WhiteStarUML is a fork of StarUML 5.0 providing a number of bug fixes and improving compatibility with modern operating systems.


  • Refreshed user interface
  • Fully functional handling of UNICODE strings
  • Diagrams may be enhanced with antialiased drawing and images
  • Java reverse engineering updated to version 1.5 (thanks to Frank Hernandez)
  • ERD Profile is directly integrated and extended to generate and parse SQL tables
  • Improved support for large projects - units may be loaded and unloaded on demand
  • 64-bit build is available (some plugins were not ported)
  • Developed and tested on Windows 7, 8 and 10

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User Reviews

  • Very useful for design diagrams and generate code.

  • I like this UML tools. The diagrams are beautiful and easy to use and read. The most important thing is there be only one uml file when you saved. The size of uml file is not too large. It is very easy to handle.

  • When will you fix Sequence diagram - object name bug? When I try to enter the new name of object in sequence diagram, the program halt if I write object name with undefined class name. It occurred every time. and it is very~~very critical for me. Please fix it ASAP!! (I use version)

  • Not as stable nor as fast as its predecessor, StarUML. I've had WhiteStarUML crash on me several times while drawing some basic sequence diagrams. Startup time and UI responsiveness is also visibly worse compared to StarUML. Unless you need some new reverse engineering or code support from WhiteStarUML, I highly recommend going back to StarUML (or some other UML tool). PS: I meant StarUML 1.0, not the revived StarUML 2

  • After trying out a couple of UML drawing apps, this is the one I settle with and recommend to people. I also used the C++ code generation feature which I felt was pretty neat too. Great work!

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Additional Project Details

Intended Audience

Developers, Architects

User Interface

Win32 (MS Windows)

Programming Language

C#, Delphi/Kylix