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  • very useful program. ty

  • This product works great with Windows 7. I used the portable version without issue. There is one caveat, you must have administrative privileges for the software to work.

  • precise and compact

  • Be VERY careful. While WinCDEmu worked flawlessly on my old laptop running Windows 7, its driver BRICKED my new laptop running Windows 8.1 (BSOD after which the discrete GPU stopped working). Thankfully, reflashing the BIOS helped unbricking the computer, but yeah, it was walking on thin ice.

  • Works effortlessly right away. Perfect. Small, easy, useful.

  • Registered just to write this: Awesome! Its light-weight, works out of the box and does not require to browse around within different software to find an image, set configurations, select drives, download plugins... no, its working simply logically and easy.

  • Thanks for Wincdemu, it's perfect!

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  • great and with protable version, works smoothly

  • In contrast to Nomadhar I must say I think WinCDEmu is great. It replaced what I used before and most so called free mount tools for windows bug you with tool-bars nonsense and more. This on is clean and mounts a image with a single click, that's all you need.

  • Always worked effortlessly for me. Emulates various drive types, in case that matters for your ISO.

  • More easy can't be...thank you.

  • Works for me. Reliable, small and easy to use. (Win7 64bit)

  • deseo bajar wincdemu gratis

  • easy to use, very small but powerful tool. open source at its best!

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  • Nice and Easy to use. Thanks

  • Awful, "blue death screen" when try unmount.

  • not the best in its class, but its free and by far the easiest to use.

  • Awesomeness. Install software on your computers by using virtual DVD or CD drives from your installation ISOs. Same result as Daeamon tools, but better in my mind. Thanks

  • Very cool program

  • works with Windows XP 2003 64bit edition !

  • Works much better than Daemon Tools Lite for me. Only little nagging thing is that it closes explorer if I unmount the drive I'm currently browsing, instead of jumping "up" to Computer (Win 7).

  • fantastic job!

  • Great simple utility I tried using Alcohol, however, this software has all the features I use, and is much easier for users who just want basic ISO functions I mainly use this to Mount virtual drives - A job it does with a a single click.

  • Great program, makes mounting iso's as easy as possible (just double click) unmount by right mouse button on cd drive and unmount unfortunately this behaviour will go obsolete (included in Windows 8)

  • I like this application, also its icon

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