget to include these 2 lines in the configuration file for NetBSD: options XCAST6 pseudo-device xcst 1 following is for FreeBSD4: options XCAST6 pseudo-device xcst following is for FreeBSD5: options XCAST6 device xcst 2-3. Install the kernel and boot the machine with it. 3. Install xcast6.h and in6.h to /usr/include/netinet6. For example: cp /usr/src/sys/netinet6/{xcast6.h,in6.h} /usr/include/netinet6 4. Build and install the libxcast library. For example: tar zxvf /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-libxcast.tar.gz cd libxcast make su root -c 'make includes install' 5. Build and install ping6x. For example: tar zxvf /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-ping6x.tar.gz cd ping6x make su root -c 'make install' 6. Build and install traceroute6x. For example: tar zxvf /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-traceroute6x.tar.gz cd traceroute6x make su root -c 'make install' 7. For NetBSD 1.6.2, Build and install the modified sysctl command. For NetBSD 2.0.2 and FreeBSD, original sysctl can be used for XCAST6-enabled kernel. Apply the patch for the sysctl sources. - patch file for NetBSD 1.6.2 xcast6-0.2.1-netbsd-sbin-1.6.2.diff.gz For example: cd /usr/src/sbin/sysctl gzip -dc /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-netbsd-sbin-1.6.2.diff.gz | patch -p3 make su root -c 'make install' * Setup 1. Configure your machine as a normal IPv6 host or a normal IPv6 router if the host should act as a router. See http://www.netbsd.org/Documentation/network/ipv6/#configuration_files and set up /etc/rc.conf for NetBSD. 2. Run the following shell script. --------- from here -------- #! /bin/sh xcstif=xcst0 xcast6rt=ff05::10 ifconfig $xcstif up route -qn add -host -inet6 $xcast6rt ::1 route -qn change -host -inet6 $xcast6rt -ifp $xcstif -------- end here -------- You can put these commands in a file like /usr/local/etc/xcast6-setup.sh and let it run from /etc/rc.local. If you are going to use XCAST6 on site-local addresses, you must run the following command: /sbin/sysctl -w net.inet6.route6.xcast6_allowsitelocal=1 /etc/sysctl.conf can be used also. For FreeBSD, you don't need to provide above xcast6-setup.sh. Instead, you can put following four lines into your /etc/rc.conf: ipv6_enable="YES" cloned_interfaces="xcst0" ifconfig_xcst0="up" ipv6_static_routes="xcast" ipv6_route_xcast="ff05::10 ::1 -ifp xcst0" * Test Programs - /usr/sbin/ping6x, /usr/sbin/traceroute6x Command syntax: /usr/sbin/ping6x host0,host1,host2,...,hostN [N-th] or /usr/sbin/traceroute6x host0,host1,host2,...,hostN [N-th] The destinations are specified as host0,host1,host2,...,hostN. Only the <N-th> host replies by ICMPv6, while other hosts never reply for packets sent by ping6x or traceroute6x. You can use these command to diagnose the reachability to the <N-th> host in the destinations and to list up the route to the <N-th> host. - tcpdump 1. Download and extract tcpdump-3.8.3.tar.gz. You can download it from: http://www.tcpdump.org/ Also, there is a local copy of the archive. http://xcast6.sourceforge.net/archives/tcpdump-3.8.3.tar.gz 2. Apply the XCAST6 patch for tcpdump. For example: cd tcpdump-3.8.3 gzip -dc /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-tcpdump-3.8.3.diff.gz | patch -p1 3. Configure & make & install. For example: sh configure --prefix=/usr make; su root -c 'make install' * Application Programs - vic 1. Download and extract vic-2.8ucl1.1.5.tar.gz. You can download it from: http://www-mice.cs.ucl.ac.uk/multimedia/software/vic/ Also, there is a local copy of the archive. http://xcast6.sourceforge.net/archives/vic-2.8ucl1.1.5.tar.gz 2. Apply the XCAST6 patch for vic. For example: cd vic-2.8ucl1.1.5 gzip -dc /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-vic-2.8ucl1.1.5.diff.gz | patch -p1 3. Configure & make & install. For example: cd common.new; sh configure --enable-ipv6; make; cd .. cd tcl-8.0/unix; sh configure; make; cd ../.. cd tk-8.0/unix; sh