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  • A must have for web development...

  • The best server software for Windows.

  • love it, i test everything with Wamp previous to production launch

  • MSVCR110.dll is the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable dll that is needed for projects built with Visual Studio 2011. The dll letters spell this out. MS = Microsoft, V = Visual, C = C++, R = Redistributable For Winroy to get started, this file is probably needed. This error appears when you wish to run a software which require the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2012. The redistributable can easily be downloaded on the Microsoft website as x86 or x64 edition. Depending on the software you wish to install you need to install either the 32 bit or the 64 bit version. Refer the following link: h t t p : / / w w w . m i c r o s o f t . c o m / e n - u s / d o w n l o a d / d e t a i l s . a s p x ? i d = 3 0 6 7 9 # without the spaces

  • I hated it at first, its never your typical install thats true. but it feels awesome knowing that even though its not easy-you'll still use it because it gets the job done ...and all of the amateurs complain about how hard it is ... lol SATISFACTION

  • Wouldn't know. sourceforge download isn't working.

  • Very finicky to install. Takes hours to trace and debug the maze of undocumented interdependences. Once it works, it's ok so long as you don't change anything in the configuration. But software grows out of date, needs updating, and with wampserver, that bringss a nightmare. None of wampserver's workings are adequately documented. Cryptic error messages offer no clue what must be dine to fix them. After 8 hours, I gave up. Do not waste your time on this scandalously bad software.

  • great project. Thank you

  • Overall satisfactory, but the installation is not obvious...

  • Maybe I was fortunate that I installed onto an older computer that had gone through the upgrade process for Windows 10 instead of being a "virgin" install. I seem to have already had all of the necessary VC redistributables installed. Regardless - 64-bit Wamp 3.0.6 worked for me out of the box. The only adjustment I had to make was to change the HTTP port from 80 to 8080. I expected Windows to already have port 80 in use, or blocked by the firewall, so this wasn't a hassle for me.

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  • You guys need to update a few things with this release, because as it stands it's completely broken for anyone attempting to install it on a fresh windows machine. You've decided to require the redistributables for MULTIPLE versions of visual studio C++, but the links you have given to said packages in your installer are no longer valid (404). You should have given the option of packaging these with the installer. As far as I can tell, Microsoft has removed these redistributalbes from their website making it completely impossible to run WAMP on a new machine. That's it. Finito.

  • as I have downloaded the software aftr installation while I typed in the browser localhost/phpmyadmin it directed me to the phpmyadmin page bt there its asking to give login by asking username and password what I need to do please advice

  • 5/29/2017 Just downloaded and installed Wampserver64. Clicked on Wamperver Icon in order to launch and open phpMyAdnim as directed on a how to site; a cmd window opened for a few moments then closed; else nothing happened. I cannot open Wanpserver, in which case I cannot use MySQl or Wordpress. Program sucks big time. Need to find an alternative that works. Dwnloaded earlier version. Still useless. The myPHPAdmin opens from taskbar into browser but it is empty. I cannot change Apache portal default of 80: it always reverts back. I canot start any services though it says I have two. I downloaded a program UAMP. : I could change the Apache portal to 88 and it startrd using UWAMP; but phpMyAdmin did not recognize any of the settings. Could start MySql from UAMP, WAMP is a piece of trash; and I am being descriptive. You need to go back to your drawing boards on this one. Wasted 6 hours trying to make this piece of crap work.

  • So far so good. After install it is working. The install notes are a little tedious and some of the links are broken. The instruction at the end saying about the document always with up to date links is a little humorous. The links are not up to date and has not been updated since 2015. So even if the project is still being actively managed the ball is being dropped there. I took a chance and didn't bother with VC11 & VC13 and it seems to be ok. It is worth noting that I had installed 2 versions [other builds] before this and neither worked. One Apache did not install correctly and the other MySQL had something wrong with InnoDb. Neither mentioned anything about dependencies or even gave any message beyond the equivalent of "Don't Work". Their website was flash so that must be what makes their day. Also of note is that I tried to get an AMP set up on Ubunutu and it was a waste of my time. It involved not using a GUI to get special access just to create a .php file. Hopeless. I started in DOS and have no intention of going back to the 1980's. Insane! I even found a guy who said it was normal and went in command line on windows every day! So I guess its a masochist thing rather than I actually want to get on with life thing. I just hope there's a decent tool to manage domains it was a real pain years ago when I last needed a local web server.

  • I ma not sure why we can review cos you need this shocking software to use wordpress. The software might be good but 2 days ago i tried installing it...... this is 2017 not 2000 ,,why isnt the software checking my system fo rme?? i get the green light but cant launch anything.... not sure if picked up some bug from download?? also its a right pain in the wants you to use internet explorer on download which i ve spent hours trying to reinstalled 3 times...and whats all this visual c i ve got to have.....???? wordpress need to start using soomeone else...close to giving up and just employing a web designer....shocking thing is i can code...i just work these constant stupid programs with no guidance.

  • Please I need help, I have not been able to download complete, 202mb files most times just stop at 15mb, what do I do

  • I used WAMP in the past and it was OK. This time I tried to install and can't even go through installation. Installing on I: drive gives me idiotic error message "Cannot install because the the DIR is no of a WAMP server" or some similar message. Total crap!

  • The documentation and support is confusing, but once you install all the updates for Windows (up to and including Visual Studio 2015) it should install properly.

  • It solved my problem to work with old version project.

  • I have seen the best server and addons on this site

  • Doesn't work. I've downloaded it and the icon is red, not green, indicating that the services are not running. They have some troubleshooting tips but it looks like at least a day's work to plough through all of that. They say you have to go through the whole document. Not impressed.

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  • This server will help me to develop more apps for firefox os

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  • Thanks developers wamp, I tried to use a lot of local servers is better than on the server wamp for Windows I don't could find

  • Good!

  • Es excelente, fácil, rápido y práctico.

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