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Hello ! Thank you for your interest in WeAre-APOD. This is a small program I developed since APOD has so many nice images every day and I couldn't find an available program to use (except a small and very nice utility for PocketPC) Therefore, I developed my own - in less than one day - so please spare me of any criticism regarding lack of documentation or trivial use of programming. This can be aignificantly improved and that's why I opted to disseminate this tool and share with a potential community of users who, recognizing current flaws, see interest in improving the program in an open and collabrative way. This tool is therefore published as GNU GPLv3. I will never close the source-code of this tool nor I intend to use it for commercial reasons. As all open-source projects, collaboration is welcome and needed. Here is what it currently does: - Get APOD JPEG image of a selected day - Get all APOD JPEG images of a given month before the selected day - All downloaded files are named as follows: <year><month><day>.jpg Note that only JPEG images are downloaded. This could be (easily) improved in the future. Here are some ideas of what could be added: - Peform downloads using threads, so that main window is not blocked. While is downloading images: - show downloaded image in window - show progress (e.g., currently donwloading ... OR downloading image from day 01-08-2009) - Allow user to change download directory - moreover, add mechanisms to create directory (if doesn't exist) - Allow to add multiple image types (e.g., GIF and PNG) - Develop image gallery: a tool to see all stored images (with date filters, etc) - even could launch a slide show - Make installer - Add documentation And very important: - Make a port to operate in LINUX. Either JAVA or QT could be an alternative to .NET. About WeAre Company: WeAre Company is a project I'm lauching on a personnel basis. I'm not sure what results will arise. However, it is my intension to make it grow in an open and collaborative way, if possible involving a community of users which see interest and motivation in it. World is global and interconnected - solutions and efforts must also seek these characteristics. Collaboration by means of open-source and platform will enable that. Spread the word. The world is more and more flat ! Website: Contacts:
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