NEW! Works with current IE, Firefox, and Chrome browsers. See the 'Loading & Saving' Woas page for details (in Woas file).

Woas is a complete wiki in a single HTML file that works in every major browser, including older versions (even IE6!). It can store and display images and files within itself and is incredibly useful for research and documentation.

This is my version of the WoaS (stickwiki) project. It is starting out as the home of my fixes to the 0.12.0 version that I am calling 0.13.0 (and hope will be published as such in the WoaS project), but may transition over time into a new and possibly incompatible version of the original tool, depending on what happens in the original project.

I have dropped the 'Legacy' subproject; this project performs essentially the same function. After two years of inactivity it appears there may be life in the old project yet, so I am not making any decisions right now beyond using this project for my own, fixed version of WoaS 0.12.0.


  • Self-modifying wiki in a single browser file (HTML)
  • Easily create documentation, teaching materials, research notes, diaries ...
  • Share information with anyone who can use a browser
  • Uses WIKI markup (Creole-like)
  • Full Help system linked to currently displayed page
  • Image embedding by all browsers
  • Supports per page AES256 encryption
  • Customizable via javascript: macros, plugins, and wiki page scripts
  • Separate system, menu, and page macros allows redefinition
  • Plugins can load external Javascript files if desired
  • Customizable look with custom user CSS
  • Manage pages with tags and title namespaces
  • Powerful search system
  • System pages for listing and managing pages, importing and exporting content
  • Able to generate a website of individual pages that looks like the original Woas file
  • A working version of the WoaS project

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User Reviews

  • Thanks so much for the top work energising this project! Woas plays nicely with PaleMoon, FF & Tiddlyfox on Linux Mint xfce 17.2, Win7 & Android 4.4.4 too :) Smaller footprint than TiddlyWiki with all the advantages: Cross Platform, Browser independent, 1 HTML file, dependable & adaptable!

  • Thanks for reviving the original WoaS! It's a great tool for organizing notes and information and I can use it on any of the dozens of machines I work with on a daily basis.

  • Really happy that development is continuing for this. It's a great method for tracking snippets of code and trains of thought on a daily, or whenever, basis. Keep up the good work. Now if I can just figure out a macro within a macro...

  • Finally a working comeback of the beloved principle of a local wiki. Perfect for structured offline notes.

  • A fantastic way to store snippets of information you would otherwise have hanging around in text files or scraps of paper. Very powerful, considering it is "just" an HTML page and a few other files. This is a great update to the original WoaS project. I have been using this since about v0.9 so I was sad to think the project had given up, until I saw the readme file on the original web site today pointing to this new project!

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Developers, End Users/Desktop

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