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  • Hi, I've installed this app and I'm failing to get it running. I'm using a mac, if anyone has this app running successfully could you pls help!! thanks!!

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  • This application is awesome, you can enter your symbolic equations, see them nicely formatted and printed and modify and manipulate them. Quick and easy to install, and nice and responsive. If you want to paste an equation into a Word processor, you can right click and copy MathML. So thank you and awesome work you guys! I am not aware of any other free application which does this, except for Sage. Sage is probably more powerful but requires a linux environment or virtual box (fine with that) so it is not as easy to obtain or set up. Sage does not have a graphic user interface by default, although it does have the Notebook web page option. The Notebook is similarly a number of cells, and can show plots and so on. It does have an option to TypeSet the display, which shows the equations as nicely formatted as you see in wxMaxima. But I think wxMaxima is a little more responsive and easier to get out of the box. Also if you recall a file, you can continue working at the bottom, whereas with a Sage notebook, you need to reevaluate everything first every time.

  • Excellent

  • good enough

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  • Thanks a lot.

  • Super software. no issues handling computation of any scale.

  • simple and easy

  • Very nifty and powerful GUI wrapper to the maxima CAS engine, a real winning combination.

  • Good math tool A powerful application for maths. It's like mathematica or derive. One important difference is it's free. I recommend for all kind of maths

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  • Great project, thanks a ton for posting

  • Great project, thanks a ton for posting

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Indispensable packet for a students!

  • Great!, Thanks.

  • Simple. Useful. Light.

  • Wow! Interesting idea, excellent.

  • This is amazing! i can learn so much with this, it has everything and ill never need guitar pro, who ever thought of this is GENIUS

  • interface is intuitive and simple to use!

  • Simply great and free! Thanks

  • Good jub guys.

  • Easy to learn and use interface

  • i use it every day, can't live without it!

  • not the best in-town any more ;)

  • Yes great tool, works great.

  • Future time is coming. All great stuff for pupils, students. Don't want to learn - we can help you with great applications. Interesting learning - is way of knowledge. Thanks.

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