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********************** * see also the wiki: * More recent Builds comment, see: * https://github.com/winpython/winpython/wiki/How-To-Make-WinPython * * * Building Winpython October 2014 * 2014-10-18b, version 04b * * * 2014-10-18b Changelog (v04b): * - winpython builder is used with a python 3.3+ * (compatibility with python2.7 has not been checked, patches welcomed) * * 2014-10-18 Changelog (v04): * - adding nsis-2.46-strlen_8192.zip patch * (to preserve existing %PATH% bigger than 1024 character) * * - use rather an existing Winpython 64 bit version to build a new one * * - how to do a flavor ********************** This directory will help You doing your own Winpython distribution in about 1.5 hour. (multiply by 4, if you're taking the slow path) The procedure : - rewrite or complements the one created by Pierre Raybaut at : https://sourceforge.net/p/winpython/wiki/How%20To%20Make%20WinPython - gives you two optional big shortcuts over me : . not dowloading yourself a set of packages, one by one, . not downloading yourself the 4 additional tools. ******************* Step0 (optionnal) : Install a md5/sh1 checker ******************* (duration ~ 10') for example the one from microsoft : "fciv.exe" : . go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/841290 . drill down to the Installation part and click on 'download the File Checksum Integrity Verifier Utility package now') . double-click on the Windows-KB841290-x86-ENU.exe, . you have now a fciv.exe utility to compute sha1 and md5 of files, . also remember you have some online sites to check small files : . https://www.virustotal.com/fr/ . http://virusscan.jotti.org/fr MD5 SHA-1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 58dc4df814685a165f58037499c89e76 99fb35d97a5ee0df703f0cdd02f2d787d6741f65 windows-kb841290-x86-enu.exe . see its Readme . I then use it with a small fciv_launcher.bat (by dropping the file to check over the fciv_launcher.bat) : rem this is fciv_launcher.bat "%~dp0fciv.exe" %1 -both>%1.hash.txt notepad.exe %1.hash.txt ******************* Step1 (mandatory) : Install the complementary external tools for building Winpython ******************* (duration ~ 20') optionnal : * check these with https://www.virustotal.com , and http://virusscan.jotti.org when in doubts) * in mandatory_external_tools directory mandatory : - the python building module "https://github.com/winpython/winpython", - 7zip (to install or to re-take from official site) - nsis (2.46) + 1 external module + the "8192 characters in PATH" patch ==> they are provided at https://sourceforge.net/projects/stonebig.u/files/Do_It_Yourself/mandatory_to_install_tools ==> or you can download them from their origin, as described below. - download (or use the one provided) and install 7zip : 7z922.exe is the one I use (from http://sourceforge.net/projects/sevenzip/files/7-Zip/9.22/7z922.exe/download) - download (or use the one provided) and install Nullsoft Installer (nsis) : nsis-2.46-setup.exe is the one I use (from http://freefr.dl.sourceforge.net/project/nsis/NSIS%202/2.46/nsis-2.46-setup.exe) - download (or use the one provided) and install textReplace plugin for nsis : (from http://nsis.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/images/e/eb/Textreplace.zip) 2014-10-18 complement (now that I know why) - download (or use the one provided) and unzip "strlen8192" patch for nsis : (http://freefr.dl.sourceforge.net/project/nsis/NSIS%202/2.46/nsis-2.46-strlen_8192.zip then, I personnaly manually one by one each patched 7 files in the default nsis C:\Program Files (x86)\NSIS\makensis.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\NSIS\Stubs\bzip2 bzip2_solid lzma_solid lzma zlib_solid zlib MD5 SHA-1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5e02441c7f3fa4da4f4928a2d42a07c3 1a0f9ec81b39da809cdc9495166a2a1c9a79719c nsis-2.46-setup.exe 2347d68b9579525f6fbcbdb4d93c596f 8ecc9deb4f233c6622f90ed30afacd890ec56ad0 textreplace.zip 441274c321383936860e845bd1eb4340 03c86e42464c6da82e0340acf807c88e3d1e40e0 7z922.exe 604c0c2c7902c5b6a1f89ab0b1f7a87c 1534fe63749009472c82f6bf960a7da7201dda06 nsis-2.46-strlen_8192.zip ******************* Step2 (optionnal) : install a winpython (or a standard python) on your PC ******************* (duration ~ 15') - getting a (for example) winpython3.3.5.0 (or using one you have) - warning : take a 64 bit winpython if you plan to create a 64 build with it - download WinPython-64bit- from sourceforge.net - check its hash : MD5 SHA-1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- fb6c256442079099e0fec5b37c49ca64 