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    the game is good but the sound FX of the stomach scene is kinda bad and mostly even completely missing wich is  sort of a min point and the graphics remind me a bit of doom XD please add more chars too and probably a main server wich people can join cause many people are kinda too "shy" to make a new server or they think that it isn't worth it cause nobody will join... all in all it is a good game wich still needs some features and design optimisation especialy in the sound FX of the stomach and the swallowing part and please make the AI lesd dumb cause they don't even try to attack the player and run into their own death's

    Posted 06/24/2016
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    It won't launch for me. Plz help.

    Posted 06/02/2016
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    This game... If you can call it that, is very well made. Though, I feel as if it's missing something, such as more than one weapon. Maybe an ionic railgun that slows down hit players, making them easier to kill. Or maybe even a tracking device-launcher that broadcasts the location of hit player to teammates. Stun and smoke grenades would be interesting too. Also, the name. Make "Vore" be an acronym, like: Virtual Online Recon Engagement Or name the grappling hook device this and then you can call it: Volatility Observing Release Emitter Then it becomes V.O.R.E. Tournament, which sounds way cooler in my opinion.

    Posted 01/07/2015
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    I like vore so I got this. It is very fun but I would change 2 things and add 1. The thing I would add is for people who dont like furries and it would be Snake Mode that would basically change all players and AI into snakes and snake pokemon such as arbok, serperior and seviper. One of the things I would change woul be getting rid of and replacing al the menu screens disturbing images and music, they absoloutely disgust me! Though I do like the loading screens. The other thing I would change was how fidgety the AI is. They literally never stop moving which makes it hard to digest enemies and heal allies. Not to mention how many times I have died because the ally that was healing me in its stomach ran into a bottomless pit. Its happened without me too watching my allies run off ledges. However this is a good game that I enjoy and hope that you enjoy too. 4 Stars for Vore, 1 star for being 100% first person shooter. P.S With or without the changes above this is still an awesome game and woul be an amazing Xbox 360 indie game, because lets admit it, everyone who played this game and has a 360 wants this on 360!

    Posted 10/18/2014
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    i really like furries so i like this game

    Posted 01/20/2013
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    Great looking game, very interesting project. Personally, I prefer the old round models for the bellies. Maybe add an option to switch between the two in the next update, or upload older versions with the old model in them. Minor gripe aside, keep it up!

    Posted 11/07/2012
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    Конечно игра мне очень понравилась!!! Но есть тоже недочёты. Нужен многоязычный интерфейс! И у меня не видно игроков!

    Posted 07/01/2012
  • 1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    Let me just start by saying that I like this game! I really do, I was overjoyed to see a vore themed game out and I want to see it get better, which is why I’m making this message. Heck, I registered an account just so that I could post this. With that in mind… This game is a little disappointing. Once you get past the novelty of the vore mechanic it’s impossible to ignore just how barebones it is. There is a tutorial and a story mode to complete, which is always useful to ease new players into the game… buuuuuuut… even then there’s still some problems. The tutorial could use some polishing. When I first started it I had a little HUD on the bottom right of my screen taking score of my accuracy and some text right up in the middle of it. I can’t remember exactly what the text read, but it was something to do with gun accuracy. The text obscured almost all of the instructions I had to read so I had to lean close and squint to make some of it out. In the jumping section of the tutorial, the distance you have to jump from the final platform to the other side of the room is too far. It’s doable, yes, but you have to be pixel perfect and it can take a lot of attempts. Obstacles this difficult don’t belong in a tutorial as they can drive new players away quite quickly In the basic shooting potion of the tutorial you are told to shoot a switch on the opposite wall from where you receive the gun. I would suggest making the switch a noticeably different colour than the rest of the wall there and moving it out of the shadowed sections of that side of the room. Also, the amount of times you have to hit it successfully is enough to make the player start wondering if they are doing the right thing, especially considering it’s appearance currently. Now as for the story mode. The first two levels might warrant a rethinking, since you don’t have the vore capability by then the only way you can win is by shooting your opponents. No easy feat considering the low fire rate and slow projectile speed of the weapon you receive, especially since no bot will ever stand still for even a single second. The fact that there’s no threat in these levels isn’t necessarily a good thing either. It makes them both feel like chores. If a player is under whelmed by the tutorial, but goes through it anyway, presenting them with these first levels might just be the straw that brakes the camel’s back and causes them to quit. And while we’re on the topic of the behaviour of the bots… something needs to be done. Both enemies and allies simply move too much. This kind of behaviour doesn’t seem necessary in a game that downplays the whole first person shooting aspect so much. Even with allies the behaviour is infuriating, since they keep giddily hurling themselves off of lethal pitfalls, lowering the team score. When I have to fight my friends as well as my enemies… that’s just too much. Despite all of the points I just mentioned I gave this game a thumbs up and a recommendation, because while I can’t honestly say I really enjoy it, I am really passionate about wanting to see it improve and become an excellent game. What other game can you get just as much enjoyment out of losing as winning?

    Posted 06/14/2012
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    Very useful project!

    Posted 06/01/2012
  • 1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    This really is a great game and basically only one of it's kind really. I run a server, been the only server I seen for some time so if you haven't been on in awhile, it should show up on the list now!

    Posted 10/24/2010

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