A furry vore game forked from the Nexuiz project. Players use a harpoon-like gun and need to swallow and digest their enemies to score. For discussion, join #voretournament on irc.freenode.org


  • Realistic furry vore game
  • Playable both offline with bots and online with other players
  • Several common gametypes, with different ways of interacting with your team mates (such as eating them to heal them)

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User Reviews

  • the game is good but the sound FX of the stomach scene is kinda bad and mostly even completely missing wich is  sort of a min point and the graphics remind me a bit of doom XD please add more chars too and probably a main server wich people can join cause many people are kinda too "shy" to make a new server or they think that it isn't worth it cause nobody will join... all in all it is a good game wich still needs some features and design optimisation especialy in the sound FX of the stomach and the swallowing part and please make the AI lesd dumb cause they don't even try to attack the player and run into their own death's

  • It won't launch for me. Plz help.

  • This game... If you can call it that, is very well made. Though, I feel as if it's missing something, such as more than one weapon. Maybe an ionic railgun that slows down hit players, making them easier to kill. Or maybe even a tracking device-launcher that broadcasts the location of hit player to teammates. Stun and smoke grenades would be interesting too. Also, the name. Make "Vore" be an acronym, like: Virtual Online Recon Engagement Or name the grappling hook device this and then you can call it: Volatility Observing Release Emitter Then it becomes V.O.R.E. Tournament, which sounds way cooler in my opinion.

  • I like vore so I got this. It is very fun but I would change 2 things and add 1. The thing I would add is for people who dont like furries and it would be Snake Mode that would basically change all players and AI into snakes and snake pokemon such as arbok, serperior and seviper. One of the things I would change woul be getting rid of and replacing al the menu screens disturbing images and music, they absoloutely disgust me! Though I do like the loading screens. The other thing I would change was how fidgety the AI is. They literally never stop moving which makes it hard to digest enemies and heal allies. Not to mention how many times I have died because the ally that was healing me in its stomach ran into a bottomless pit. Its happened without me too watching my allies run off ledges. However this is a good game that I enjoy and hope that you enjoy too. 4 Stars for Vore, 1 star for being 100% first person shooter. P.S With or without the changes above this is still an awesome game and woul be an amazing Xbox 360 indie game, because lets admit it, everyone who played this game and has a 360 wants this on 360!

  • i really like furries so i like this game

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