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README.md 2014-07-15 5.5 kB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_Dev.7z 2014-06-16 22.3 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc481TDM_Dev.7z 2014-06-16 40.0 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc471TDM_x64_ReleaseDLL.7z 2014-06-16 11.5 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc481TDM_x64_ReleaseDLL.7z 2014-06-15 7.0 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc481TDM_x64_Dev.7z 2014-06-15 42.5 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc481TDM_ReleaseDLL.7z 2014-06-15 6.3 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc471TDM_x64_Dev.7z 2014-06-15 53.4 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc471TDM_ReleaseDLL.7z 2014-06-15 6.1 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc471TDM_Dev.7z 2014-06-15 40.1 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_x86_ReleaseDLL.msi 2014-06-15 4.6 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_x86_ReleaseDLL.msi 2014-06-15 4.8 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_x86_ReleaseDLL.msi 2014-06-15 4.7 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_x86_ReleaseDLL.msi 2014-06-15 4.7 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_x64_ReleaseDLL.msi 2014-06-15 5.6 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_x64_ReleaseDLL.msi 2014-06-15 5.4 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_x64_ReleaseDLL.msi 2014-06-15 5.4 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_x64_ReleaseDLL.msi 2014-06-15 5.5 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_x64_ReleasePDB.7z 2014-06-15 12.7 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_x64_ReleaseDLL.7z 2014-06-15 4.0 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_x64_Dev.7z 2014-06-15 24.3 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_x64_ReleasePDB.7z 2014-06-15 12.6 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_x64_ReleaseDLL.7z 2014-06-15 4.0 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_x64_Dev.7z 2014-06-15 24.1 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_x64_ReleasePDB.7z 2014-06-15 10.6 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_x64_ReleaseDLL.7z 2014-06-15 4.0 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_x64_Dev.7z 2014-06-15 21.8 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_x64_ReleasePDB.7z 2014-06-15 10.5 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_x64_ReleaseDLL.7z 2014-06-15 4.1 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_x64_Dev.7z 2014-06-15 21.4 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_ReleasePDB.7z 2014-06-15 12.2 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_ReleaseDLL.7z 2014-06-15 3.3 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_ReleasePDB.7z 2014-06-15 12.0 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_ReleaseDLL.7z 2014-06-15 3.3 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_Dev.7z 2014-06-15 22.1 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_ReleasePDB.7z 2014-06-15 10.5 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_ReleaseDLL.7z 2014-06-15 3.4 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_Dev.7z 2014-06-15 20.4 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_ReleasePDB.7z 2014-06-15 8.6 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_ReleaseDLL.7z 2014-06-15 3.2 MB 0
wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_Dev.7z 2014-06-15 20.2 MB 0
Totals: 41 Items   543.1 MB

wxWidgets 3.0.1 Binaries

This directory contains binary files for wxWidgets 3.0.1 release.

  • Microsoft Visual C++ compiler versions 9.0, 10.0, 11.0 and 12.0 corresponding to marketing product names of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013 respectively.
  • MinGW-TDM versions 4.7.1 and 4.8.1 (with the default SJLJ exceptions propagation method).

For Developers

For developing applications with wxWidgets you need to download the compiler-independent wxWidgets-3.0.1_Headers.7z file (found in the parent directory) and one of wxMSW-3.0.1-vcXXX_Dev.7z or wxMSW-3.0.1_gccXXX_Dev.7z files depending on your compiler, its version and the target architecture (x86 if not specified or x64).

Unpack both files into the same directory so that "include" and "lib" directories are at the same level after unpacking. You should be able to compile and link applications using wxWidgets in both debug and release modes but the debug symbols are provided only for debug libraries in this archive, see below for the release build debug symbols.

For End Users

End users may download one of wxMSW-3.0.1_vcXXX_ReleaseDLL.7z or wxMSW-3.0.1_gccXXX_ReleaseDLL.7z files to get just the DLLs required for running the applications using wxWidgets.

For Debugging

  • Microsoft Visual C++ users: Files wxMSW-3.0.1_vcXXX_ReleasePDB.7z contain the debug symbols for the release build of the DLLs. Download them if you want to debug your own applications in release build or if you want to get meaningful information from mini-dumps retrieved from your users machines.
  • MinGW-TDM users: Currently the debug symbols are not available for the release build of the DLLs (only the debug versions of the DLLs contains the debug symbols).


This is our first attempt to provide binaries for a major wxWidgets release and we are very interested in your feedback. Please let us know if these files are useful to you and how could they be made more so and, of course, if you run into any problems with them. Looking forward to hearing from you on wx-users mailing list.

