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  • This encoder is awesome for recording high quality and low size videos.

  • I'm using it with VirtualDub only. For video conversion I use ffmpeg. But, if you want to edit MP4 videos (cut parts of video, join, etc), VDub is the best open source option. In that case x264 is a must have, since it allows for saving edited video as MP4. Works great!

  • Thank you.

  • Works perfectly for me.

  • Finally found :)

  • How to install the codec x264vfw from command line (silent install)?

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  • 2GB -> 2MB (with same quality): Just awesome!

  • I had stability issues using this with Camstudio. I resolved this by setting Debug -> Log Level -> None. x264vfw can be set to creates very small files while providing acceptable quality. My use case is to record the screen for up to around 8 hours. This will allow my (older) client to go back and figure out why their document or email disappeared.

  • Best compressor for MSI After Burner. Thank you. :)

  • 10-bit version please! vfw work is so far more intuitive than new "external encoders" system in virtualdub, but currently x264vfw only support 8bit. BTW: I love the Output File Mode for directly write video stream to .mp4 container of this build, used in tandem with fccHandler "Quicktime" plugin, Virtualdub power is greatly enhanced (no more initial black -indeed lost- frames).

  • Most excellent, saves valid streams directly! I used it with NewTek Aura, and it saved my animation very easily and quickly.

  • powerful and simple. New color control in core 130's too helpful, thanks!

  • excellent app

  • the best!!

  • very good program, i'm glad that it is open source!

  • Great software, simple and easy to install

  • Very cool program

  • Perfect project, thank you for sharing

  • This is a necessity for use in VirtualDub encodings. Great quality!

  • I need this! Thanks!

  • very good project

  • High quality & High speed, presets, "command line".... VirtualDubMod compatible. Good! - : rare update v.2008. Июнь 2011 Сейчас актуальна v.2120. Собираетесь портировать новые версии ?

  • Works swell indeed with VirtualDub. Very good quality Today (depends also on your Settings - but you can Set them). Should be a Modern Free OpenSource, OpenEverything video-standard. Compatibility Windows-Mac (I don't know) ?

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