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  • I absolutely assume this program the best program I ever used! => have a look at this webiste for Free Gift Cards :

  • I honeslty assume this program one of the best software I at all times tried! => consider having a look at this webiste for Free Goods :

  • i've been playing it like forever !

  • Interesting; can be real good with improved graphics

  • This game always pleases me. Thank you for keeping it alive.

  • Great Game!

  • Замечательная игра! Спасибо. Но, есть трудности с отображением перевода. В частности на русский язык. Пожалуйста переведите на русский язык текст в субтитрах. К сожалению, в видеороликах - диктор говорит намного больше текста чем присутствует в субтитрах, да к тому же перевод местами с ошибками, неправильными окончаниями слов. Прошу у вас помощи в связи с этим вопросом. Намного приятнее и понятнее было бы играть если бы был перевод. Будьте добры скажите куда обратиться с подобным вопросом? Готов помочь с переводом. Единственное что я не могу сделать это вставить текст и заставить игру работать с отредактированным текстом. Будьте добры, напишите мне, с уважением Станислав. Great game! Thank you. But, there are difficulties with the transfer of the display. In particular in the Russian language. Please translate the text into Russian subtitles. Unfortunately, the videos - the announcer says a lot more text than is present in the subtitles, besides translating sometimes misspelled wrong word endings. I ask for your help in this issue. Much nicer and easier it would play if he was translating. Will you please tell me where to go with such a question? Ready to help with the translation. The only thing I can do is to insert the text and make the game work with the edited text. Be so kind as to write to me. Best regards, Stanislav.

  • Hi there, I have a macbook pro running the latest version [10.11.6]. I recently tried without success to open the latest Warzone [3.2.1tar.xz] downloaded from your site. So I contacted some tech savvy people at Telstra Platinum [a paid service here in Australia] looking to see if they could sort out what the problem was. I was informed that the Warzone file could not be mounted and that the claim that Warzone would work "seamlessly" across all platforms was according to the "techie" something of a hollow claim. The question was also put as to why it wasn't released as a dmg file...? Looking to see if I could find further information as to other people having the same problem, I registered and became a Source Forge member. I had no luck finding anything similar problems in the short time I had available, though the site itself does seems to take some time to get up to speed with. I am wanting very much to get this thing sorted as I have been a fan of Warzone for years now. How can I do this? I would hate to think that my complaint will not be seen or acted upon by the staff at Source Forge. If its of any use for contact purposes my user name is Forge Creek 2 and I signed up yesterday. Regards.

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  • One of my favorites games ! I play Warzone 2100 since 1999, and it's allways a top game. Many thanks for the team, and long life for WZ2100 ^^

  • Fantastic effort to keep this game alive! I am indebted to you for life. This game was/is the best pound-for-pound RTS ever made. Question - has anyone verified if this will run on raspberry pi?

  • Thank you that support and develop this project. The game is alive only thanks to you.

  • It's incredible!

  • I downloaded this game, yesterday been playing it for almost 15hours now...where can i get the update, the one in linux mint package manager is outdated

  • I like this game very much as i like ubuntu but I am not able to install this game in ubuntu 15.10. There is an old version available in ubuntu software centre. Kindly update it in ubuntu 15.10 or someone pls tell me how to install/update it there. Thanks.....

  • I played this game back in the 90's and played it with my kids when they were small. Just thrashed my 16 year old once again. This is an excellent strategy game, the choices you make from a huge number of technologies are critical to winning. I expect this game will still be around in 75 years. Good work guys.

  • A GREAT job!

  • pity the Pumpkin Studios went bankrupt .. realy nice game

  • Game is too complex. Too many units, too many weapons, too many upgrade paths. Cannon, machine gun, dual machine gun, flame, heavy flamer, rocket, mini-rocket array, on and on and on. One of the team colors in dark the fog of war so you can't even see where your units are. These developers must not even play their own game.

  • It's a good real time strategy game.

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  • I've been playing this game since before 2.3.9 back in 2010/2011 or so. The game was fun then, and the improvements since then have been awesome. It's a real-time strategy game that came out in the late 90s and has been open source for several years now. This game requires no super technical knowledge to install or run. Just download, install, run. That simple. For quick reference, it runs very smoothly on Windows 7 at 1080p resolution on a 6 year old Core2Duo CPU at 2.13 Ghz with 4 GB of RAM. Graphics are scaled properly to nearly any resolution you have, so it's not like trying to play an old DOS game at 1080p (yuck). The community on is helpful and plenty of common questions have already been answered on the forums there. There are usually 1 or 2 online games available in the multiplayer lobby, and it's easy to network the game on a home network, even cross-platform (Mac/PC) as long as you have the same version of the game installed on all machines connecting. If you like the basic gameplay, I totally recommend getting some map mods for the game to make things more interesting, although a good number of maps come with the game. It also has a campaign mode (with or without videos, it's up to you) for people who like that. Multiplayer (or skirmish) matches are quite customizable as far as difficulty and other options. There's lots more to say about the game, but I just wanted to give you some solid reasons to play it. So give it a go. :)

  • это же warzone2100, что тут ещё сказать)

  • great!

  • Since Playstation it is favorite and legendary game! I love Warzone! ! !

  • The developers have had plenty of complaints about the AI to know. The behavior of trucks, mechanics and engineers is atrocious. It kills the best game I ever played. Losing a game because of trucks putting themselves in the line of fire is gutting. It is not military discipline and as cyborgs they do not have emotions. It remains a 3 to 4 star game. What a waste.

  • I'm ADDICTED!!!! Warzone2100 rocks my world! You ought to see it spread across 4 monitors! Woof! The trucks don't behave as they used to, as far as pushing and shoving on other trucks to get into position to build. That is my only gripe. BTW, the website has been down for over a week. Someone needs to reboot?

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