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This is Subversion for Win32, version 1.6.19. Read the CHANGES file to see what changed in this release: These binaries were built with: APR 1.4.5 APR-util 1.4.1 APR-ICONV 1.2.1 Neon 0.29.6 Berkeley DB 4.4.20 OpenSSL 0.9.8x ZLib 1.2.7 Apache 2.2.22 Python 2.6.6 Perl 5.14.2 (ActivePerl) libintl 0.14.1 (patched) Ruby 1.8.6 Cyrus SASL 2.1.23 serf 0.3.1 sqlite SWIG 1.3.24 (newer versions doesn't work with VC++6) The BDB binaries are at The patched libintl is at Please read the Subversion INSTALL file for more information: Note for Python 2.5+ users: Since Python 2.5+ will no longer load modules with .dll extensions, you will need to rename the libsvn/*.dll files to .pyd manually. Package contents: svn-win32-1.6.17/ README.txt -- This file bin/ -- All Subversion binaries and supporting DLLs, *.exe including APR DLLs *.dll *.pdb mod_* -- Apache modules mod_*_svn.pdb doc/ -- Doxygen documentation *.html *.css *.png iconv/ -- All apr-iconv loadable modules *.so *.pdb include/ -- Include files (for development) *.h apr/ *.h apr-util/ *.h apr-iconv/ *.h javahl/ -- Java HighLevel wrapper library *.jar *.dll *.pdb lib/ -- Library files (for development) libsvn*.lib apr/ *.lib *.pdb apr-util/ *.lib *.pdb apr-iconv/ *.lib *.pdb neon/ *.lib *.pdb serf/ *.lib *.pdb sasl/ *.lib *.pdb licenses/ -- Various license files perl/ -- Perl language bindings site/lib/SVN/ *.pm site/lib/auto/SVN/ *.dll *.pdb python/ -- Python language bindings libsvn/ *.py *.dll *.pdb svn/ *.py ruby/ -- Ruby language bindings share/ locale/ -- Message translations For a nice description of setting up Subversion on a server on Windows, see the developer edition of the TortoiseSVN Manual, Chapter 3, Setting Up A Server: For an Apache server here's the essentials: 1. Copy bin/ and bin/ to the Apache modules directory. 2. Add the Subversion/bin directory to the SYSTEM PATH and reboot so all the Subversion support dll's are visible to the Apache service. 3. Edit the Apache configuration file (httpd.conf) and make the following changes: 3a. Uncomment the following two lines: #LoadModule dav_fs_module modules/ #LoadModule dav_module modules/ 3b. Add the following two lines to the end of the LoadModule section: LoadModule dav_svn_module modules/ LoadModule authz_svn_module modules/ 3c. Add the following to end of the file. Note: This Location directive is a minimal example with no authentication directives. For other options, especially authentication options, see the Subversion INSTALL file, the Subversion Book, or the TortoiseSVN Manual. <Location /svn> DAV svn SVNPath your/repository/path </Location>
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