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  • So, on my Logitech© QuickCam© Pro for Notebooks, it doesn't work. It would help if you add support for that 😃.

  • Thanks for this application as my usb Labtec Webcam Pro works albeit partially (plugged in directly & in a usb hub). I'm running OS 10.12 Sierra on my mac mini. Although the microphone works (so siri also works), I'm unable to get any picture/ video. I just get a black window within the maccam app. I've followed the instructions after checking that my device is compatible as per your list. Are you able to assist? Thank you.

  • I just installed a MS Webcam Vx-3000 which is reportedly supported. I am running 10.11.6. I was able to capture some still shots using the Macam app but could not get anything else to work including skype despite installing the component in the quicktime library folder.

  • It just hasn't been updated in such a long time that it is broken

  • Havin issues with ps3 cam (SLEH-00448) on opencv.

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  • Great Software, Thanks. Now I can recycle all those webcams as part of my CCTV system. I was successful using both Quickier.App (Apple Mac App Store) and Hue WebCam Monitor (Softpedia dot com). Prefer the installed on MacBook Pro and Mac Mini running Mavericks. Now, if I can watch the video feed over Wifi on my iPhone or iPad, I'll be golden. Any Ideas?

  • Thanks for Webcam-osx, it's perfect!

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  • Thanks for software and updates.

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  • Latest build from 2009? Thus sadly not working under Mountain Lion. As others said, Macam displays one still image from the camera when hitting Play, and crashes when trying to record video.

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  • THIS CAN WORK FOLKS…. READ THIS FURTHER FOR HOW…. Usually works for me with Mountain Lion 10.8.3 on Mac Mini (2.3 GHz Intel Core i5)….. Using a Creative Labs Webcam Vista... Product ID: 0x405f Vendor ID: 0x041e (Creative Labs) amongst others…. The secret here is not to bother usinge the horribly unstable and non-working to do anything! . . . Just install these drivers (specifically the Macam.component) and then go straight to using your cam with Quicktime 7.x…. (Don't forget to set it to your camera in Quicktime 7 preferences first.) Process that works: Install all Macam v0.9.2 software as normal. Launch Macam only once to initialize the component drivers and then quit it and never use it again. Restart your computer. Then use Quicktime 7.x ONLY to use your webcam live. will only take a snapshot and does not any longer support live video under the current OS. Macam when launched will also seize access to the camera so Quicktime can not use it after Macam is launched, so don't launch it. Just use QuickTime to leverage the drivers that Macam installed which still work!!! The problem with this is you can not adjust the camera feed for color saturation, brightness, etc…

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  • Apple is pushing all Mac OS users onto OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and Macam is simply not keeping up. Can you PLEASE upgrade this software, four years is a VERY long time in Software Development and there is no viable alternative for Mac users!!

  • Not working with MacOSX Mountain Lion, sadly. This is the only alternative.

  • No updates for far too long, does not work Mountain Lion PS3 patch not pulled

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  • No updates for a (way too) long time, resulting in an incompatibility of macam and Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.x). Sadly there is no alternative out there.

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  • Freeze frame when trying to view in Macam still, and not compatible with FaceTime ,Photo Booth etc...update required.

  • Not working under Mountain Lion. The program displays one still image from the camera when I hit Play, and crashes if I attempt to record a video. MBP 2012 Retina Creative VF0350 Also, it also seems the program is designed not to function as a driver, but as a stand-alone capture program, meaning I can't use it with Facetime or any other apps.

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  • at last! Now surely it will work :))) Thank you!

  • works with Tesco Technika W109 web cam, 10.6.8 -- cameras currently £7.97 in store

  • "Uniden Surveillance System" works in "USB PC Camera Mode" on Windows XP but not Mac. This is a nifty system, low cost sold by Sams Club etc, but its needs a Mac Os (Leapard, ... Lion) solution. Any ideas? I hate having to run windows in emulation on my Mac just to be able to connect this system.

  • Hey, well it didn't work with my SPC 700NC :(

  • Works with my Philips PCVC830K/00

  • very good project

  • Not Working for my Gateway T-6842 Chicony VIN 0x04f2 PID 0x04f2 running 10.6.5. . . Macam doesn't recognize camera. . .

  • It let me use a chineese microscope digital camera that came with a PC software. Good to take pictures but video is few frames per second.

  • Bresser BioLux AL MicrOcular I and Philips SPC900NC/00 with OSX 10.6.4 and macam 0.9.2 all work great !!! MicrOcular I with macam produces 640x480 ( status: Connected to Common PixArt PAC207 based webcam (0x2468) ) Philips with macam produces 640x480 (status: Connected to Philips SPC 900NC ) Thank you very much !

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