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wCMF is a PHP framework for building web based applications.
it allows to work with any data structure (i.e. even existing data
from other applications) and storage (e.g. MySQL, XML).

The main features of wCMF are:

. persistence layer with adapters to RDBMs (PDO) and XML files
. presentation layer based on template mechanism (Smarty)
. client side presentation layer in web 2.0 style (extjs)
. configuration of the application flow through config files
. locking mechanism for concurrent usage
. comfortable search using object query templates and Lucene
. role based rights management (for actions, types, instances)
. administration tool to manage users, roles and rights
. i18n support
. flexible logging (log4php)
. default application template
. SOAP interface supporting CRUD operations on all objects
. JSON interface for web 2.0 separation between the backend and the front end
. support for distributing data over different databases/servers
. code generator for model driven development
. auto deployment of application and framework

Version 3.5 of the framework includes the following changes:

. added phpUnit tests
. integrated Lucene search engine
. implemented support for custom database scripts for installation and upgrade
. added inherent localization support for all content
. added Dionysos adapter to default application
. replaced ADOdb with PDO + more performance improvements
. added universal model id concept (allows to reference objects from remote systems)
+ many bug fixes

Version 3.6 is mainly a maintenance release including the following changes:

. adapted all code to current php & browser versions
. updated external libraries
. added new input types (color picker, embed media)
. integrated a new media browser (elFinder)
+ lots of bug fixes & performance improvements

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