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  • Has been excellent for testing our CSR's during firmware development while we are waiting for access to our official CA in pilot and production.

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  • Perfect for managing my OpenVPN and Server certtificates (home use)

  • simple, intuitive, requires nothing... perfect.

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  • Best Cert Managing tool i've ever used! Congrats to the great work!

  • Excellent tool!

  • The best PKI software

  • Excellent, this tool helped me out :D

  • Great tool!

  • easy to use

  • It's Good!

  • Very easy for a windows user.

  • Excellent product.

  • I've only been using this a few days and it has been really easy to set up and get going. Cross-platform, easy to use and import and safe too. I'd love to see some reporting type capabilities. For now, we can sort and such which really helps with certificate expiration but I cannot even see how many certificates I have without manually counting. This doesn't detract from the functionality, just something to make it more useful.

  • Fast, native, C++, lots of features. But mediocre icons :) PS: It would be nice to have link to this project page in the About dialog.

  • If you need to create certificate requests for other CAs, or want to start your own CA, this is currently the best free GUI tool to do it.

  • This is the only GUI tool that really works on OpenSSL. It is really user friendly. Even to people who are not familiar with OpenSSL. Please keep the project alive.

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  • This is an excellent tool for setting up a small to medium PKI. Something this good deserves some better icons as they seem a little outdated.

  • This little app fits my needs perfectly, I needed a simple way for admins to convert .pfx into RSA encoded Pem keyfiles. this does that quickly and easily.

  • Wow, this is one amazing tool. Talk about 'Feature Complete'. I suppose now that it has the capabilities to do almost everything, the next steps would be adding server daemons, and automated batch actions. I suppose maybe building a wizard and rfc compliance testing. Really excellent work here.

  • We are running all internal VPN CA management for win/lin/mac/domino/etc... on this - great Software not always intuitive but great.

  • Thanks for Xca, it's good!

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  • Great program! It saved me from hours of pain renewing an expired certificate

  • Good and useful software

  • xca is great! Awesome project. I"ve recommended to my friends it.

  • very good project

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