configure; make; cd ../.. cd vic; sh configure --enable-ipv6; make su root -c 'make install' 4. Run vic. For example: vic -n xcast6 host1,host2,host3/11000 You can specify the destinations with ',' (comma) separated IPv6 addresses and hostnames instead of the group multicast address. Note for MDO6 users: As you can see, command-line options are changed from vic/MDO6. You should explicitly specify the network type "xcast6" with -n option. - rat 1. Download and extract rat-4.2.25.tar.gz. If you don't install Tcl/Tk, download tcl-8.0.3ucl8.tar.gz and tk-8.0.3ucl8.tar.gz, and extract into rat-4.2.25 directory. You can download it from: http://www-mice.cs.ucl.ac.uk/multimedia/software/rat/ http://www-mice.cs.ucl.ac.uk/multimedia/software/tcl/ http://www-mice.cs.ucl.ac.uk/multimedia/software/tk/ Also, there is a local copy of the archive. http://xcast6.sourceforge.net/archives/rat-4.2.25.tar.gz http://xcast6.sourceforge.net/archives/tcl-8.0.3ucl8.tar.gz http://xcast6.sourceforge.net/archives/tk-8.0.3ucl8.tar.gz 2. Apply the XCAST6 patch for rat. For example: cd rat-4.2.25 gzip -dc /path/to/xcast6-0.2.1-rat-4.2.25.diff.gz | patch -p1 3. Configure & make & install. For example: cd common; sh configure --enable-ipv6; make; cd .. cd tcl-8.0/unix; sh configure; make; cd ../.. cd tk-8.0/unix; sh configure; make; cd ../.. cd rat; sh configure --enable-ipv6; make su root -c 'make install' 4. Run rat. For example: rat host1,host2,host3/11111 You can specify the destinations with ',' (comma) separated IPv6 addresses and hostnames instead of the group multicast address. Notes: - We tested new release of rat-4.2.25 on NetBSD-1.6.2 and FreeBSD. - NetBSD audio support is not perfect yet. Volume setting might not work. You can use the "mixerctl" program to set play / record volumes as follows: mixerctl -w inputs.mic.preamp=on # mic. preamp mixerctl -w inputs.dac=200 # play (PCM) volume mixerctl -w outputs.master=200 # master play volume mixerctl -w inputs.mic=100 # record volume - xcgroup xcgroup is not an XCAST6-enabled software but a support software that provides control plane of XCAST6 datagram delivery system. See README.XCAST6 in xcast6-0.2.1-xcgroup.tar.gz for installation and usage. * Advanced Features - X2U You can use the X2U feature described in draft-ooms-xcast-basic-spec-02.txt by setting 1 to the sysctl variable net.inet6.route6.xcast6_x2ulevel: sysctl -w net.inet6.route6.xcast6_x2ulevel=1 Premature X2U is not supported in this release. See draft-ooms-xcast-basic-spec-02.txt for more details. - libxcast_raw (raw socket version of libxcast, not fully working) That's for the operating systems that don't support XCAST6 natively. This feature needs X2U tunneling on the way of the delivery path; you need at least one XCAST6/NetBSD host on the way. You can build libxcast_raw by defining a LIBXCAST_RAW preprocessor macro. You need root privileges to use the library. Windows XP users can build it with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and the IPv6 Technical Preview package by using libxcast_raw.dsw for the workspace file (and libxcast_raw.dsp for the project file). We know several functions of libxcast_raw run on Windows XP. libxcast_raw for *BSD may work, but is not tested. USAGI users can see README.usagi in the source directory of the library for reference. - Caveats - XcastEnableMember() and XcastDisableMember() is not correctly implemented. Do not use now or fix them by yourself :-) * Mailing list There is a mailing list to talk about XCAST6-kit. WIDE XCAST6-kit information/announcement mailing list. xcast6-kit-users@ml.labs.fujitsu.com - To subscribe Send email to xcast6-kit-users-request@ml.labs.fujitsu.com which has command "subscribe" in its body. - To get help message of the list Send email to xcast6-kit-users-request@ml.labs.fujitsu.com which has command "help" in its body.
Source: xcast6-0.2.1-README.txt, updated 2005-05-15

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