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  • Best compared to any other in the market

  • ((Great App)) But unfortunately don't work good on windows 8

  • Nice :-)

  • Great tool. Very simple and lightweight, unlike most bloated alternatives.

  • Projects on SourceForge don't get reviewed as much as they should. I mean, take a look at the weekly downloads, then how many people have taken a few seconds to say whether they like it, it works, etc. I have been using this since 0.90, and back then the # of columns in the ini file didn't work (you had 4 columns, no matter what), but in this latest, they do! It is rock solid, and doesn't require Admin rights. Sometimes the best apps deserving your feedback are the simplest ones that we use every day and can't wonder how we did without! Support your sw authors, peeps!

  • Great little utility. Thank you!

  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

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  • Great! thx!!

  • Good and useful software

  • Pretty nice and useful!! Why not 1)hide icons on selected desktop and 2)an option to open all/selected apps to certain desktop Cheers

  • good job windowspager

  • Excellent project. After a few tweaks to the hot keys I'm feeling a bit better after losing my linux laptop at the new job. Keep up the good work.

  • Working great for me. I use a taskbar on the right side, so I had to go into the .ini file to swap the number of vertical and horizontal desktops. The original default 4 horizontal yielded a thin strip on my side bar, 4 vertical did the trick and look fine.

  • Love it!!. Easy and intuitive to use. light weight, love the fact that I don't have to "install" anything. DEFINITELY a productivity booster for anyone who must have several windows open at a time as you can organize them into groups on different desktops.

  • Simply the best...

  • One of the best desktop tools I've ever used. Productivity +++

  • Works well on 64 bit Windows 7 - thanks

  • Great tool to improve Windows. Thanks

  • Really great work, thanks so much!

  • very good project

  • Simply fantastic! Free, open source, easy to use, and does exactly what it should. I can tell it's very well optimized, and doesn't miss any situation of window usage. Congratulations! I only have one request, please. Could you add settings to the ini file to allow customizing the color and size of each desktop slot / row on taskbar? It fills the taskbar a lot by default, and such would be very helpful.

  • Whoa! This almost makes Windows usable :o

  • Very nice, It's the best, period. You need a nice icon to show it off. Cheers

  • Awesome utility. Works great in Windows 7. Better than Dexpot for me as I just needed a fast & efficient virtual desktop software. Only thing I would improve - When shutting down using start menu, windows 7 needs to forcefully close this application. Workaround is already implemented, one needs to choose Shutdown from the WindowsPager right-click menu.

  • Wanted this for a long time!

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