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  • Longtime WinMerge user. Just grabbed the 2.15 Alpha and it looks great.

  • excellent utility! Make easy a very complicate job. All in all WinMerge dramatically improves day to day PC administration.

  • Grrrrreat! That's just what I've been looking for for years!

  • Very nice program! It's helpful.

  • A very helpfull app for comparing my sourcecodes.

  • Very good program !

  • Best FREE diff/merge program on any platform.

  • Excellent and easy to use utility

  • Extremely useful tool, when you need something like this. I'd hate to see development falter due to lack of interest. I use this tool often, and keep coming back to it, as the only way to deal with thousands of files to compare/merge.

  • Winmerge Tool is very excellent and power full tool

  • This works great and is a nice alternative to the diff utilities included with various Source Control packages.

  • Hi, have you got any email to report you translation typos of your main site page, because this site accepts only bugs caused at the very program with configuration?

  • So much awesomeness right here. Saved me from a huge headache. Thanks!

  • Works very well to compare complete directories as I needed in Windows 7 - no adware/candy detected at all in this download - thanks!!!

  • Great comparison tool.

  • Great app. It's a thing in the free software market.

  • A good file comparator...I wish I'd known this product long time ago, which would have saved me a lot to time.. anyways, thanks, thanks, a lot of thanks

  • Very helpful. Really saved my day comparing 100s of Gb of images (one local folder and one Google Drove folder) to find images that somehow seems to be corrupted by Google Drive.

  • Waiting for improvements and more updates!

  • Superb!

  • Such a nice program, with great features. (Especially the contextmenu i like) I wish i had known this program much earlier... would have saved me alot of time !! Thumbs up.

  • Very fast and easy to use as standalone or as editor's plugin.

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  • Very nice to merge configuration and script files. If add a new feature to aplication a need to merge some text file it's a nice aplication.

  • Wow.. Awesome ! Thanks for the developers. :)

  • Nice Util!

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