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wxIntelliTable (C) D.Nailon 2011. The premise behind wxIntelliTable was that all of my software nowadays relies on 2 dimensional tables, that require save, load, sort etc. All the functions that a fully fledged database would provide, but without the overhead. I am building this smallish library to plug in to my programs which should take care of my table requirements. Basically, to create a 2 dimensional data structure, we can just "CREATE" a table. Then we just set our data structures "ADD_Column("ID",0,INTEGER);" // SIMPLE Then we can simply "SET((int)record,(int)column,2);" data to it. we can "SORT", "SAVE", "LOAD" our data. If we have built our GUI with a listview, we can magically populate it with "PRINTLISTVIEW(ListViewHandle);" Same with TreeView. All relatively basic stuff, but so repetitive that it warranted it's own library and class. It is also a work in progress, so any features that people add, improve or finish would be greatly appreciated. The Solution has 2 projects. The library and the GUI. The gui is there to test the library and to show how the library is used. Thanks.
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