Check Sums

To verify your download please use the following sha1sums:

18ece8798f037c86d3330b2e909a4022a0321100 wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc471TDM_Dev.7z
167bf2bfcc072165318e42a7c84ae58099c2d4a8 wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc471TDM_ReleaseDLL.7z
26dce50acdd349d60088e60d2bad3e283c4ddaa7 wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc471TDM_x64_Dev.7z
04dbd607b0ab17c34c61975270f768b43dd65977 wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc471TDM_x64_ReleaseDLL.7z
bfc8ac6e01e977a93281029d376e9bc998d2ccf2 wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc481TDM_Dev.7z
504e0897553706cb3934745ba89da2d153cfa945 wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc481TDM_ReleaseDLL.7z
f0801e9433e707290cd31f2e9476df0d4279a45d wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc481TDM_x64_Dev.7z
c81090181a0863aca6af91bba602db1f4304f7dd wxMSW-3.0.1_gcc481TDM_x64_ReleaseDLL.7z
0811a37e86311888dc7b2328e9f834e2587816e1 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_Dev.7z
04f0239e0b2f6fcde12235b539c80638d567a168 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_ReleaseDLL.7z
5ae62332d01ddd99874f7dc76085c84f1558f676 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_ReleasePDB.7z
42285a7da0a250fa475d36a579cf7bff56c5d153 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_x64_Dev.7z
74738de7729236027e836bd71e05c5a2c0c8604f wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_x64_ReleaseDLL.7z
38cc78dff12ac1deb0f524cf49fca3f4b9c8f538 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_x64_ReleaseDLL.msi
e737f2542294f4952c398b23c543675610a02deb wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_x64_ReleasePDB.7z
e184bd3f92164bff1f82ea2b1eda152c5df74656 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc90_x86_ReleaseDLL.msi
7060348454cc48284b1d5abeeda6c31b45d85eda wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_Dev.7z
c91fdf9499ffbc49cb5bd7241aac30f42c1f1399 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_ReleaseDLL.7z
74e8a2eb81cca4eb189130206a6d91aa2759f0a9 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_ReleasePDB.7z
4773be9e2b8deb007c06289bc0ac4969d2dec386 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_x64_Dev.7z
76dc2d55698669f5de19bc149675961ab1115886 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_x64_ReleaseDLL.7z
efa6846cd9ad76109c20077d623d602e18a04997 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_x64_ReleaseDLL.msi
77d886d0ef36cd32a4308abb75748ca567dd9251 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_x64_ReleasePDB.7z
cacd6023817935d1c47c3ffc3fd7e1f758c85279 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc100_x86_ReleaseDLL.msi
ea82f65254080a7a5680a0f9283e300a675ea68d wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_Dev.7z
9e2dcd558fc2bd64b90c7f4c76744ea3255b3c60 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_ReleaseDLL.7z
1cff890303e9663f7243fe145d12a8fed60c5495 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_ReleasePDB.7z
3c0c53350310d9fec37dbbd3cd35bdfb81d2a2dc wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_x64_Dev.7z
de7d2f7580d080088e3f64c66d26cba931a6f4e9 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_x64_ReleaseDLL.7z
4d7a49e3d67f6559ac8bfbbbecaba16653eee163 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_x64_ReleaseDLL.msi
3670ac5cf20ea76e93fa6de8a91af5a6fe7a8de5 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_x64_ReleasePDB.7z
2613d7c676ef35b4e08e32c6bf34f13083ac6e5b wxMSW-3.0.1_vc110_x86_ReleaseDLL.msi
7ecd00f81661ef0d3cf19958afe14f3b3dec0618 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_Dev.7z
888c2c1eabfda5d248e14d8b56165468825558d5 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_ReleaseDLL.7z
760567170bf5373da42b239f9774b91920ffec95 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_ReleasePDB.7z
97968a620d203d4f1b4f521b91ea9ec7ad3ca50f wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_x64_Dev.7z
0ba6d750feee3e4e3fbe79414b501aea6766ff60 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_x64_ReleaseDLL.7z
693974bbec1d1b41c020332e17e60527eed76f7f wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_x64_ReleaseDLL.msi
ad095523e1f0a13a354ec1d1512308c5b56d55b8 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_x64_ReleasePDB.7z
5aaee8c78fb03c13dcd05656f7c46f4ec02ab625 wxMSW-3.0.1_vc120_x86_ReleaseDLL.msi


Thanks to Danny Scott and Xavier Perrissoud for providing MSVC and MinGW-TDM binaries, respectively!

Source: README.md, updated 2014-07-15

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