VirtuaWin is an application for the Windows user community that misses the wonderful multiple desktop functionality often used on Unix systems. It is simple, reliable and highly configurable, supporting up to 20 virtual desktops.


  • Multiple virtual desktops for windows
  • Supports dual monitor, unicode & 64 bit on Win9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Portable app version - no installation required
  • Navigate using mouse, hotkeys, menus or visual pagers
  • Customizable system tray icons & several visual pagers
  • Module interface for limitless extensibility
  • Very active support forum
  • Over a million downloads

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User Reviews

  • NICE!

  • Needs some additional modules but overall VirtualWin works like a charm.

  • Excellent multiple workspace application for windows. Thanks! I really appreciate the fact that the listing from the notification icon listing the workspaces and active windows allows selected wiindows/applications to be set in all workspaces. I also appreciate that when I run the Windows TaskManger , it is workspace specific! Very useful. I do have one quibble... Setting the HotKeys was a bit confusing, even confounding. In the SETUP interface, on the Hotkeys TAB, the "text widget" box for entering 'Hotkey' is expecting the actual key (or keys in my case since I add either ALT or CTL along with WIN to a number key). I was trying to type "Alt+Num3' for example (along with setting the WIN checkbox). Instead I just needed to press ALT while typing the number key. Perhaps this intuitive to some, but I had a rough time finally getting it right. (In fact, installing on a new laptop with the old laptop available allowed me to look at me settings from a previous install, but this probably made it harder since the "C + W + Num3" reported as the existiing setting, for example" led me to think I should just type in the same thing (except maybe not the WIN key since a checkbox was provided. Anyway, THANKS for a very useful productivity tool. Alas, the future of serious computing drifts away as the software world drifts to mobile devices with 1 (or maybe 2) workspaces (really just apps).

  • Very handy tool for multiple vitrual desktop with plenty of rsources and plugins

  • It's super light, doesn't need Aero or desktop compositing to be running, so you can use it on old machines, you can just outright turn off aero when you're gaming and still have your desktops, you can use it in a virtual machine. It's open source (aka trojan free) and rather simple to compile because it relies on MingW instead of that Macroshaft VisualCrap++. If you the desktop preview module with it it become alot more user friendly and gui like. Combine that with the SmallWindows project which does exposé and is also open source and does not use aero either, you'd have a pretty solid desktop. If you compile it, be aware that you may need to modify the mingw executable line in the Makefiles depending on what version you're using. Be also aware that the devs forgot to add a couple of libraries for two of the modules and the winlist.exe. The missing library line for the modules is LIBS = -lcomctl32 (and it goes under the exe flag section secton of the makefile). I don't what the missing libraries for Winlist.exe.

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End Users/Desktop

User Interface

Win32 (MS Windows)

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