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  • It is just still the best solution for video Editing for the scientific community

  • While my geeky butt has been (for decades) extracting the audio from video files and cleaning them in Audacity as best I can only to have to splice them back into the video later, I have just found out today that VirtualDub is WAAAAAY better at it and fixes the audio and puts it back into the video file for you automatically. My file cleaning ability has just doubled! (if not tripled)

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  • This has been my go to simple video editor / encoder for 15 years. The fact that it's free takes this capable (albeit no frills) program and takes it from a 4 star to a 5 star. The people on here nitpicking probably don't realize he coded this in his free time in college and continues to support this in his free time. It's not a corporation asking you to pay money for a product; it's one good dude being a good dude and giving everyone free encoding, trimming, watermarking, etc. Be nice to the guy and be thankful there are generous, intelligent people left on the internet.

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  • Doesn't let you use mp4 files but it saves to mp4? Doesn't make any sense. All my vids are mp4s.

  • It seems to be working correct, but my output AVI is unwatchable, completely wrong. While creating the output, the framerate drops and I have no idea what to do about this. Also the layout is very user unfriendly, it's hard to find any relevant options.

  • Still the best program for home video editing. Just add ffmpeg plugin from SF and you can open mp4 and other formats. The support in community is excellent. Add x264 plugin and you can save H264 (mp4, mkv, etc). I tried other applications, but I prefer VirtualDub for editing my videos (all of them are now MP4 HD videos recorded with Android smartphone or DSLR camera).

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  • Thank you for your software. It pretty deserved his fame. Not flawless and it can do not everything but this app is very helpful from time to time.

  • I have heard a lot of about VirtualDub, however, I need to record something from TV stream and it was able to do the job. However, it was not without pain, firstly the capture window needed to be in the top left hand corner. Even then, it accidently over records and existing file. You have to set the capture file for each time you want to record and if you forget, then it overwrites it. Even if you nativate through this minefield, it just eats up diskspace as it records in AVI format. However, it would be better if could record in MP4 format. A small 3 minute segment took up 6GB disk space (and it was not a full screen). For the screen capture, it would be great if there was a 'square box' to select the area. I know there are third party MP4 tools, but it is more time to investigate etc... I hope there are programmers who can come along and bring this software up to date.

  • works as expected!

  • Good software, I use it to convert video files.

  • once I understood that VLC use somehow different codec, and that I needed a codec pack it works as expected. Awesome work, thank you guys!

  • Wow. Did exactly what I wanted to do. I had an mp4 video and wanted to create a gif file. Downloaded VirtualDub.. installed. Within 60 seconds I had my gif file. Wow.

  • Great Software

  • It's the absolute best video editor out there. I mean, from the ones that don't do scene organization, effects, etc. Also a pretty excellent video capture software.

  • Exactly what I needed to analyze some AVI files for my PhD. Thanks!

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Been using VirtualDub for years never had a chance to thank the developer. Err... THANK YOU!!! :)

  • it's like replacing my laptops webcam with a higher definition one, which I was willing to do...but crap all that micro soldering would cost me 35 dollars or more to set up for. With VDub I can set up a capture file, and record to avi and edit with it or windows movie maker and be satisified. There are no artifacts n the image whatsoever. I'm gonna try it with my Microsoft lifecam 5000 soon, as it is dedicated 720p. It should look awesome! Thanks again. I think every laptop webcam driver should include your software. Later.

  • Great Product. When it comes to my Vid Editing needs, VDub is there! As a software developer myself, I can assure you that it will not let you down. From ReEncoding Video to Croping Video , and so much more, it is all there. I would appreciate some official tutorials in the docs tho... Tutorials and help are a bit lacking, but non-the-less... VDub is there! +5 Metalio Bovinus(Hate to have to write this twice, well alteat I can edit it...) PS. One of the best editors I have seen, though, It has a little learning curve,... But don't be scared away by that. Just jump in and help out all you can or support this "collage kid". After all google was a bunch of collage kids, this is just one.

  • Brilliant piece of work. Very useful when combining thousands of images into a movie.

  • I love this! I have been using this as a fast(ish), convenient video tool for almost 2 years now!!

  • I use this program quite a lot. It's very handy to fix up video files and also to join or cut out video parts. I always make sure I have VirtualDub after I reinstall my OS.

  • I really like this kind of app. How come it is free? Am i missing something?

  • If you are looking for an app like this, then get it!

  • Looking for a great app? Well, this is it!

  • Thanks for updates ;)

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