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  • XAMPP is a great way to get into WAMPP LAMP WebDevelopment, easy and nice to use.

  • Best Windows LAMP environment ever!

  • I have used XAMPP for many years and have relatively no issues (outside of HTTPS for local dev sites). Its been an incredible tool in my arsenal to test code/toys before exposing anything public. I use it on Linux/Win XP - Win 7 (Windows 8+ still sucks).

  • I had an installed version of 7.2.0 and then installed version xampp-win32-5.6.32-0-VC11-installer on another folder. many of paths in ini and conf files had not been updated. therefore Apache couldn't start. after changing the paths, again Apache couldn't start because it needs the php7ts.dll of php 7!

  • Thanks for helping delete mỹ project

  • I love it, so easy to use and has everything included. But please update the CodeSniffer included library. Xampp 7.1.11 (the latest stable at this moment) includes CodeSniffer 1.3.3 while the official CodeSniffer version is now 3.1.1. Thanks!

  • Great for Solutions which depend on Windows as OS. No need to use IIS for Web projects so they porting the projects to a Linux environment ist just done whis copying the files and a database dump. Nice!

  • This is the best Project for development.

  • Great tool, I've been using xampp for many years.

  • all the time.

  • My Harddisk consists already of so many XAMPP-Versions that it's always easy to find the right PHP Version. With a bit tweaking the batch-files show the most important Info about each Package. I use always the same web-folder outside of the XAMPP-Package, and MySQL usually I always run the same version apart from special cases. Without XAMPP it would be a hard job having all these options.

  • I get an error with 7.0.1 which I can't solve in my enterprise environment, as I would need to install a Visual C++ redistributable, but I have no administration rights to do this.

  • XAMPP is Portable, just this feature is very important to me, and of course Its the best webserver. Thank you so much developers of XAMPP.

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  • i can't find the summary about php's vsersion and mysql's version

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  • why the file is getting bigger and bigger? it's now over 143MB file...this will greatly discourage to deploy in low config !!

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  • Very good program for web applications.

  • Very Good!!!

  • The most important tool for me!

  • a very useful project, thanks!

  • Really great for developing web-projects. A little tricky to set up but then, it's a wonderful tools!

  • awesome work, thank you guys! Once I solved painful ports difficulties it works as expected

  • still on this site, its bad.

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  • The most important tool for any developer

  • Excellent project. Support/forum moderation people are arrogant and overbearing. MySQL IS waning, the writing (freedom software foundation verifies that commercial use (for free) is prohibited) is on the wall. MariaDB IS the logical predecessor because of its compatibility. An option to install one or the other would be ideal. This software is one of the driving pre-development options for a whole generation of neophyte developers hoping to eventually develop something that will be able to perform a commercial function. Maintaining that MySQL (who now blatantly require that you either pay up or go fully open-source) be the database of choice removes that ability. If XAMPP is now owned by ORACLE as well, then this is financially justified. If it is indeed Open Source, then listen to the people and get in touch with the winds of change. Get rid of the autocratic moderators, it gives XAMPP a huge black eye. NutShell: If you're just playing with web applications, this is perfect. If you eventually want to make something you can sell, go elsewhere or wait until it offers an alternative or two to MySQL.

  • excellent on all platforms!

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