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  • Easy to use virtual midi keyboard with very nice GUI details on the keys.

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  • Really easy to use. You open the program, and you are playing. It would be awesome if the author could update the packages in the ubuntu repositories from time to time.

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  • Adorei o melhor simulador de teclado grátis que eu encontrei até agora, recomendo demais pra quem que aprender a tocar teclado, tem uma função no viem que deixa as teclas coloridas e coloca as letras das notas nas teclas facilita bastante. Espero ter ajudado o pessoal Br que estar procurando um aplicativo satisfatório, flw

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  • This works really well after installing "coolsoft VirtualMIDISynth". I had to adjust the options for voices/reverb/chorus and lower the values to 48/10/10 - because my computer is not very good. And I lowered the latency to 50 as well - after which the timing worked perfect. It took a bit of exploring options in both but I got my 25 key midi xKey to work. Great free program! Thanks!

  • good... but need some tune improvements for HP Envy x360 Touch Screen Laptops.

  • In response to the latency complaints . . . . The src is to the least, superb but in its structure subdued to gcc issues, observe not any gcc bugs !, only. Build QT with full -O3 -fno-gcse -mtune=(some cpu), all mtunes are cpu portable, but at it's best on the target tuned hardvare host. Then build vmpk with -03 -fno-gcse -fno-guess-branch-probability -mtune=(your choice) And all latency disappears, even on comparatively slow ten year + old machines, driving an equally built timidity++ driver. One tip with Timidity++drv. Search and replace -mms-bitfields with -mno-ms-bitfields in the build files, as it causes squeeks'nscratching. There is no need to provide MSVC linking support for a driver. and link -static-libgcc otherwise the driver can hook on other gcc built executables and cause a msvcrt splash screens on exit. Tested with Hydrogen, Lmms, Qsynth, Mscore, 2 mention a few, with gcc 4.8,a bit custombuilt one . . but there shall be no difference with a regular say 4.8.1 and up. This counts for all "ïntel like arch" builds

  • This is the author, answering to the former reviewer, someone called Paweł Audionysos. VMPK is not responsible for the bad latency of the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, or any other synth that you may connect to the program. Many people asked me politely about the latency problem of this synth, which I've always replied. The web page has a clue for Windows users, recommending CoolSoft Virtual MIDI Synth instead, which can be configured with an output buffer of 0ms, easily solving the problem on Windows.

  • It would be awesome if you can implement a feature that reads in MIDI/PDF sheet music inputs and have a keyboard-sheet music dual interface. Just an idea, but it would make using the software much easier for me.

  • Nice work ! Great project.

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  • Kids love it and so do I

  • Great integration with Windows. Makes my work flow really easy.

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  • Very good Software.

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  • Works great

  • This is one of the best software I have ever used for media files. Its very easy with lots useful features.

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  • My wife really like this app! Great MIDI! vmpk awesome!

  • I love this software!!!

  • Great software, thank you.

  • Thumbs up!!!

  • Excellent work! Keyboard works perfectly! Thanks!

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  • Recomendo

  • Very good app. I like it. Thanks.

  • This a simple and great tool

  • I don't know why anyone would put thumbs down for this application - it can be very useful (especially in combination with other software) and is fairly comprehensive at what it does. One crucial thing to me would be the implementation of being able to minimize the app and still have the functionality from it. The Grab Keyboard option doesn't seem to work as expected (Windows 7 64 bit) and to have it simply open and running in the background so to speak would be amazing. Additionally, if it could be made to just take input from a USB input device (e.g., a USB number pad), that would be even better, as you could make very useful but very cheap MIDI controllers from any USB keyboard or numpad! After those points, it sounds like I, too, should give it thumbs down, but that would not be fair at all, as it's a very stable and very functional piece of software. Thank you!

  • He he, funny app )

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