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  • برنامج ممتاز

  • I use wine regularly. Recently found that I cannot unpack exe file protected with Enigma Protector.

  • Oh Wine, i love you. You bridge the gap between platforms so nicely and you have helped kick-start other projects. Most of all, you're so easy to use and kept on going strong all these years. Thank you everyone who has supported this project. Seriously, pat yourself on the back right now.

  • Thanks for this post. It's a good post and helpful. Visit my site

  • I was waiting for a long time for such kind of application. Thanks to the developer.

  • So easy, so simple, so efective! Thank you so much.

  • My Uncle Julian just got an awesome black Mazda CX-7 SUV by work part-time using a lap-top... find out this here..........

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  • WINE is a great example of what a couple of open source developers can achieve. This software enables many Windows software and games to run on Linux which is otherwise non existent.

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  • It's a great project! But msvbvm60.dll is not implemented.

  • Compiling 1.7.31 - Work in progress on Kubuntu 14.10 - Wine is like the old wine, it gets better and better over the years! :) Thanks for your job

  • I have successfully been using wine since 2013, after several years of unsuccess via Fedora Linux. I have been able to run MP3 software MusicMatch (circa 2000), and QImage (2013/14), and the IBM World Book Encyclopedia (2000). I want to run other Windows software, but even using Q4Wine it is very difficult to setup and go. I get "missing libs" errors. I want to run Caillou CD-ROM game I bought in 2004-ish. Won't run before but I'll give it another try. Still has a long way to go.

  • Really good!! Wine works fine!

  • As time goes on, this software suite keeps getting better, and its usefulness cannot be overstated. In 10 years time, this project will be just as important as it is today, and will probably become the only way to run what will then be "old" software, when writing for Windows was the norm. I've been an avid user since the nineties, and I can honestly say I've been able to run Windows programs on Linux that I would otherwise have to had run on (native) Windows. The source code is not bad, either. Wine hackers: Keep up the good work, and thank you so much for working on this project!

  • Wine is the best! Thanks.

  • Thanks for Wine, it's excellent!

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  • Great stuff.

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  • Good emulator for applications that only run in windows.

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  • I loved it. Great works and no problems.

  • Nice and easy to use.

  • Great with ReactOS :)

  • I really love Wine ! It's useful under Linux systems such as Ubuntu, etc... Many of my Windows programs can be run thanks to it, thank you developers ! ;-)

  • The system Wine allows you to run windows software on operating systems - Linux, Unix and other unix like systems...

  • Fantastic project, thanks a lot for posting

  • Because of this, I can enjoy video games via Unbuntu

  • When do I NOT use wine. Fills the gap between windows app and my Linux desktop.

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