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# ##### README for Wheels, a vehicle check-out system ##### Designers and programmers: Anne Anderson ( and John Rodkey ( Purpose: This web application allows check-in and check-out of a fleet of vehicles. It was developed for use at Westmont College. Requirements: a php-enabled Web server, a mysql server with capability of adding a database. We use apache2.2, php5.3.2, mysql 5.0.67 on a SLES linux box, but other combos should work as well. Installation: Create a directory to use as project root. e.g. /srv/www/vhosts/wheelsdemo ($ROOT) Download the wheels source code from github or Set up a DNS name to point to the wheels demo. Configure apache receive the DNS name, typically by creating wheelsdemo.conf in /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/ . Edit /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/wheelsdemo.conf, using $ROOT/wheelsdemo.conf.dist as a template. Replace the example staff user IDs with the user IDs of those people on your staff as needed. Change the references to the SSL certificate to point to your certificate. Run the command "mysqladmin -uyourusermysqladminuser -p create wheelsdemo" Run the command "mysql -uyourmysqladminuser -p wheelsdemo <$ROOT/db/wheelsdemo.sql" Copy $ROOT/lib/config.php.dist to config.php and edit to reflect your site's settings. Optional: set up Google Calendar feed token in $ROOT/html/work/assign_vehicle.php Optional: set up LDAP authentication by uncommenting relevant code in $ROOT/html/index.php and $ROOT/html/prep/index.php Optional: upload user pictures to $ROOT/html/pic/driverid.jpg Optional: upload vehicle pictures to $ROOT/html/pic/licensenumber.jpg Test the system by going to
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