224e5f754c3e49c20458b4c560034d9c331ee190 winpython-64bit- ccc8af61ae894a8fa052c49c8ecf2ad1 df5280fb911ca7d1ad09bcb089a98693b14e566e winpython-32bit- - alternative (not tried, happy experimenters may try) : .just install (pip install) "guidata" over a standard Python. - let suppose you placed it in D:\WinPython-64bit- (or 'PC_WinPython_location') ******************* Step3 (mandatory) : ******************* (duration ~ 10' if you get what is proposed here, 4 hours if your download yourself) Prepare the 'root' directory hierarchy to build your distribution - a root directory per major release is nice (or copy the old one elsewhere) : . D:\winpython , for this example - the a sub-directory according to your Python targets : . winpython\basedir27 (if you want to build for python 2.7) . winpython\basedir33 (if you want to build for python 3.3) . winpython\basedir34 (if you want to build for python 3.4) - each basedir** subdirectory must contain the following subdirectories, for example . basedir34\packages.src . basedir34\packages.win32 (if you want to build for python 3.4 - 32bit) . basedir34\packages.win-amd64 (if you want to build for python 3.4 - 64bit) . build (initially empty, will contain the Winpython build you're creating before it's made into an installer) . tools . tools.win32 (if you want to build for python 3.4 - 32bit) . tools.win-amd64 (if you want to build for python 3.4 - 64bit) ==> the typical contain of these directories is provided as .zip, as it was for winpython (after) ".1" ==> unzip them "here", so you create the directory at the right level : basedir34\packages.win32\python-3.4.1.msi , .. ==> slow path (or when you will bluid your own), download them yourself from : https://pypi.python.org/pypi http://www.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/ or other places ******************* Step5 (optional) : feeding tools, tools.win32, tools.win-amd64 yourself ******************* (duration = 0' if you take them from your usual winpython, ~ 1 hour if you download yourself) - in basedir34\tools, put tools ok for 32 bit and 64 bit installations : I just copy the "TortoiseHg" from my given Winpython (or take the one provided) - in basedir34\tools.win32, put tools ok for 32 bit installations : if you want MinGW32 in our portable distribution : . go to https://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw/ . download mingw-get-setup.exe MD5 SHA-1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 92d905bdfe13c798a2cda2bbacdad932 66f1355f16ac1e328243e877880eb6e45e8b30e2 mingw-get-setup.exe . open it, . install mingw-developer-tool, . mingw32-base . mingw32-gcc-fortran, . mingw32-gcc-g++, . copy the result C:\MinGW\mingw32 in d:\winpython\basedir34\tools.win32\mingw32 - in basedir34\tools.win-amd64 : . go to https://github.com/numpy/numpy/wiki/Mingw-static-toolchain . download mingw64static-2014-07.7z and unzip it there MD5 SHA-1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3879839c7f1e89962fb8ee1da66e5f67 a15b1b74381423d436b6f95bf25b00601756ddfd mingw64static-2014-07ter.7z ******************* Step4 (mandatory) : the building moment ****************** (duration ~ 30') - unzip "winpython" source code (taken from github) to (for example) d:\winpython-builder (for example from https://github.com/winpython/winpython/releases/tag/1.0.20141018) (so that, for example, you have the make file in D:\winpython-builder\make.py) - open your standard python (or winpython installation) - open with it your D:\winpython-builder\make.py : . uncomment in the final 12 lines the build you want to make, (#) comment the others . check and remove previous build-created build\winpython** sub-directories (there should be none, until first build attempt) . run make.py, . wait (about 30') . result : . Winpython_installer will appear as basedir34\WinPython-32bit- . a directory basedir34\build\WinPython-32bit- is created (to remove before re-launching a build) - when it works, start removing, upgrading, adding some packages, and do your own custom Winpython. ******************* Step5 (flavors) : doing a special Winpython version with more packages ****************** Let suppose you want to do a MTSW (Minning-the-social-web) edition in python 3.4 - create a sub-directory basedir34\Flavor_MTSW - add sub-directories to receive your complements : Flavor_MTSW\packages.src Flavor_MTSW\packages.win-amd64 Flavor_MTSW\tools - change the make.py last line by make_all(1, '', pyver='3.4', rootdir=r'D:\Winpython', verbose=False, archis=(64, ), flavor='Flavor_MTSW')
Source: Do_It_Yourself_Readme_v06.txt, updated 2015-03-01

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