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  • love it when it just works first time I try it.

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  • Thanks for Wmrx00, it's great!

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  • Nice work ! Great project.

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  • Hi I'm new to this have set up my Oregon WMR200R everything is working fine but when i launch the weather station data logger version without changing any settings on the data logger it displays insufficent data and a message comes up no usb messages recieved for a number of minutes and ask me to press cancel to stop the dialog box continually coming up ,any sugesstions from anyone greatly appreciated.

  • Great project! Thanks for amazing work!

  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

  • Awesome app, thanks for sharing!

  • No templates were included with the package, despite claims in the manual. I made one of my own and I'm trying to upload data via FTP. I have a confirmed FTP address and creds, but WDSL's only response is Build/upload failed. So right now it's not doing much for me.

  • good software

  • Does what it should. Works reliably. Set it up, put it in the startup group and forget about it. Couple of years now. Only beef is about how it handles bad data from my WMR100. It gets -999 deg F and posts it when it's just absent data with a very low number. Would be nice to setup some reasonable thresholds to discount bad data and not upload it to Wunder.

  • great lightweight logger, using it with WMR88

  • A great program is now even better with v4.2. Now WSDL supports a client/server mode where you can have clients running on different computers displaying the weather data. If you are handy with .NET you can even write your own client, which I am off to do next!

  • Excellent program, great support. Does almost everything you need.

  • It has been running perfectly on my pc for 6 months!

  • Great software, was originally using it with a WMR100, but now using it with a WxShield and it works even better!

  • It rocks!

  • I use it with a WMR100, I'v had for almost 2 years. My old computer wasn't compatible with WSDL, I was previously using WeatherDisplay 10.37 Basic, which was a hassle and gave me problems. But I replaced the old computer with a new computer got this up and running in a few minutes. And by the end of the day I had my station reporting to Wunderground. Great job. I love it!

  • Great Program, and SUPER Support to boot, what more could you ask for??

  • This is the best weather station software out there, period!