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  • This is without doubt best work break assisting software out there. I've tried a lot. To put it in brief. This is transformed my life because I have overcome RSI and neck pain with its help. Thank you!

  • Very cool part of software

  • Thanks a lot! Your programm safe my eyes!

  • This is a perfect piece of software. It contains all features I need, and is flexible and easy to use. Keep doing!

  • Weekend Testing tested this product and the report can be found at weekendtesting dot com/archives/3929

  • Wonderful project

  • Thank you for your work.

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Even with the system set on "no blocking" when the micro break pops up it interferes with what I am working on--for example when working with graphic programs or entering passwords. It is a real nuisance as the pop up always happen at the worst possible times. I absolutely love this program and it has been a life saver for me. So if this annoying problem can be removed it would be great. Switching off the alarms and prompts and working silent is no use. All that needs to happen is that when the micro pop up happens it does not interfere with the keystrokes or what is on the screen. Thank you for a magic product at an awesome price. :-)

  • Just two nuisances: when switching user in windows without logging off, you'll get multiple workraven instances running whereas the first one, running in background produces misleading sounds. Either start the process in the system services (login) desktop or suppress sounds when user switches. Another problem is the countdown for the microbreak. It is kidding. A reminder for the reminder is ridiculous.

  • Great app, use it all the time, hope for the updates!

  • very easy to use

  • Nice application! A lot of different options and functionalities

  • Great tool and getting better!

  • Nice project. This program helps me by forcing my eyes and body to rest based on how much I am using the computer.

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  • Great program, tons of options to set and helping me take a break when I should. P.S. To all the people complaining about it locking your screen and only wanting it to do the rsi 3 minute rest. Have you even bothered to check the preferences? You can change it all there, try doing some exploring of the program before you whine about it. Shesh.


  • It's a great tool. But why the timer dialog can't be hidden in my Ubuntu11.10? And also there no system tray icon.

  • This program makes me realize that my room desperatly needs a clean up ;-) srly, good work.

  • What is the reason for the natural rest break??? To me it is totally unnatural. If I locked my screen I already had my break!! And timers must not be stopped during screen locks to account for the correct time of the break with regard to the break timer settings. Please make the natural rest break and timer stop a user configurable item. I reverted back to 1.9.2

  • I don't like this: "** Workrave now stops all timers when the screen is locked. When the screen in unlocked, a natural restbreak is started." I need stop Micro-pause timer on breaks I don't need "RestBreak" timer on breaks, because I use it for lunch break. I don't need "DialyLimit" timer on breaks, because I need know the time left for I finish the work and I go back to home. I love workrave in 1.9.1 version!

  • I strongly recommend this program.

  • This program is not only great to prevent RSI, but also to help focus on getting tasks done by reminding you that you're procrastinating.

  • A helpful program, grateful for sharing your efforts.

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