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===================== Where's Wossname? v0.5b (r164) ===================== 1. INSTALLING AND RUNNING THE GAME To install the game, extract the content of the ZIP file. The game is packed in an executable JAR file and requires Java SE Runtime Environment 7. To run the game execute the JAR file. 2. STARTING A GAME Instructions on starting a game can be viewed in-game by typing "/help". Instructions can also be found on the game's wiki pages: 3. CHANGELOG I. Version v0.1b (r81) - Beta version released. II. Version v0.2b (r91) - Optimised rendering procedure while map is zoomed out. - Added /showFPS [on/off] command. - Rendering thread synchronisation fix for screen shots (F2 key). - Server side and client side net code fixes (mostly DC handling). III. Version v0.3b (r106) - Map maker. Instructions: - Console color scheme changes. - Improved error logging. - Minor performance and stability fixes. IV. Version v0.4b (r119) - Added new map: Earth at night - Added more music. - Music controls have been expanded and moved to their own menu. - It is now possible to play mp3 files from the game's music directory. - Menu GUI performance fixes. - GUI changes for timer and location query widgets. - Sound engine resource access and caching changes. - Minor under-the-hood stability and performance fixes. V. Version v0.5b (r164) - Added new map: Night XL - Added new map: Europe - Added new map: Star map - Game now has sound effects. - At the end of the game, game statistics can now be accessed by pressing F3. - Map loading is now better and prettier. - Added new console command: /consoledump - Entering an empty line no longer broadcasts 'null' to all players. - Zoom-out errors have been fixed. Zoom-out is now correctly limited by screen size. - Chat box now no longer show console activation key. - Minor code changes have been made based on static analysis.
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