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2.4-WOLK-CHANGELOG 2004-09-10 72.9 kB
2.4-WOLK-README 2004-09-10 2.0 kB
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Kernel - patched - WOLK v4.16s - Base: Linux kernel 2.4.20 located at by Marc-Christian Petersen <> -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to darix <> for the project name WOLK. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is this? Why another patchset/patched kernel? Using Linux since years, very tired of there are not really good patchsets available which adds many stuff like this. Saw FOLK Patch/Kernel which is still very very buggy. The WOLK's are stable and development kernels, containing many useful patches from many projects. Use the Server Edition in production, Workstation Edition at your own risk. Goal: Stability, Scalability, Performance and Security. There will always be a new WOLK major release if there is a new final kernel released. Minor releases only if someone/me found critical bugs, or in case of some adds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are missing a patch? Patches will be added by request. You think one or more of the patches are fully useless? Tell me why. You want YOUR Patch / other patches to be included ? Let me know!! If you can, send your merge against wolk. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mailinglists: ------------- Some of the features: --------------------- O(1) Scheduler, RMAP VM, Grsecurity, Crypto, XFS, KDB, Preempt, Systrace, Openswan, Trustees, IPVS, i2c/lmsensors, TuX, EVMS, BadMEM, ftpfs, lufs, HostAP, all known security fixes, all known filesystem fixes, and many more. Addon: Grsecurity v2.0.1 Credits go to all the people who created the patches, working hard on improving the quality. Greetings: ---------- - Matthias Mueller - Kerin Millar - Bob Johnson (WOLK suxx really hardcore eh? :p) Enjoy! Marc-Christian Petersen <> Unix/Linux Administrator Essen, Germany
Source: 2.4-WOLK-README, updated 2004-09-10