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This project uses the VTK project from Kitware and the VTK .NET wrapper on the SourceForge website in order to produce binaries for VTK version 560 Files ------------------------------------------------------ There are two files on sourceforge, VTK-Source.zip and DotNet4-Binaries. This readme text file shows how to build the binaries from scratch. Quick build method -------------------- In the VTK-Source there is a Bin directory which contains a .SLN project file for Visual Studio 2010. Load the .SLN file in Visual Studio 2010 and selected rebuild solution. Then build the VTKcontrol as per the instructions in "Build instructions for the visual control" If you are using Visual Studio 2008 or need to add files to VTK then you will need to follow the instructions below in order to make a new .SLN file. Build instructions for VTK source visual studio 2010 ------------------------------------------------------ 1. In Cmake set "Where is the source code" to the location of CMakeLists.txt, e.g. C:/WorkingArea/VTKSource 2. In CMake set "Where to build the binaries" to the location of your Bin directory, e.g. C:/WorkingArea/VTKSource/Bin 3. Press Configure and select Visual Studio 2010 and then press Finish 4. Configure the project in CMake; Select Advanced View - Build shared lib ON - Build testing OFF - Use WrapDOTNET ON - Use Charts OFF (will get these working in the next release) - Use Geovis OFF (will get these working in the next release) - Use Infovis OFF (will get these working in the next release) - Use Views OFF (will get these working in the next release) 5. Press the Configure button twice and then Generate to make the .SLN file 6. Open the .SLN file in Visual Studio 7. Run the macro ConvertVTKToManaged from vtk.vb in \Wrapping\DotNot inside visual studio 8. Rebuild the solution in Visual Studio Build instructions for the visual control ------------------------------------------------------ 1. Add the location of the VTK DLLS to your path 2. Load the Control.Sln in VTKControl501 3. Change the VTK Dot Net references under Common Properties -> Framework and References to the VTK libraries you have just built 4. Rebuild the project Build the sample project ------------------------------------------------------ 1. Open the sample project WindowsFormsAppApplication1 in Visual Studio 2. Add the VTK window control to your toolbox; (select vtkFormsWindow.dll) 3. Change all the Dotnet references under the references node in the sample project to the location of the VtkDotNet DLLs. The easiest way to do this is to remove all the vtk references and then re-add them from the location they were built to 4. Build the solution and run it; you should see and be able to rotate the cube by clicking on it.
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