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VWDesktopIcons v1.4 - Steven Phillips Description: This VirtuaWin module enables the user to select which desktop icons are visible and set their position on each VirtuaWin desktop. This module requires VirtuaWin version 3.0 or above. Installation: NOTE: This module cannot be used with Windows 'Auto Arrange' or 'Align to Grid' desktop icon options, these options must be disabled first. To disable them right click on the desktop and in the context menu that opens select 'Arrange Icons By' to access the sub-menu containing these options. Copy VWDesktopIcons.exe into the VirtuaWin modules directory. To use the unicode version instead, copy VWDesktopIcons_unicode.exe into the modules directory and rename the program to VWDesktopIcons.exe Configuration: To configure a desktop's icons: 1. Use normal VirtuaWin navigation to go to the required desktop 2. Using the VirtuaWin Setup -> Modules -> Configure button to open the VWDesktopIcons configuration dialog 3. To hide an icon, select the icon from the right 'shown' list and press Hide button to move them to the left 'hidden' list. Multiple icons can be selected using standard window modifier keys (e.g. pressing Control). 4. Use the Show button to move icons that have been hidden back into the shown list. 5. Pressing the Reset button will make all icons visible and set their position to their default Windows location. 6. When the 'Show new icons on this desktop' checkbox is disabled, new icons created on other desktops will not be shown on the current desktop. 7. When the 'Auto-up-date this desktop' checkbox is disabled the current desktop will not be automatically up-dated on a desktop change (i.e. the icon layout is fixed). If enabled the position of icons is automatically updated. 8. The Store button can be used to store the current position of all visible icons, this button must be used to change icon positions when the current desktop is not automatically up-dated. 9. The Align to Grid button will move all shown icons to a grid location, the size of the grid is set via the Size setting. 10. If 'Auto-align to grid this desktop' is enabled then icons will automatically be aligned to grid on desktop change. 11. The Copy and Paste buttons can be used to copy the icon configuration from one desktop to another. 12. Once the Shown and Hidden lists are correct press OK. Copyright: VWDesktopIcons is a freely distributed program and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Copyright (c) 2006-2011 VirtuaWin ( HISTORY Ver 1.4 - 2011/03/17 * 3182977 Fixed module to find desktop icon window on Windows 7. Ver 1.3 - 2010/03/15 * Implemented windows 64bit support Ver 1.2 - 2008/06/03 * Changed cfg file format and file name * Added Show new icons and Auto-up-date desktop options * Changed Restore to Reset and added Store button. * Added multi-select support in icon lists. * Added Align to Grid feature. Ver 1.1 - 2007/08/01 * Added auto storing of icon positions per desktop * Added Restore, Copy and Paste features.
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