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#ifndef README_TXT #define README_TXT =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= WallSwap - A Wallpaper Rotator (for Windows) Version: 1.0.1 Original Release Date: 8/28/2011 Max Amante (c) 2011 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Date: 8/29/2011 File: README.TXT Description ----------- WallSwap is a free, open-source wallpaper rotator for Windows Vista and XP. Similar to Windows 7's wallpaper changer and Firefox's Personas Rotator, WallSwap will allow users the ability to have they own wallpaper slideshow. Update Log and Notes -------------------- Version 1.0.1 -DLLs problems solved Version 1.0.0 -Initial public release Notes: -WallSwap will come to Linux and possibly Mac -WallSwap should not leak memory. If a leak is found please let me know. Install and Uninstall --------------------- To install, if you are reading this README file WallSwap is already installed. To uninstall, delete the WallSwap folder. Getting Started --------------- 1. To start the program double-click the wallSwap.exe. 2. After you see the application window popup, select 'Set Wallpaper Directory'. A directory window will open. Select the folder of pictures that you would like to be swapped. 3. Next, set how often you would like the wallpaper to be swapped. 4. Finally, set WallSwap by click the 'Start' button. The window will hide as the WallSwap logo in your system tray (near the clock). 5. You're done! ~If you want to change how often your wallpapers are swapped, and the window is already hidden. Right-click the logo in your system tray and click 'Open WallSwap' from the menu. Extras ------ ~You can stop WallSwap from swapping your wallpapers by clicking the 'Stop' button. ~You can manually change your wallpapers by clicking the 'Rotate' button. ~If you are manually rotating your wallpapers and want to hide the window after you have picked your favorite, you can hide the window manually by clicking 'File' and then clicking 'Hide'. Source Code ----------- WallSwap is based on the wxWidgets framework: Code::Blocks IDE with wxSmith is used to create WallSwap: The full WallSwap source code can be found at: Special Thanks -------------- I would like to thank the excellent developers of wxWidgets and Code::Blocks. wxWidgets really makes programming easy and fun, and has so many features, I hope to get to play with them all someday! Code::Blocks with wxSmith makes the design process SO MUCH easier and the source code helped me figure a few things for this project. THANK YOU! I would also like to thank Florian Balmer ( I used your Notepad2 README as a template for this README and it helped me out a lot. THANK YOU! Copyright --------- WallSwap is free software and should be used and distributed freely. Please do not charge any distribution or download fees for this program, except for the cost of the distribution medium. The use of this software is AT YOUR OWN RISK. See License.txt. If you have comment or questions, email me: (find contact info at #endif //(c) Max Amante 2011 All Rights Reserved
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