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  • The best I've used webmin for so many years. I love it and I donate and subscribed to their hard work and amazing job!

  • Super Support! Und das in der Freizeit. Die Leute sind echt spitze :-)

  • For years I have been using this tool as the only GUI to manage all our production servers.

  • Webmin is the best web admin tool for unix-like OS. There so much feature you can pretty much do everything you want with it, and in fact some time i feel there is too much of information on the screen which get difficult to read, and/or find the settings you are looking for. Number of time I have this question, where did I saw this settings?

  • As a Perl hacker from way back, I was so pleased recently to discover how fully realized Webmin had become, after a period of about 10 years (give or take), where I had taken a look every couple of years, but opted to wait a bit longer, mostly because I didn't have enough time wade into it then. This is what I would call a "bare-metal management app", which strikes the perfect balance between encapsulating complex system knowledge & solutions, while leaving the internals accessible and in plain view, in case a custom intervention of some kind is needed.

  • Owned and supported by a large and friendly community

  • The number 1 Tool even for SOHO admins and home users. Thank you very much! ;-) If you have a basic understanding of Linux/Ubuntu this software makes your live so much easier! Highly recommended!

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  • The number 1 Tool even for professionals. Thank you very much!

  • I used this as learning tool as I went from Windows to Linux, it definitely help and served as an exercise to get better acquainted with Linux. Now I have it installed on multiple machines and distros. Makes administration much more convenient!

  • Been using this tool for years and it's very handy to have to quickly configure and troubleshoot issues. For those who think it's hard to install. Actually it's very easy. Just download the latest version and copy it to the home folder on the server. Then run dpkg -i webmin_<version>.deb You will get some warning about dependencies. This is easily fixed by running sudo apt-get install -f It'll take care of that part for you. Done. Lots of new features added including two-factor authentication which I think is awesome!

  • Great for managing multiple web site domains on a single server with virtualmin and keeps me from having to install phpmyadmin

  • Great project for sysadmining, especially when dealing with middle-level skilled staff

  • Me ha sido muy útil. Creo que es indispensable para hacer cómoda la administración de un servidor.

  • Webmin the super fast way to administer your servers. Yes I could use the command line but just having everything there and presented in an easy readable form cuts down my cli time drastically. I am going to write a couple of articles about securing webmin as its taken some unfair criticism in the past. If you leave your house unlocked then expect unwanted visitors. I use a few web based modules but generally find webmin has pretty much all covered in a single interface. I only allow access via ip ranges on the local lan which also includes a vpn. I have absolutely no problems with webmin and as I say feel the criticism is unfair.

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  • I think it was actually in the previous millenium when I started using webmin. I know how to do things from the command line but most of those things are easier to do with webmin. It doesn't use much disk space so I install it on some machines just in case I might need it but don't have it automatically start at bootup. In that case I just start it from the command line and shut it down when finished. One of the best things about webmin is that I've never had problems upgrading it to the latest version. I've logged into webmin on systems that had been powered off for a few years and upgraded webmin with just a few mouse clicks. Finally, I must say that the developer is a really nice guy. A few times I contacted him about things that were actually minor issues and they always got taken care of in the next version.

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  • Excellent tool to make things much easier.

  • Started using Webmin before recently testing cPanel. Price wise oops not even a category ding next loving it. One of the best things is DNSSEC if this looks daunting Webmin makes it easy. Having only learnt Bind just prior thank you SilentRage for getting things on track. And toughness this thing is milspec you could run a tank over it. The only time I could make it crash was due to my own errata. Definitely worth the thousands of hours put into it by all who use it.

  • Webmin is really useful for setting up multiple website/domains and easily manage your server. A must have tool for all linux servers.

  • We have been using webmin for Y-E-A-R-S (about a decade) always worked good. never been hacked. would not have it any other way. of course, WE USE LINUX!

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  • Thank you for your work! This is great software, very helpful, Fast and Easy!

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  • I have been using something else but it doesn't work very well anymore. Webmin and everything works great. Thanks a bunch.

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  • Thanks for Webadmin, it's great!

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  • Great software, thank you.

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  • Webadmin works good.

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  • Nice, thank you

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